Shall I , shant I?

Well my last post did produce a huge response and I have to say I was surprised at the diametrically opposed conflicting views.

Some people warning that they would no longer hold me in high esteem if I undertook a phone service for submissives, many people asking I let them know immediately I start such a service because they would be first in line. But all seemingly agreeing that demand would be huge. Those who felt it demeaning for me to become a ‘sex worker’ felt however that providing a mentoring service for Dommes would be acceptable. (I do have a problem with disrespect for sex workers who are in charge of their own lives. They provide a service for which there is a vast demand and are independent and self governing and self funding. I can see no reason to judge them and I especially hold dominatrices in high regard.) [Apparently dominatrices is the plural of dominatrix.]

My last post was written because I was unsure, particularly around ensuring anonymity and the hassle of a payment process, but I do think it could be quite amsuing. I remain unsure but thank everyone for their comments.

9 thoughts on “Shall I , shant I?

  1. I have thought a lot about this and I have read all of the posts. I can see both sides of the argument. I feel a lot have people have definately missed the fact that You Mistress Scarlet have decided you may enjoy it and it will be 100% on Your terms. Before I was in a relationship where Femdom played a major part I was a user of phone domination. I learned that if you are looking for a very specific and intricate type of domination and or humiliation it was impossible to find. I spent a lot of money using cheap lines where it is basically a housewife earning money and has no real concept of domination. I eventually found a pro domme who was a lot better but cost an absolute fortune. This eventually became unjustifiable as I still wasn’t really getting what I needed.

    I really feel that the type of people who read Yout blog have to be highly intelligent as the very high level of thinking that needs to be used to understand Your level of domination would put most have a go fetishists off.

    To give an example, if I were lucky enough to have Skype or phone session with You Mistress, I would really enjoy something simple like kneeling on camera kissing a female shoe while being watched. 99% of people would not understand that half hour doing one small task while being watched is worth a million times more than half an hour of a housewife trying to think of verbal humiliation phrases. Also there may be a few people here would enjoy half hour of lisping lessons.

    I suppose what I’m trying to say is that in the world of Mistress Scarlets blog there are people who are looking for the specific detailed kind of domination you like Mistress. I am sure you would enjoy relaxing with a magazine as a sissy on speaker phone repeatedly lisped a phrase for you, and also there are people here who would want only that and not be after a ‘quick get off’.

    With regards to anonymity, you could buy a cheap contract phone and after careful correspondence you could phone the sub with your number withheld. The cost of the call could be built in to the fee.

  2. I hope you did not take offence by the comment Mistress, it was ment as a compliment. Your blog requires thought and processing to get the best out of it. Because of this it also requires patience. It is not filled up with pictures. But better than pictures is the detail that will actually do more for the intelligent sub who needs the kind of mind play you are so expert at. An example would be how much I loved the most recent post about shame every two minutes. I’ve read it over and over and played the whole scenario out in my had over and over, thought about the look your eye, the tone of your voice, the fear bb would feel, the deep humiliation I’d feel etc. My comment ment that a lot if people wanting to get off on Internet femdom would not b able to see a short piece of writing and a picture of an egg timer and spend all day in a submissive dream as I have done and I am sure other readers of yiur blog have. I hope you understand Mistress

  3. I’m chiming in a bit late on this one, Ma’am…but I’d like to add that if you decided to offer online/telephone/email domination services, I’d be in line (on my knees) to experience your methods first hand. I’ve ready most of your blogs, several of your journal, and I have immense respect for you…as a woman and as a dominant…I hope you decide to do it, Mistress Scarlet!

    As an aside…think of the new ideas you’ll discover for bb’s torment from working with other slaves!

    sissy jamieanne

  4. I have been a user of phone domination and punishment all my life. I think it is always the mistress that retains control I think you would find it an amusing and profitable past time. I agree with boot gimp that it’s not easy to find a mistress who can do good phone punishment and it’s never cheap even when you use a cheap line. But a sub has to commit and take risks both financially and physically. I currently have an on off relationship with a mistress She is far from “just” a housewife as boot gimp states, with time and with both our commitment we have developed a very effective way of working. I use a webcam during the sessions so my progress can be enjoyed and she can see that I am really completing the punishments and then my humiliations can be shared with her friends live and can also be recorded for future viewing. I often have to stay on cam long after the call ends continuing my punishments and I never know if she is viewing. Your amazing blog has helped add many punishments such as nettles urine drinking and deep heat. I have spent long sleepless nights covered with nettle stings from her sessions. These sessions changed my life and are unbelievably intense and the sounds of her laughter as I humiliate myself in fornt of her and her friends will never be forgotten.

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