Enforced hormone treatment for sissies

One of my very favourite on-line stores, Birch Place Shop, sent me an email alert to a new range of products and clothing they are selling. Included in the selection was L.D.B. Estrogen Pills.

The results of taking the pills include:

  • Skin firming and tightening the skin – smooth and soft, Enhanced breasts, More slender limbs, Wider hips, Decreased testosterone.

I know some males who long to look like females would love to take these pills, BUT, how frightening for a reluctant sissy, like bitch-boy, who hates being a sissy and dearly would like to be a man all the time!

I thought, fellow Domme sisters, that it would be very amusing to buy a bottle of the pills.  When they arrive and unbeknown to him, you could replace the pills with harmless vitamin C pills. Force your reluctant sissy take a pill each day. Then the mind-fucking can begin as you tell him you might have replaced them or you might not have. You can caress his ‘breasts’ and hips saying you think they are getting bigger. Any time he does not get a hard-on when normally expected , you can comment that its probably because his testosterone levels are fading away.

Obviously if he has not been allowed to read this blog post, you could replace them and not tell him you might have, so he 100% believes he is being made to take Estrogen.

Link to my published journals detailing my day to day life.

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15 Responses to Enforced hormone treatment for sissies

  1. Anon says:

    You absolutely must put him on those pills. It is the natural progression of your ownership of him whether you know it or not. You started with his body, you have now moved onto his time, and the next move is surely his identity.

    • Whether I know it or not?????

      • fuzzy says:

        It would be understandable if Mistress wanted to experiment with placebos to test out the mind fucking and then later was tempted to switch to the real thing without further notice to have a blind comparison of her subject.

  2. Anon2 says:

    That is not respectful of your submissive. He trusts you, don’t destroy him.

    • I can make no sense of your comment anon2. My slave needs to be disrespected to be content in his submissive soul. Needs to be humiliated, degraded, unsure, fearful – disrespected.
      You do not know him. How do you know he trusts me? He trusts me to act in what way? Certainly he does not trust me to go a little further than he really thinks he can cope with. Indeed his submissive soul would would not be content if he did trust me perhaps?
      How would my suggested mind-fuck destroy him exactly? I think perhaps you insult my slave that he could so easily be ‘destroyed’.

      • MMR says:

        Scarlet, dear, it is clear that the person who posted this comment has no idea what submissive soul is. There are people who like to be submissive as part of the foregame, getting only what they want and when they want. That’s the opposite of being an actual submissive who’s biggest desire is to be under full control and mercy of his Mistress who has unlimited power and the slave never truly knows what’s coming. He carves and shakes for Her creativity, Her wants, needs and whims. This gets easily confused with an abusive relationship in which the other person is not submissive by nature only forced to be in such a role by a manipulative/physically stronger partner.

        I have to deal with comments like that in my real life, made by some family members and friends who get a glimpse of my lifestyle without understanding my sadistic nature and need to be in control, and most importantly do not understand my slave’s submissive soul and the fact that when we started dating he knew exactly what he is signing up for and he was almost begging me to be under my control. He told me that the sexiest thing about the Female is Her mind, that’s why he wanted so badly to be under control of one. Even if that means a life of constant horror and staying a virgin forever. Most men, thinking with their penises won’t believe that a man can possibly want such a life.

  3. BubblySubby says:

    You’re a lesbian, right? You could just tell him that if he takes enough estrogen, he might one day be hot enough to fuck you again!

  4. Chase Bush says:

    In regards to past posting about nettle gardening. World Naked Gardening Day is May 7th, in case You know anyone who gardens in the nude…

  5. KlusenRud says:

    Greetings Miss Scarlet.
    I love your blog. I saw a picture here on your blog showing a Dominant Lady (clothed) with her submissive male (naked)..with her exposing him and pulling him back while gripping his hair. Of its not wrong to ask, can you please send a link to that picture.


  6. Babyshawn says:


  7. Steve Hughes says:

    Way back in the 1970’s I lived with a young Australian woman. Most of the time her girl friend lived in the same flat. In those days there were very few “outlets” for gay lifestyles let alone transgender! But I it meant you just had to get on with it privately! I was mid 20’s and was naturally feminine with quite exceptionally large and ultra sensitive nipples. I was virtually hairless – and very easily rendered completely so. Mary liked all of that; often the case I discovered. She would get very excited playing with my tits and then suggested I do what she said boys in Australia – take the birth control pill. I don’t know if the formula has changed since but they were packed with female hormones. I was very excited about taking the pill so I find the reluctance that is being described as odd. I was as eager as she was. We began with one every morning for 2 weeks and there was no doubt it already had some effect with a swelling behind the nipple. We discussed it quite a lot and in fact she was keen I wasn’t doing something with long term effects that I might regret. She was counselling me aged 22. I did reflect on what I was doing but I was inevitably only put into a fever of randiness imagining what might be. Despite her advice Mary was delighted when I told her I very much wanted to carry on – but with an increased dose! To celebrate I begged her to let me swallow all the pills left in the strip. There were 8. I knelt at her feet and took them one after the other. It was probably a daft thing to do medically but we were in raptures. I remember her arriving home one evening and with a little smirk and in her laconic Aussie twang told me she’d got more pills from her doctor. “The strongest ones!” she added with a grin. On 2 pills a day there was clear breast development. I had a wobble under my shirt and sometimes the nipples stuck out; I was getting lots of odd looks! One evening Mary came home with a present; a beautiful silky blue bra. “Blue for boys!” she said. I adored wearing a bra especially now I had something to put in them. I was so keen I began wearing it at work under my shirt. When she moved out of London (with her girlfriend of course) I spent wild weekends with them. Mary dressed me as a girl with full make up and then displayed me to her friend who was usually critical. Mary’s relationship with her was now open and Mary would spend hours fondling her very large breasts as they tried to teach me how to walk and move as a girl. Feminisation of me was very much part of female domination; Mary soon cottoned on to the power that the cane gave her. My “worst” times were when I was tied and caned mercilessly by the two of them. Sadly they both returned to Australia as young people tend to do. My main point in writing is to express my surprise that a good submissive would resist Madam’s invitation into a new world, let alone have to be tricked.

    • Fascinating account.
      I am however a little surprised that because it floated your boat to physically become closer to being a woman, you think it would/ should float the boat of all submissives. Obviously submissives are all different and many would seriously hate this.

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