Me providing telephone domination?

Now that I have lots of time I am thinking of providing telephone domination (for a fee). Not sure how to get into it, but I imagine it could be quite pleasurable. Perhaps through instant messaging or SKYPE as well.

I do wonder though if there would be a demand for me to do so?


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42 Responses to Me providing telephone domination?

  1. Armando says:

    I think Niteflirt is a good place to start.

    I’d imagine you would be in very high demand.

  2. Cat says:

    That’s a terribly easy one to answer! Yes! Yes please! You have inspired me, and many others, for years and it would be amazing to pay to have the opportunity to get to know You and please You.

  3. Can’t help with the set-up but imagine some advertising would be necessary as well as a dedicated phone line(s). A foolproof method of collecting fees would also be essential! Nonetheless I believe with your experience and imagination you could do quite well! Good luck!

  4. Simon says:

    Having read all your published works, and following your blog, I find this post terrifying!!! Utterly terrifying and horrifying… yes, I am sure there is demand. Positive infact.

  5. darkhorsesub says:

    I wonder whether a parallel ‘Domme mentoring’ service via phone or IM would also find a market?

  6. Anon for 5 years says:

    I’d rather you didn’t but I don’t think anyone can stop you

  7. George Walton says:

    I have no doubt you will find an incredible demand for your phone domination services. I’m sure your phone will never stop ringing! In addition to Skype have you also considered commercial offerings such as Niteflirt? ( They could help drive traffic but of course they charge a fee. Not that I expect you do, but if you require any assistance with this venture please let me know.

  8. boot gimp says:

    Mistress Scarlet I believe there would be a massive call for it. I would be a customer. I have in the past tried phone domination/ humiliation and I found it nigh on impossible to find anyone with the ability to actually make the session interesting. You on the other hand would be amazing at all aspects.

  9. Simon says:

    May I ask, have you spoken to bb about this? What does he think?

  10. maid matti ( UK ) says:

    That would be just totally awesome Mistress Scarlet, maid matilda would love that to happen. You are the best at what You do now. Just imagine the havoc and general devastation You could wreak. Seriously would Love that to happen. X

  11. fuzzy says:

    Yes, please. It would be fascinating. What would be your favorite topics to discuss?

    • My tastes are so wide – cuckolding, CBT, T&D, enforced sissfying, enforced parody of a little girl role play, sissy-maid, sensory deprivation bondage, chastity and denial, discipline, sub human slave, pet animal slave, etc. etc.

      • fuzzy says:

        I love that you are so generous in discussing your tastes, which no one should take for granted. You bring a special perspective on enforced born-again virginity that isn’t like anything else I’ve found.

  12. Dave says:

    Every time I walk past the fresh nettles in my local forest I imagine you telling me to crawl down into them naked…so yes in other words!

  13. gary says:

    Yes! Perhaps consider email domination in addition. It would be more practical for those in the US and your prowess with the written word would make you a natural for that approach also.

    • I would very much enjoy email domination.

      • gary says:

        If you decide to do so, please email me and I will immediately be your first email customer. I have read all your books and they are fabulous. I have engaged in email domination with several dommes with variable success. Many simply lack your written skills. As you might guess, email offers the advantage of working at your own convenience. I believe there is a significant market for someone with your prolific writing skills.

  14. Pedro SFH says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,my name is Pedro,39 y.o and i´m from Portugal. I folow Your blog since a long time ago. You are simply amazing Mistress,one of the beste Dommes i ever know,because You are a real and genuine Mistress,not a fake-commercial one.I had bought some of Your books,they are “Bibles” about Femdom! I think Your ideia about phone,skype domination is very good and i will love to try it. On my knees,Pedro

  15. Pete says:

    Yes. Please do. Skype would probably work best for most people. X

  16. David N says:

    I am another who would sign up. A good way might be to have an Amazon gift account. We pay anonymously into that and agree a call time. Then one can call on Skype.

  17. Peter Pingel says:


    Please Mistress Scarlet, you are a STAR among all the countless the dominant Ladies hopping around in the internet. I think you doing phone domination is like Elton John singing in a train station for petty cash. Please, I beg you, don´t lower yourself to phone domination.

    I am sure there are thousands of slaves out there who would buy that service from you, but that is like eating a McDonalds burger menu using the Mona Lisa as a tray. You are a beacon for all of us. Your books are authentic pieces of genuine sadism that is more than admirable. I love it and I am a massive fan of yours. So please, don´t degrade yourself by talking with slaves on demand like just another random paid by the minute Czech bitch on some Skype channel. That is not you. You are an IDOL.

    If you want to do something fun with your spare time, rather pick up some interesting, cruel sadistic project in the form of taking on another real slave and doing something exciting with him/her that we other could admire in form of another book or your postings or maybe some videos.

    I think you probably can think of so many cruel things to do to slaves, those videos will never get old. And I am not talking about porn or anything. I am talking about sadistic ART … something that you are practicing every day, if you intend to or not, it´s just your nature and we all love you for it.

    An artistic video could for example be a close up shot of a slaves face that is fixed with some straps to the exact same position. Then wonderful CBT is applied to him … maybe even “just” in the simple form of more and more nettles and hot cream. Now all you need is a camera that takes a photo of his face every 10 seconds or so … and you have a wonderful “study” piece on how more and more pain makes a person change his/her expression of the face. I don´t want to push that idea to you. I just want to maybe give you a humble inspiration to see that there is MUCH greater things to do out there than serving slaves desire for Skype domination.

    Please don´t.

    • An interesting comment. I may not do it and I am undecided. I think one error you make is the notion of me ‘talking with slaves on demand’. If I do it, it will be on my terms, when I want, in the way I want, on the topics I choose. I will not be fitting in with anyone else’s schedules or instructions.

      In addition to this possibility with phone domination, I am also thinking of adding extra dommes and probably another female slave to my life.

      • doggieslave says:

        Ms Scarlet!

        With all respect, You’d sink in my, and I guess in many other’s eyes. Yes, there would be demand but, where is the difference to other sex workers? Now, You have the flair and life of a true real life Mistress. If You need to make money there are different ways, ways that would fit better, like a professional counseling for mistresses or writing more books.

        Of course it is a kind of “talking on demand”, You’d offer a service for a fee, times and probably content would be negotiated. Even slaves have a vanilla life, a job, probably family. They’d give You time frames or there is no deal. Those “relationships” are consensual by nature. Your approach to slavery is not consensual. That is great and the reason so many people read Your blog and follow Your other appearances on the web. And, read Your books.

        Please, don’t.

        • You are failing to understand one issue. Times and content would not be negotiated outside of what I would be utterly content with. The ‘on demand’ issue is nonsense; I do not need the money. Also I have the utmost respect for Dominatrix ‘sex workers’. I think you should too. They provide an invaluable service to those submissives who want to experience domination but cannot get it by other means.

          I would very much like to counsel women wishing to dominate their men.

          • doggiesalve says:

            Still, time and content would be negotiated, and You do not negotiate with bb or play-toy. That is a huge difference. And, I have respect for any kind of sex workers, I just don’t see You as one. It is, in my belief, below Your standard.

            Counseling women to enslave their men would mean to be devoted to a “higher” goal. To change society, in a way. As far as I’m concerned, in a good way.

            All the best for You and the people that are in awe of You!

  18. Nick Smith says:

    The name of the game in my view is scarcity – even if you only take on 4 or 5 telephone slaves, I’ve a feeling that it will diminish your ability to give BB the sadism you so easily give him.

    I think you’re already on a winning formula – diluting what you’ve got ,well, is it worth it?

  19. Rhoda says:

    I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole!
    Apart from the risk to your anonymity, you may end up with undesirable clients, for that’s what they will be.
    They will only pay if they get what they want and you would be working to their script.
    More importantly, apart from the money, I am uncertain if you would get the pleasing feedback you get from the real-time suffering you inflict on bb. I cannot see how you would match the buzz of watching bb in painful TSD!

  20. tomilina says:

    I believe, Mistress Scarlet, that the demand would be overwhelming! Perhaps start with a service such as Niteflirt or LDW ( I would think, though, that You would need to keep some sort of schedule for them. How we would love a dressing down from You!

  21. Foolboy says:

    I have some experience with online domination. It can be an amazing tool to control and operate a complete stable of slaves. Personally I think a multi channel approach is best. I once had a mistress make me write her name repeatedly on decorative tape and then wrap it restrictively around my clit. I had to send photographic evidence. I then had to put the tape in an envelope addressed to my tormentor and send it to her first class within 20 minutes if her ringing me and instructing me to do so. If the tape did not arrive in the post the next day she would publish my picture with encased clit on Facebook. I was so scared

  22. fuzzy says:

    I understand the fee, because your time is very valuable. I also understand so many of the comments that a bunch of Internet wankers don’t deserve your time. I can’t get enough of hearing about the cruelty that bitch-boi so loving endures. It’s such a hard issue.

  23. Cain says:

    I think you will be inundated. Are you prepared for it ?

  24. finbig says:

    i beg start a church so we can all serve

  25. Dominique You says:

    Yes Me. Scarlet “Mistress,”
    A paid phone or Skype/ cam session would be absolutely wonderful both for the head Domme & submissive as well. Please consider this as you go on through your every day affairs & practices. To me, an interactive event such as this would & should bring out the best in both parties etc. Thank you…

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