Seeking playmate(s)

Well I have all this extra time available now, including weekdays. Do any of you lovely followers of my blog know which are currently the best contact sites for all gender BDSM or lesbian BDSM UK contacts? I used to use and I will probably pay to do so again. I am on Collerspace. I am on Fetlife but cannot see a way to use it for searching.

I am seeking only females. A long term relationship or one-off experiences. These females may be straight, bisexual or lesbian; dominant, submissive or switch. The scope of their possible pleasure preferences that would suit me is huge, for example – but not only:

A lesbian who never wishes to meet bitch-boy but with whom I can cuckold him. Single, (or a couple), of man-hating lesbians who would enjoy abusing bitch-boy but are not interested in being intimate with me. Straight/bisexual women who would enjoy abusing bitch-boy with me, with or without intimacy with me. A dominant women who has her own male or female slave and would like to visit me alone to double-domme bitch-boy and, in reciprocation,  I would visit her alone to assist her in double-domming her slave. A submissive/switch lesbian/bisexual for me to dominate who would also enjoy double-domming bitch-boy with me when in her dominant mode. A woman with aspirations to be a dominatrix who would like to visit to practice whatever she wants on bitch-boy. A woman who is not sure about BDSM but would like an introduction, aligned with her fantasies – involving bitch-boy or never, ever meeting him. A couple of submissive lesbians.

When it comes to activities with another dominant or submissive I have to say I am very accommodating because my tastes are soooooo varied and eclectic.



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13 Responses to Seeking playmate(s)

  1. ritualistic slave says:

    Hi Mistress Scarlet… I wish I fell into the buckets above. -lol , I don’t know other ways to connect with You, I been thinking, ( this comment is obviously not specific to your post ) one thing comes to mind that could be inflicted on bb, ( I have had this done to me ) is the use of poison ivy leaves. Poison Ivy is not harmful, but suppose ( assuming bb skin is adverse to it ) You get some leaves and wipe them over areas of his naked body. As a child , and even now, having that itchy rash is really brutal, especially if you get it between the fingers, toes, and obviously the sensitive areas ! The rash and desire to itch is truly wicked. ( please wear gloves yourself, as the oil on the leaves goes a long way ). Thank You for Your time. Trust that your followers are enormously interested in Your lifestyle and continued Journey into Your pleasure, and the torments and escalation of torments to bb. There really is no end in sight for bb suffering, which is fantastic.

    • I don’t think we have poison ivy in the UK.

    • Dominique You says:

      Awesome topic Ms. Scarlet to say the least & I absolutely love having subscribed to your newsletter! Now, “seeking new playmates,” this is very interesting & also arouses my libido to day the least as I’m a bit flirtatious. In fact I don’t think I’ll ever get married because I just haven’t had enough fun experimenting with all kind of different interactions etc. I would absolutely love being under the control of a “real” Domina & obey her in all regards! Whatever she says goes in my book but I have never in my life had this type of experience. It would probably send chills up my spine especially if there were to be more than one playmate Domina! Thank you so much for this exciting topic! Lots of love to you & your aspirations…

  2. MMR says:

    Not sure if the term “playmate” would apply in my case.

    I’m a “full-time” Domina who owns a permanent domestic slave and I can say this: owning a slave is amusing and brings you tons of comfort into your life if you know how to play it right, BUT at the same time having full control over the slave’s life is like full-time job (a kind of job that you love, but still). And if you have a full-time job you’re rather not interested in seeking part-time jobs. So I’m personally not interested in any form of interaction with other slaves. However I am extremely curious how the famous regime looks like in real life. I would be down to just chat for a little bit over the tea and see the misery of a bitch-boy while he can’t see us nor hear us.

    • Thank you for the kind offer and I will certainly think about it. But I fear your suggestion will free him of the deep and awful shame I wish him to endure during the visit of a guest.

      • MMR says:

        I realize that my offer differs from what you described in your post, however if you think about it: what can be more frustrating than waiting for a visit of a guest while not being able to tell if that guest arrived or not? Being nothing more than stuffed animal just decorating the room. Having his body fully exposed in ridiculous outfit and pose, his denied pee organ bringing lots of laughter.

        Seeing any slave’s misery is very amusing. 🙂

        • Just so I can understand the proposal. You would wish to view him performing via the video baby monitor?

        • Dominique You says:

          I am learning how to be a slave; it arouses something deep in my libido! Just the thought of having a Domina tell me to worship her at her feet & to be loyal only unto her increases my desire to succumb to her every whim. But what I really desire is an absolute physical bond; you know, in person, not just this media B.S. Love ya Ms. Scarlet. Yours very truly, Dominique

    • Dominique You says:

      Sounds amazing to me Ms. Scarlet; I was always in to secret flirtatious flings of that sort & definitely know how to keep my mouth shut tight. This sort of thing brings upon much gratification in that it helps to bring upon the element of seeking other territories/ playgrounds to experiment with especially being in secrecy for secrecy can make for much fantasy as well! Please keep me up to date on this specific topic. Thank you…

  3. Dominique You says:

    I enjoy but also hear your frustrations as well on this post. I, a guy, have struggled with the same sort of issues i.e. where do I go to find what I crave etc. Though I am straight I would love to serve a Mistress or Goddess for that matter & in person, not media, as one sophisticated “real” Goddess had suggested to me. Now living in the U.S., I think it to be almost impossible for a relationship like this to happen. So what do I do; I pray for a way for this to come about. I also have no preference as to weather the Goddess/ Mistress that I may serve happens to be bisexual or not & let me make that perfectly clear. I feel for your struggle in this matter Ms. Scarlet “Mistress” & wish I could be of more assistance to you as well. Thank you…

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