Rubber band tormenting his hardness

A great implement for hotel rooms and other places where quiet torture is required is the humble rubber band.

I had bitch-boy with his wrists bound to a collar in a hotel room very recently. He had not cum for sometime. Sitting between his legs I touched and teased and he became so hard, (and desperate – poor boy), I then looped the rubber band, I had brought with me for the purpose, over his little erection, pulled one side of the loop as far away as it would go from the sensitive tube of flesh and then released it. An almost silent nastily stinging contact was made!

I repeated and repeated until the hardness was going. I stopped with the rubber band, teased and tickled until the full hardness returned, and then back to work with the rubber band. Sometimes I pulled the loop away from the underside, sometimes from the upper side. Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack, again and again. There was much whimpering and a very sore little clitty by the time I had finished enjoying my sadistic game!

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5 Responses to Rubber band tormenting his hardness

  1. fluffy says:

    bet that leaves some tender marks on his little appendage!!

  2. Kate says:

    Great site Mistress Scarlet! I have a similar relationship
    with my husband. (He hasn’t had sex in 4yrs! He had to wear a chastity
    device on our wedding day! You get the gist!) I just wondered if you
    ever give him a nice blowjob or do you always let him cum in a mean

    • Oh Kate you sound like a wonderful woman! I feel an instant affinity with you.
      To answer your question, a dose first of dickie-discipline and him helplessly bound are ALWAYS the minimum requirements of his orgasm events. I will sometimes give him a massive orgasm within these constraints though, just to remind him what I am capable of awarding him, should I choose to. Never a blow-job though I am afraid.

  3. Tony Dahl says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet I enjoyed the idea of taking a Rubber Band to use on Bitch Boy on your trip But don’t you think it should be his responsibility to look after it for you in future until it is needed You could present it to him as the last thing you do before leaving the house & tell him to display it on his wrist so that every time he sees it on the journey he is reminded of what it will be used for at some time during your trip As the French say It is the ‘Little Things in Life’ that make it worth living

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