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Does the job? Third and last on this!

Thank you to all those still commenting on this issue and I apologise if you have made a comment that I have not taken on. Obviously, in the end, I have to go with my gut feelings and research. However I am seriously grateful for every comment, a huge thank you to you all. I am sure I am wearing thin your patience so this is the last time I will post on this subject and below is the manual cover I think I am settling on.

If we can facilitate one non-dominant, (partner of a submissive), become a dominant partner of that submissive, we will have made the world a better place.




Does the job? part 2

Firstly a huge thank you to all those who left a comment on my previous post. So wonderfully helpful, I thank every one of you. And thank you to those who have generously offered to help. I may yet take up such a offer. I have not published any comments as some requested I did not do so.

For the record, nothing in the image in the last post was photo-shopped. It was a boutique hotel room with my BDSM equipment and my shoes and one of bitch-boy’s older maid’s outfits. HOWEVER the image is DUMPED! Those who commented that the equipment could scare away a novice dominant and also the setting was fantasy and not a real home, so again could mislead a novice dominant, were 100% correct.

I must also add that I am not seeking an aesthetically pleasing cover. Its purpose is not to be beautiful, it is solely to communicate the contents. Any human characters shown must also be androgynous. So I am thinking along the lines of this.

Further comments welcome.

(I should add I have sat in many meetings with top written media communications consultants and they have always been clear that interesting fonts are irrelevant to the general public, as is an appearance of beauty in a written communication and if the first half a dozen words grab attention, they will read all the rest.)


A shaming exchange at least every two minutes

Well as a result of my new found daily freedom, poor bitch-boy has, among other things (lots of nettle use on his clitty, T&D, sensory deprivation bondage, etc.), found himself colouring-in with his dolly for many, many hours. While I read, undertake a craft past time, watch TV, talk on the phone, etc.

I realised that I have never provided an update on the two minute timer, so I do now.

It is a huge success! A reminder of the use of the timer can be found in the link above. bitch-boy learned early that failing to ask dolly if he should keep using the same colour before the sand runs out was a mistake! Governess Lexi and I were on the sofa chatting and bitch-boy was on the floor in the centre of the room, (no hiding place from the keen monitoring or the shame), and Lexi noticed the sand run out. He immediately found himself bound, face down over the dining table receiving a serious caning from Lexi and then me.

So back to now. I sit and relax and every two minutes at a minimum I am amused by the very quiet sound of bitch asking his dolly, ‘Shall I keep using thith colour for the butterflyth wingth Thuthette Thimperkinth?’ – ‘Yeth Belindakinth, keep using that colour for the butterflyth wingth.’ Then in my peripheral vision I see the timer being turned over and the sand again begins to fall. Of course, it may not be butterflies wings. It may be the leaves on the tree, or the fairies shoes, or whatever. I do get quite a power rush – utterly relaxed and content in the ambience of his unremitting miserable humiliation and tedium. My massager has to be used every half hour or so! (I am having so many orgasms every full day of domination! 9 to 12 as a norm.)

My published journals detailing my life.

Shall I , shant I?

Well my last post did produce a huge response and I have to say I was surprised at the diametrically opposed conflicting views.

Some people warning that they would no longer hold me in high esteem if I undertook a phone service for submissives, many people asking I let them know immediately I start such a service because they would be first in line. But all seemingly agreeing that demand would be huge. Those who felt it demeaning for me to become a ‘sex worker’ felt however that providing a mentoring service for Dommes would be acceptable. (I do have a problem with disrespect for sex workers who are in charge of their own lives. They provide a service for which there is a vast demand and are independent and self governing and self funding. I can see no reason to judge them and I especially hold dominatrices in high regard.) [Apparently dominatrices is the plural of dominatrix.]

My last post was written because I was unsure, particularly around ensuring anonymity and the hassle of a payment process, but I do think it could be quite amsuing. I remain unsure but thank everyone for their comments.

So in awe, they endure all and can’t face leaving

A strong theme in one section of my manual, (to be published later this month I promise), may be controversial. I suggest, and set out how, the dominant ‘satisfies’ the ‘needs’ of the submissive. I imagine there may be dominants, and perhaps even submissives, who in response cry, ‘Hold on, the dominant should be able to do what they want – not be caring about the submissive’s ‘needs’!’

Well, I am not making this proposition out of altruism. I am making it out of selfishness. I believe the ultimate position for the dominant is to have a submissive so in awe that they could not bear the prospect of leaving the dominant, even though they endure a huge amount that they really dislike. So the dominant does get to do whatever they want but there is also some activity and behaviour targeted at meeting the ‘needs’ of that submissive, whatever those needs might be.

Included in this is that punishments are always just a little bit more than the submissive believes they can take. No safe-words.  And humiliations and tedium activities may well be well past what the submissive believes they can take. By this approach, paradoxically, the submissive gets their ‘needs’ satisfied, because true submissives must feel they have no power and are helplessly in the complete control of a cruel dominant. I am not talking about one off liaisons here, I am talking about long term relationships.

I have two slaves who endure what they hate almost the whole time I am dominating them, but neither of them could bare to never see me again. They are addicted like I am a drug. What could be a better situation!

I have written this post rather hastily and it is far too brief to properly convey the subject matter but I post it because the approach I outline is not too difficult but does not seem mentioned much in the DS world.

Very STINGING Nettles

Well I have to say, judging by bitch-boy’s reactions, the stinging nettles at this time, (quite tall, big leaves, no flower buds yet), are VERY, VERY effective and clearly produce considerable pain that has an initial agonising hit of about ten minutes, but then continues to be highly uncomfortable for over 4 hours.

I have not needed the sunglasses pouch. Just the nettles blanket and a bit of whipping with the nettles to that little sensitive organ, (which becomes hard knowing what is in store if it does get hard), and his sobbing is a delight. A serious turn-on for me. And since the mirror was installed bitch-boy gets to see exactly what I am doing, how relaxed I am and the merciless expression on my dedicated face. (Two days in succession this week so far.)

I think I will have to be generous and gift him with a significant emotional experience with the nettles very soon. That will be triple or quadruple or even greater than the normal dose of the nettles , as a special treat to:

  • gift him with a significant emotional submissive experience,
  • remind him how lucky he is to have a totally heartless sadistic wife with no inhibitions about her perversity,
  • give him the privilege of making me very aroused and the privilege of being a guinea pig in one of my boundary pushing experiments,
  • ensure he remains utterly in awe of his amazing Mistress wife.

I am sure you agree that he should think himself very lucky that I am not following up the nettles 10 minutes after initial application, (and after I have brought myself off), with a coating of the Linnex rub on his stinging little clitty!

Dommes who are creatures of habit like me, have to remember to the occasional act of extreme heartless cruelty to ensure our slaves are fully in awe of us, and to test our own perverse pleasure limits.

[Almost all of my published journals from Volume 1 onward include detailed accounts of my use of stinging nettles.]

Enforced hormone treatment for sissies

One of my very favourite on-line stores, Birch Place Shop, sent me an email alert to a new range of products and clothing they are selling. Included in the selection was L.D.B. Estrogen Pills.

The results of taking the pills include:

  • Skin firming and tightening the skin – smooth and soft, Enhanced breasts, More slender limbs, Wider hips, Decreased testosterone.

I know some males who long to look like females would love to take these pills, BUT, how frightening for a reluctant sissy, like bitch-boy, who hates being a sissy and dearly would like to be a man all the time!

I thought, fellow Domme sisters, that it would be very amusing to buy a bottle of the pills.  When they arrive and unbeknown to him, you could replace the pills with harmless vitamin C pills. Force your reluctant sissy take a pill each day. Then the mind-fucking can begin as you tell him you might have replaced them or you might not have. You can caress his ‘breasts’ and hips saying you think they are getting bigger. Any time he does not get a hard-on when normally expected , you can comment that its probably because his testosterone levels are fading away.

Obviously if he has not been allowed to read this blog post, you could replace them and not tell him you might have, so he 100% believes he is being made to take Estrogen.

Link to my published journals detailing my day to day life.