Does the job? Third and last on this!

Thank you to all those still commenting on this issue and I apologise if you have made a comment that I have not taken on. Obviously, in the end, I have to go with my gut feelings and research. However I am seriously grateful for every comment, a huge thank you to you all. I am sure I am wearing thin your patience so this is the last time I will post on this subject and below is the manual cover I think I am settling on.

If we can facilitate one non-dominant, (partner of a submissive), become a dominant partner of that submissive, we will have made the world a better place.




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19 Responses to Does the job? Third and last on this!

  1. punkahwallah says:

    I like that She is seated and comfortable, and that he is on his hands and knees, with his head suitably lowered. It does the job!

  2. John Watson says:

    I liked the last version, but I like this one even more.

  3. sissy jamieanne says:

    I agree with punkahwallah for the reasons stated! Great cover…well done, Ma’am!

  4. homeguy32 says:

    The contrast in colors and positions speaks well from an aesthetic standpoint, imho and the wording conveys what’s inside. I’m a fan, personally, and cannot wait to share with my Mistress when it gets released.

  5. Pam says:

    It looks great. How soon before its on sale. Can’t wait. Pam

  6. George Walton says:

    I love this version of the cover and I honestly can see the seated figure as male or female, the white triangle on the chest suggests either option for me. Good luck in your quest to make world a better place!

  7. mrbillsails says:

    I like it!

  8. ChordFourDom says:

    A million times better! Well done!

  9. Rt says:

    When will the book be available?

  10. maid matti ( UK ) says:

    Please excuse my question,I am after all just a humble house maid. Will it be available as a hardback , paperback or just as an e book Ma’am ? In a few weeks?
    matilda U.K. ( matti )
    Thank You Mistress Scarlet….

  11. maid matti ( UK ) says:

    Sorry again! Have you now retired and if so how is bb coping. Is he now a 24-7 submissive or have you given him more leisure time? Questions questions ? Sorry Mistress! matti uk.

    • Yes I have retired. bb’s life has become tougher. He is not 24/7 though because I like to use him for his vanilla company quite a bit – when watching a great film, eating a great meal, city breaks, etc. etc. However I make it clear I am simply using him like a puppet and if in vanilla mode, that is how I am choosing to use him. (And hotel rooms always involve dickie-discipline!)

  12. maid matti ( UK ) says:

    Thank You Mistress Scarlet for your answers and fascinating up date . Having been recently punished by my Mistress. Ordered to sit bare butt on fresh nettle leaves I can assure everyone it is not at all a nice experience the welts and horrific pain Lasted for more than ten hours. Poor bb. matti x
    Matti uk maid

  13. Sissy Maid Henry says:

    I live this one and it is something I would happily share with my wife who is exploring FLR but can be put off by some aspects. Love the pink colour scheme. Simple, stylish and communicates clearly.

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