Typical full-on day

I thought I should follow up yesterday’s post explaining my source of my many orgasms on a typical full-on day.

Once bathing and shaving and my dressing is done, I have bitch-boy make me brunch. (He gets none.) While I eat, he prepares all the equipment needed for me to play with his boy’s bits on the sofa. When all is ready and I have finished eating, I allow him to lick me to my first orgasm. The only time he will have contact with my body that day, for which he must thank me. He is not allowed to put his hands on me but, as a treat,  he is allowed to kiss the insides of my long firm thighs before he starts licking. I have a huge orgasm because while he licks I think about the next 7 to 10 hours of decadence and perversity to come. Then I secure him to play with his boy’s bits and I watch a whole DVD or an episode or two of a box set. He is in sensory deprivation bondage and his only sensation is me teasing his bound balls and cock. A one to two hour tease throughout which he knows he may not be coming that day at all, (and he has not come for ten days to three weeks in the run-up). I will have three to four orgasms during this tease time; putting my DVD on pause each time I pick up my massager.

Next,  often I apply a deterrent caning and then he is secured to the BDSM bed, legs wide apart. I spend a good while torturing his cock. I have another orgasm. I apply either Linnex or stinging nettles which will cause pain for at least 40 minutes and I then put him into sensory deprivation for an hour or two. I go downstairs and make phone calls, use a device, read the papers and have a very relaxing time. I will have one to two orgasms during this time as my mind turns to bitch-boy’s suffering and, in contrast, just how relaxed and contented and merciless I am.

Eventually I release him, after having an orgasm within his earshot, telling him how being so cruel to him turns me on so much. Then I dress him in full parody of a little girl attire. Back downstairs, I sit on the sofa and relax with my past times while he suffers the humiliating tedium, sitting on the floor by my feet, of colouring-in his fairy colouring-in book with the help of his dolly. This will last two to four hours and he HATES it. It is so cruel on top of the run-up to this activity and I ADORE my POWER and heartlessness. I will apply my massager another three or four times during this period.


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13 Responses to Typical full-on day

  1. fluffy says:

    Ms Scarlet your days sound perfect and you are certainly very generous with the frequency at which you let BB have an orgasm! Have U ever considered having BB enjoy a dry year?

  2. MMR says:

    While he performs his licking duty: is he securely locked in his chastity? and is he allowed to pleasure his eyes by staring at your vagina itself?

    • He is not locked. I like instant access for teasing or nettles or Linnex throughout the day.

      He absolutely is allowed to look. All day long he sees a great deal of my body. A constant reminder to him of his sexual frustration and of what he can never get to caress or to fuck.

      • MMR says:

        Oh, I absolutely understand and adore myself teasing a slave with the naked body. Don’t you feel, however, that vagina is so private that letting slave’s eyes inside is a little bit too much of an exposure for a dominant female? And since males are visual creatures I always get this feeling that staring into the depths of the vagina is giving them way too much pleasure.

        • Well he does not get to ‘stare into the depths’.
          I both allow it, and I play with myself in front of him, as a demonstration of how I do not see him as a man who has sexual desires to do with a women. I treat him as having no gender, an asexual. His humiliation must be extreme when I play with myself as though I am alone in the room. I know he does have massive sexual desires to do with a women, but they are NEVER satisfied. Instead he gets my hand now and again when I am clothed in normal clothing and he is in extreme bondage, and has just before been through a long period of penis torture.
          Obviously my girlfriend and I also French kiss, caress and have sex in front of him, so he can see someone else doing the caressing of my body and enjoying mutual sexual acts that he will NEVER get to do.

          • MMR says:

            We may differ in this aspect. My ex-bf (who never was allowed to have “traditional” sex with me) used to lick me very often, and while doing that he was pigging his eyes with the view, looking very deep inside of me (that’s why I said “into the depths”). It made me feel like a piece of meat on a display mixed with the feeling of vulnerability.

            Now, what you are describing is simply beautiful and empowering. I did make “soft” love with my girlfriend couple of times in front of my current slave and I felt like I don’t need men at all. It felt really powerful. After session like that I always see my slave as a nonhuman pet. Things would be different, however, if I would let him see me in more “submissive” position, like being penetrated. I don’t think I would ever allow that. What do you think about it? Is penetration something you allow or would allow your slave to watch?

            • I only orgasm through clitoral stimulation, not from penetrative sex, but him seeing me or a girlfriend penetrated by a strap-on while I teased him about how his cock will never, ever feel what that silicone strap-on is feeling would subjugate him so much, make his so miserable, that I do not rule that activity out.

              • MMR says:

                Interesting. Is your way of orgasm a product of evolution or are you naturally not able to do it through penetration at all? If you don’t mind me asking.

  3. Quick Question (in two parts):

    How do you make sure it stays teasing, and BB doesn’t accidentally go over the edge?

    Also, who takes responsibility for him not going over the edge, and how? Does he have to tell you when he’s too close, or does he just have to find a way to control himself?

    • I take responsibility. My years of experience of teasing him has taught me exactly when to stop. There used to be ‘accidents’ but I always made those spoiled, so he hated those ‘accidents’ anyway and is motivated not to cum so that when he does from time to time get permission he becomes euphoric at the outcome.

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