Very STINGING Nettles

Well I have to say, judging by bitch-boy’s reactions, the stinging nettles at this time, (quite tall, big leaves, no flower buds yet), are VERY, VERY effective and clearly produce considerable pain that has an initial agonising hit of about ten minutes, but then continues to be highly uncomfortable for over 4 hours.

I have not needed the sunglasses pouch. Just the nettles blanket and a bit of whipping with the nettles to that little sensitive organ, (which becomes hard knowing what is in store if it does get hard), and his sobbing is a delight. A serious turn-on for me. And since the mirror was installed bitch-boy gets to see exactly what I am doing, how relaxed I am and the merciless expression on my dedicated face. (Two days in succession this week so far.)

I think I will have to be generous and gift him with a significant emotional experience with the nettles very soon. That will be triple or quadruple or even greater than the normal dose of the nettles , as a special treat to:

  • gift him with a significant emotional submissive experience,
  • remind him how lucky he is to have a totally heartless sadistic wife with no inhibitions about her perversity,
  • give him the privilege of making me very aroused and the privilege of being a guinea pig in one of my boundary pushing experiments,
  • ensure he remains utterly in awe of his amazing Mistress wife.

I am sure you agree that he should think himself very lucky that I am not following up the nettles 10 minutes after initial application, (and after I have brought myself off), with a coating of the Linnex rub on his stinging little clitty!

Dommes who are creatures of habit like me, have to remember to the occasional act of extreme heartless cruelty to ensure our slaves are fully in awe of us, and to test our own perverse pleasure limits.

[Almost all of my published journals from Volume 1 onward include detailed accounts of my use of stinging nettles.]

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11 Responses to Very STINGING Nettles

  1. petevans69 says:

    I love all Your posts Mistress Scarlet but especially when involving the use of nettles. When I read the above a couple of hours ago – I got an immediate erection. I then I had to have a Diy nettle torture as it’s been quite some time since the last one.

    Prior to picking the nettles I touched a few with my bare hands but there didn’t seem to be any sting in them. I did select a few but then went somewhere else and the second lot were growing close to the ground, and were a lot darker. It turned out to be a lot lot stronger sting!

    I do however believe that all the recent strange weather we’ve been experiencing has affected things quite considerably.

  2. fluffy says:

    Lucky little BB and Hurrah for MotherNature – she must be a Dominatrix too!
    PLUS OMG – you actually think you can makes things more ’emotional’ for Bb – can’t wait to hear all about that
    much respect from

  3. sissy jamieanne says:

    As always, your writing leaves me in absolute awe of you, Mistress Scarlet…and I don’t even have to suffer under your cruel ministrations! You are ever generous with bitchboy…gifting him with such experiences so that he can full appreciate the Goddess that you are as well as his own predicament. And he should indeed consider himself quit fortunate that you did not follow up the nettles treatment with an immediate application of Linnex! You are so very generous, Ma’am…and I must assume he thanks you sincerely for your loving attention!

    Most humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

  4. fluffy says:

    Wonders if you ever take the opposite approach to whipping BB’s little cocklet with the leaves and take a leave or stem and apply with particular focus to one area of his sensitive flesh – e.g. just his helmet or around the under rim of the helmet or just a nice few big leaves and the sweet spot, over and over?
    respect from

  5. maid matti ( UK ) says:

    Hello Mistress Scarlet, it’s maid matti, sorry i haven’t been in touch more but time and busy schedules don’t always mean i have time to communicate!
    However this poser has troubled me. Are stinging nettles just as stingy at nighttime when one is forced to sit on the plant itself. The reason i ask Mistress, is that i have beeen given instructions to sit on a nettle plant bare assed while polishing a silver cutlery set. Knife fork and spoon etc.
    i upset My Mistress by saying i hated serving silver service at dinner, not a good ifea from her maid to be honest!
    i am also to have my legs spanked with a twelve inch solid wooden school ruler and may have to write a 5000 word essay on ‘ My clumsiness. ‘
    Just as an aside Mistress i have recently been charged with hand making wooden punishment paddles for quite a few dominant ladies and wondered if You may be interested. i am a resident of the UK and there would be no charge for either goods or P & P.
    Yours with respect always
    maid matti x

    • Your Mistress sounds wonderful. I hope she thinks about using that ruler on your little clitty too.

      I doubt nettles are more stingy at night than in the day. Thank you for the offer, but I already have a lovely wooden paddle.

      • maid matti ( UK ) says:

        Like Your good self my Mistress is a believer in spare the rod spoil the maid . So who knows? She has made me write the essay, ordered me to do exactly as she said. 5000 words not one more ore one less. I have been allowed to proof read it once, as any mistakes will be punished . I have been ordere to make her a 24 ” naughty stick the style that an English Governss may have had hanging in th study at home.
        The nettles punishment had to be done in my garage and was completed Friday evening. The sting was so bad it lasted sixteen hours. i had been ordered to make a bunch of nettles using six full stems but i stupidly cut a bramble stem along with five fresh nettle stems.which I also sat on making my cute little bottom bleed in several places. I had bright orange welts all over my bum, thighs and nether regions for hours.It was the most painful torture I have endured . Honestly don’t know if I could ever force myself to do that again.I really feel for bitch boy! What his little clitty must endure so often. 👏🏻👏🏻

  6. fluffy says:

    Wonders if MsScarlet you ever did give BB that gift of a significant emotional submissive experience of a lengthy period of personal attention with you and the nettles – that tripled or quadrupled his more standard one?

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