Serious Control Technology

I have been looking at burglar alarm camera systems to monitor my subs, (see the perverse details below). I would like advice. It seems the following specification is possible, but IS IT?? Please only leave a comment on this if you are sure.

SPECIFICATION. Cameras (vision and sound and night vision)  – perhaps one in bedroom one and another in bedroom two. One in the bathroom, one in the kitchen, one in the dining room, one to move about on a table stand and two outdoors. Cameras which are battery powered and wireless broadcast to a receiver App. A receiver App on a smart phone on which I can easily switch from one camera to another to observe activity in the desired room or outdoor area.

This would allow me to do any of the following.

  • A sub in each bedroom in sensory deprivation bondage – monitored for safety reasons and monitored for the pleasure of seeing them while I relax on  my sofa or sun bed and they suffer their extreme bondage and blindness listening only to white noise – for so, so long.
  • A sub undertaking rotary clothes line duty while I am elsewhere in the house than my conservatory. Occasionally observing them to check they never stop their blind, slow shuffling around and around and around for an hour or two.
  • While I ‘entertain’ a female in my bedroom or lounge having bitch-boy do colouring-in with his dolly in another room. Occasionally observing him to check at least every two minutes he is engaging in a verbal exchange with his dolly about the colour to use.
  • A sub, dressed and treated as a parody of schoolgirl, in the dining room toiling away on two or three hours of detention line writing, while I relax in the lounge or on the sunbed. Occasionally observing them to check they never take a rest for a single moment and never look up from their pad of paper and perpetually moving pencil tip.
  • At the end of an evening, the receiver Smart phone connected to ear buds in bitch-boy’s ears and him in his bedtime bondage, (including chastity of course), while I make noisy love with a woman in my bedroom and he can fitfully, eventually fall asleep listening first to his wife having sex with another, and then the cuddling and sleepy sweet nothings until she and I fall asleep. And he can think about how he NEVER has sex with his wife, (or anyone else!), and has been denied sexual relief for quite sometime.

Very detailed accounts of such events are to be found in my published journals.


10 thoughts on “Serious Control Technology

  1. Dear Mistress Scarlet. the one that I have seen, and comes to mind is in this link. I know for a fact it works off a smart phone / computer. Easy to set up, and ability for multiples. The vimtag units work amazing in darkness. Love the concept of watching your slaves at any time, the control you would then have is enormous. Small infractions would be so easy to spot.

  2. What you have described is entirely possible. There are two main types of systems; there is the hosted system whereby a set of IP cameras stream their content to an online service over the internet, you would login to their customer portal to switch between cameras and view the feeds, there is usually a mobile access solution as well so you can also access content on a smartphone; since this type of solution is mainly aimed at the security market there is usually a recording facility. The plus with this type of service is that there is less expensive equipment to buy (only the cameras), there is usually professional help to get them set up, and the service is high availability. The downside is that your content is hosted in the cloud and there is always the possibility that someone who works for the service provider could be snooping, although they will tell you this does not happen.

    The second type of system is whereby you buy all the equipment, a control unit that will usually support 4 or more cameras with an in built hard drive to persist the camera feeds, this unit will connect to your home wifi, or you can plug it in to a spare ethernet port, the cameras connect wirelessly via your home wifi and the the control unit will host a web application which you can access via your home wifi to manage and view the camera content. Depending on how you set up your home router, you can also view the camera feeds over the internet when you are away from your home. This type of system will cost a little more and will be more difficult to set up for a non expert, but the content stays ‘in house’ and under your control. Maplin, Amazon, or Argos would be the best places to shop for such a system.

    On another note, may I ask about Bitch Boys bedtime bondage? I am curious to know what this involves, and how often does he endure it? My final question in this respect would be if it took some time for Bitch Boy to cope with it; were there difficulties adjusting?

    As always, thank you for your wonderful blog and the insight into your lives together.

    1. Thank you so much for this info.
      bitch-boys bedtime bondage varies. It is usually cotton or plastic padlocks as he has to get up by himself to clean and get coffee ready to wake me and my female companion at the time we have dictated. He can break the cotton or plastic padlocks to do so but knows he must not do that before his designated wake up time and he knows that were my female companion or myself to happen to get up in the night, we would check he has not done so earlier. Obviously he is in a penis restraint.

  3. i have a Motorola focus which does most of what you need but it isn’t battery powered. Connectes to an IOS/Android App or Website that allows access to the camera, microhone or speaker remotely (so verbal instructions could be given). Camera can be panned remotely, has night vision and can be set to provide alerts/snapshots images based on detection of movement and sound (making sure that when someone is told to stay still and be quiet… they do). Hope this helps.

      1. Check out ‘Nest” cameras. They are wireless cameras, powered via USB cable plugged into a small wall transformer, or you can also plug it into a portable battery storage pack that had a USB micro plug in. The video quality of this camera is rated at the top in its category. It has a 8x zoom feature, built in microphone and speaker for 2 way communication. The camera can easily be moved and adjusted as need be. There are a ton of accessories out fot this camera also. There is a new oitdoor version of this camera too! I own one of these camera’s and they work well. The App works great on both IOS and Droid. The catch is the storage is designed to be in a subscription service the cloud. If you don’t need retained storage, this will do the job very well.

  4. msscarlet9015, I humbly apologize for the late reply, and if you’ve not already installed a solution, there are several ‘ready to install’ multi-camera systems on the market today. I have a system with powered cameras (vs battery) that use local wi-fi, and can be viewed from your phone or tablet anywhere on earth. This way you can use it for security as well as monitoring your minion. Best advise – keep it simple and then enjoy pleasurable monitoring! Humble regards.

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