My Manual on Kindle – Amazon, in paperback and ePub format

My guidance manual is now published as an A4 paperback and in ePub format and on Amazon Kindle.


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It will soon also be on Nook, Barnes and Noble and Apple iBooks. I will publish a post when it is.

This manual, of over 115,000 words, is for both beginners and for the experienced. (166 – pages at size A4.) This manual will work for any gender of dominant with any gender of submissive.

In section 1 you will find: # A chapter for submissives who wish to find a dominant partner or to influence their existing partner to become dominant. # A chapter for people who have a submissive partner and wish to tentatively explore dominating that partner. # A chapter for dominants, including the very experienced, who wish to maximise the pleasure and benefits for themselves and at the same time, maximise the contentment of their submissive. # Advice on managing that tricky balance between vanilla activity and domination activity.

In section 2 you will find a myriad of ideas, suggestions and techniques to explore and enjoy, including: # Advice on the use of different punishment implements. # Advice and suggestions on a multitude of physical torments, and humiliation and degradation activities. # A multitude of tips and ideas to incorporate in each of the five most popular enforced role plays.

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10 Responses to My Manual on Kindle – Amazon, in paperback and ePub format

  1. fluffy says:

    OOH exciting news
    Do either the Nettles or Interdental brushes get a whole section/chapter of their own?

  2. Dominique You says:

    Ms. Scarlet, Please tell me the difference between paperback version & ePub format because I live on a very small income at the time. Thank you…

    • Paperback is a hard copy printed on paper. It is A4 in size and is 166 pages.
      ePub format is an electronic file which can be downloaded to a device or PC and read using software which is free to download. Software such as: Adobe Digital Editions.
      Obviously a Kindle version can only be read on a Kindle device.

      • Dominique You says:

        Dear Mistress Scarlet, I love following dominant women such as you & I know you not to be a Dominatrix as well. But please tell me, as far as your excellent writings are concerned, are they actually true to life or jus fantasies that you write about because you have certainly brought a lot of sensual awareness in to my mind not to mention the fact that I would love to serve a dominant lady such as you! I am going to purchase a hard copy book of yours hoping that it will help me in my journey toward true submission toward the lady Domina. I’m so grateful that I have found a real pro Domia such as you!

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