Does the job? part 2

Firstly a huge thank you to all those who left a comment on my previous post. So wonderfully helpful, I thank every one of you. And thank you to those who have generously offered to help. I may yet take up such a offer. I have not published any comments as some requested I did not do so.

For the record, nothing in the image in the last post was photo-shopped. It was a boutique hotel room with my BDSM equipment and my shoes and one of bitch-boy’s older maid’s outfits. HOWEVER the image is DUMPED! Those who commented that the equipment could scare away a novice dominant and also the setting was fantasy and not a real home, so again could mislead a novice dominant, were 100% correct.

I must also add that I am not seeking an aesthetically pleasing cover. Its purpose is not to be beautiful, it is solely to communicate the contents. Any human characters shown must also be androgynous. So I am thinking along the lines of this.

Further comments welcome.

(I should add I have sat in many meetings with top written media communications consultants and they have always been clear that interesting fonts are irrelevant to the general public, as is an appearance of beauty in a written communication and if the first half a dozen words grab attention, they will read all the rest.)


25 thoughts on “Does the job? part 2

  1. I’ve been following your blog and books for a number of years now, and I love your Tumblr page, which I have admittedly used to repost and plagiarize many times. Here in the colonies we are celebrating Memorial Day and the end of the school year for us college profs, so I have time for a couple of thoughts. (1) Do you believe that female domination is increasingly prevalent in Western culture? What evidence do You detect? (2) What are some of the ways that thought leaders such as yourself can contribute to increasing acceptability of female superiority not just to a few on the margin but to significant numbers of younger people who are, I believe experiencing a gradual reversal of gender-based power? (3) Do you think that it might be beneficial if a number of important bloggers and writers in this field developed a coordinated effort, a paid magazine, that would serve as a focal point for both marketing your work and for interacting and developing female supremacist ideology and practice? The field in recent years has included RWDDH, Elise Sutton, Thomas Lavalle, Mark Remond, yourself, and several others. My old friends Kellie Everts and Catherine Wolf may also be around. (Kellie has been on a God trip for a long time, but she occasionally comes around.) Is there a way to market these threads into an integrated journal that would serve female supremacy much as the New Republic once served the Progressive movement in America or The Economist once served the free trade movement of Manchester? I see you as a potential leader or entrepreneur in such an endeavor.

    1. I do believe female dominance is becoming more prevalent in the western world although I am not sure I can point to the evidence. I think the main driver is the old culture of women needing to worry about their reputation and submissive demeanour to get a man, has gone. This does mean many women who discover their boyfriend is submissive are happy to exploit that (symbiotically), rather than be repulsed by a gender stereotype discord. Most universities have a feminist group and I know from experience some of these (or some members of these) push onto full female dominance.
      It is not all good news with the culture change though. Young women now go out to get extremely drunk and to fight and also have a baby with no serious partner because they (foolishly) think that will bring them a better life of attention, housing and no work. None of these are attributes of dominant women!
      I do not think women are taking more control in society because of dominance. I am firmly of the view that while there are many submissive men, and all of these will accept and cherish being dominated by their woman, there are plenty of men that simply are not submissive and never will be.
      So my key message aimed at say 18 to 25 year old women would be that there are many submissive men out there who can only be happy being obedient and worshipful and that they should all give such a relationship a try before settling on the lifestyle they want for the long term.
      (I guess this message should in fact be broadcast to women of all ages!)
      I do not know how to communicate this message. I really wish I did. One huge problem with a magazine is the evolution effect. To capture young women’s hearts and minds who are fresh to the topic, magazine content needs to be very gentle, however women who follow this lifestyle soon evolve to more extreme activities and lifestyles and need a magazine of far more ‘extreme’ content.
      I am not sure hard copy media is now valid for this age group.
      I think a starting point would be a very gentle Facebook site or group, with content from people like me aimed at those 18-25 year olds who have never heard of submissive men.
      These are my initial thoughts.

    1. Hahahhahah. Never thought about the giant willy. I am not sure many others have either. Perhaps a reflection of your focus. LOL.

      I tried standing but could not make a standing, androgynous figure look relaxed. Always came out looking threatening. Hence the willy seat.

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet, the second cover is great, everything the first cover was not. It’s simple but tells everything a potential reader needs to know. Best wishes Derek

  3. I apologize if this has already been suggested, but what about your profile avatar that you use on this blog? It is sensual and understated. I am guessing that you want the dominant to be androgynous also and perhaps that is why you are not going in that direction…

  4. Your second cover is so much better than the first- for whatever reason I found the first to be cold and almost harsh-failing to convey any sense of true domination and submission. Your second cover does a much better job. Might I suggest adding a leash running from the neck of the sub on all fours to the hands of the reclining Mistress. I think that would be a truer reflection of the what , I believe, will be discussed in the book.

    1. I did think about a leash, but the criticisms over ensuring I do not putt off a very tentative dominant have struck home with me. Bringing new dominants into this world and out of their vanilla one is my primary goal, so I worry even the leash is a step too far.

  5. Re: Does the job? part 2
    I think this version of the cover is far better than the first one.

    I also agree that avoiding possible fetish items, toys, etc. is best as that could scare off beginners and for that matter, possibly attract those who are solely fetishists rather than seeking or interested in genuine power-exchange.

    Lastly, I completely agree with your views about keeping the font simple.

    This new cover is great!!

  6. I see my previous comment is in “moderation”. Well, maybe this one will stay there too.

    I must also add that I am not seeking an aesthetically pleasing cover. Its purpose is not to be beautiful, it is solely to communicate the contents.

    You speak as if these are mutually exclusive considerations. The visual appeal of a form of communication has a direct relevance to whether or not it attracts attention, which is a very essential aspect of coming up with a cover. The viewer only directs his/her attention to what strikes the eye’s attention for one reason or another.

    In any event, any civilized person should seek beauty for its own sake. Dismissing any consideration of aesthetics out of hand is the mark of a barbarous spirit.

    I should add I have sat in many meetings with top written media communications consultants and they have always been clear that interesting fonts are irrelevant to the general public, as is an appearance of beauty in a written communication and if the first half a dozen words grab attention, they will read all the rest.

    If this is the way “written media communications consultants” think, they’re obviously idiots. The visual appearance of a message most certainly does matter. Apart form anything else, if what you imply here were true, then all ads would consists of nothing but a few words in black capitals against a white background. They don’t.

    Ugly works are the reflection of an ugly mind. Act accordingly.

    1. If you read my last blog post again, you will see all comments were held in moderation, not just yours. Striking the eye does require aesthetic perfection. You twist my words for some reason.

      Do you not see the irony of your extreme aggression in this comment and the previous one, and yet you accuse me of an ugly mind.

      Go in peace and thank you for your time and effort in commenting. I hope you can forgive my barbarism.

  7. Mistress Scarlet….. against the grain, (personally) i preferred the original image. However, reading Your comments and those of other contributors i can appreciate the reworking.
    Serena & i look forward to publication.

  8. Please note that using white for text instead of black makes it more difficult to read and reduces readership. Creative types love using white. They think it’s creative. But the damage it does to the effectiveness of the message has been well documented for decades.

  9. I also prefer this cover, it conveys the message simply and clearly. My one concern would be the the color is rather bright for my taste. I don’t know if they intention is a hard copy or digital edition, but some may prefer a more discrete color for the book.

  10. Have you considered commissioning artwork for your coverpage? There are any number of artists on websites such as DeviantArt, etc., who will do commissions at a reasonable price point (~ 50 – 200 USD, depending on artist). A professional image / cover can really help distinguish your work from other such titles on a venue such as Amazon, etc. Even if you are leaning against such a more elaborate cover, it might be worthwhile to have a look around, and see what your options are.

    As for the cover image above, I would recommend the following:

    1) Use a more subdued color than red – the bright background presently obscures the text on the cover, and makes it difficult to read. It should be your title – not the background – that draws the reader’s eye.

    2) Use a different color for your image / illustration – something darker, or with higher contrast. The grey doesn’t currently provide sufficient contrast, and is difficult to see against the bright background.

    3) Orient your text more consistently. Right now, you have text that’s both right, left and center-aligned, and your subtitles at the bottom have different indent; everything feels like it’s all over the place. Consider a single alignment for all text (e.g center), or, at the very least, only one ‘side’ (right or left) in addition to center alignment.

    4) Condense your subtitles. You have a lot of non-title text content on your cover, which produces visual clutter. Consider a single, consolidated tag line – say, (just as an example) ‘A guide to enriching your D/s relationship’.

    1. I am not involving a third party for issues of ownership and more importantly my anonymity and independence.

      Looks like I am ditching the scarlet colour and white text.

      I don’t know if your last two points are simply your personal taste but there are many successful manuals with text using various indents and with significant cover text amounts.

  11. Do all characters need to be androgynous or just the submissive? If it’s the latter, this image does what you are wanting it to do. If it’s the former, the image misses the mark because, at least in the states, it’s very obvious that the dominant is female. Men do not sit with their legs crossed as depicted in the picture (sissies who are forced to do so are obviously the exception). Hope this comment is helpful.

    1. Both androgynous. I did have that concern a little, however (A) if the leg is not crossed the dominant does not look so relaxed and (B) if you search Google images with the words, ‘legs crossed men’, the first 50 images are of US men with their legs crossed and most of the men are associated with manliness. So I make the compromise.

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