Cruel Decadence Extended

You may have read in my journals of one decadence I enjoy when Governess Lexi visits me. I find it very decadent to go up to bed for a lovely afternoon sleep for a hour or so. So when Lexi is here for the weekend, I do so and have Governess Lexi ‘babysit’ bitch-boy while I sleep. Well I have devised a way I can have my decadent nap even when I have no one here to ‘babysit’ bitch-boy.

Yesterday I was a little tired and poor bitch-boy was colouring-in with his dolly. Just full of both shame and tedium at the same time. Of course, using his hated timer as part of the of activity.

I announced I was going up to bed for an hour or so for a lovely nap and once he was prepared, he must carry on playing with his dolly, colouring-in, until I had finished my nap. He looked very confused. I padlocked his heavy rubber collar around his neck, so it could not be removed. I then chained the collar to a ring in the ceiling beam above him with a uniquely numbered plastic padlock. (A plastic padlock he could break so he could escape and wake me in an emergency). I then buckled a spiked leather strap around his flaccid clitty and padlocked his lockable plastic panties on him so he could not touch himself. I took a photo on my phone of the page he was colouring-in. I aimed a baby monitor at him. I spoke with amusement.

“Now then pansy piece I am going up for a lovely nap. You are going to carry on colouring-in with dolly while I do so. I will have the baby monitor receiver with me and so I will be able to monitor you while I am dropping off and also if I wake momentarily, and finally when I do wake up properly at the end of my nap. You will not know when I am awake or asleep, so you had better follow all the rules with the two minute timer and the whole sentences in your exchanges with dolly or you will get 50 hard strokes of the cane, preceded by a warm-up with the quirt. When I come back down, I will also compare how much has been coloured-in with the photo I just took. If you do finish the page you are on, simply begin the next page.

I know it is just so cruel and unfair that you will be suffering this deep shame and tedium with me not even in the room, and for a good proportion of the time, with me not even being awake. But your life is all about unfairness isn’t it. So that is that.”

I slowly drifted off to the sounds of the very miserable bitch-boy in verbal exchanges with his dolly and my power rush and sense of decadence was so extreme, I did have to make use of my massager for a lovely orgasm before sleep overtook me.

(It all went so well and made bitch-boy so miserable that I subsequently used the same technique while I sat outdoors in the sunshine.)

LINK to the published journals providing full details of my life.

Link to my published BDSM manual.

7 thoughts on “Cruel Decadence Extended

  1. I love your cruel but loving treatment of him. I am very interested in the things you make him say to dolly and his relationship with it and how he fist got the doll would you please do a blog about that thank you.

  2. Your treatment of BB knows no bounds Mistress Scarlett – my own Mistress is now reading your journals to get ideas on how to dominate me remotely .Currently when not in her presence, she has me wearing a combination padlock and very tight ball schakle – only she knows the number and sometimes it’s on For 24 hours or longer.

    In order that she knows I won’t cut the padlock she has some rather embarrassing pictures of me including name and addres around my neck – any non compliance is an instant threat to upload those pictures onto a well known chastity website .

    She loves to hear me plead to get those pictures back – truth is, she will never give them back and I have to wear the cock bracelet more and more Inc sometimes her worn panties .

  3. Dear Mrs. Scarlett,
    I am kind of hoping You or Your readers might help out here. I’ve been following Your site for a long time and simply have to ask: does anyone know of really good, GENUINE femdom website? I‘m not talking the usual bullshit porn, I am talking about serious Female Superiority stuff, in line with Your blog: Real submissives (old, short, bad looking and self-conscious ‘men‘ etc.) on the one hand, and fully dressed, confident Women, who really despise the former.

    Your website is the closest thing to the real domination I have found but it is so frustrating to see that there is not more (or anything worthwhile, really).

      1. Thank You so much for Your reply. To be honest, I almost gave up, it’s so frustrating. The porn industry is so bad that I actually prefer reading books on the topic. That is how I came across Your works… I really like Irv O. Neil, although his stories are way too short, but generally I am pretty desperate. No real femdom around, Maybe Saharah Eve and Lifestylediva Maria…

  4. Me. Scarlet, I love this post because you’re so in charge not having to worry about anything but amusing your self with a wonderful orgasm & then taking a nap. Wow, that’s such a great way to take care of your self; I wish I could be there with you to make it even better for you but you would probably have to put me in a cuckold so that I could control my self. I love to see a woman to enjoy her climax & always have.

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