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Email domination begins

Well I know some of you will be horrified and full of disrespect for me but I have begun email domination. I have been experimenting with one submissive and it has gone well.  He is very satisfied and I am enjoying the experience. My desire to experience and continue to learn about submissives and DS I think is limitless and this is yet another way to gain experience.

If you are interested then apply by leaving a comment on this post. My time is limited so not all applications are likely to be successful. I will not publish applications made by leaving a comment. These will be between the applicant and me.

On a different matter I am pleased to say my recently published manual is proving very popular. Feedback has been limited but the feedback there has been has all been positive, particularly in how it deals with DS for couples living otherwise ordinary lives with others in the house, work, and other ingredients making DS difficult.

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LINK to my published BDSM manual.

The visit of my new Domme friend

So my new Domme friend spent the afternoon with us. I provide only a flavour of highlights here because I have started working on Volume 12 of my published journals and the visit will be a full entry in that volume.

With half hour to go before Mistress Nicola arrival, bitch-boy was dressed in his black and white maid’s uniform and could not have been more anxious, fretful, miserable and despondent. I kept rubbing salt into the wound, asking what he though Mistress Nicola  would think of him so attired, and if she would laugh at his pretty curtseying, etc.

While it transpired to be the case that inflicting humiliation was less important to Mistress Nicola than inflicting physical discomfort, bitch-boy was certainly very, very humiliated anyway! But the physical discomforts were considerable. Twice, bound face down over the dining table for some SERIOUS punishment with every implement I possess. NO mercy, NO pity. He had a purpose to suffer for our pleasure and suffer he did!

On the BDSM bed, with coolness and determination, (among other things), Mistress Nicola  made sure his clitty received very, very thorough coverage with the nettles. NO mercy, NO pity. He had a purpose to suffer for our pleasure and suffer he did!

Before we left him for an hour in TSD, while we went out and sat in the sun, my most sadistic side emerged and I gave the offending object a very thorough coating with the Deep Heat roll-on applicator, (by way of demonstration). I don’t know if the deep Heat reacted with the nettle stings or it was simply the extensiveness of the coating, but much sobbing and whimpering followed us as we walked from the room and downstairs.

Much, much more must yet be written about, in fine detail!

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LINK to my published BDSM manual.

A new Domme friend

Well I am about to spend time again with a new Domme friend I first met a short while ago. This week she is visiting bitch-boy and I and he has the nightmare of being introduced to, and suffering for a new Domme. It seems she is rather more into inflicting physical discomfort and restrictive bondage than into inflicting humiliation, so bitch-boy can look forward to a very affecting afternoon of a different hue to the hours of humiliation and tedium suffering he has been subjected to lately. How exciting for him!

I will report back on the event. I fear that bitch-boy does not share my huge enthusiasm for her visit. Poor bitch-boy.

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LINK to my published BDSM manual.

Not firm-but-fair, its firm-AND-UNFAIR in my household

There is the disproportionate punishment. The sub is sent to tidy the kitchen. The tidying is done and I am feeling like being a bitch so an inspection of the ‘tidied’ kitchen  is undertaken. In reality it is perfect, but I behave with incredulous annoyance. although I am acting, my voice carries controlled irritation. ‘Look at the third mug down on the mug tree, you slovenly slut, it is facing a different way to the other mugs; get over the dining table now!‘ A caning follows. It is excessively disproportionate to the crime; and all the more arousing for me for being so; and all the more subjugating for the sub for being so. (And a sub is never more content than when feeling subjugated.)

There is the deterrent punishment. I am about to begin a long day of full-on domination. One tribulation after another for my sub, for my perverted pleasure. I am bathed dressed and ready. My sub, as so often, hears the fateful words. ‘Get over the dining table pansy-piece, we are starting with a serious deterrent punishment. I want to be sure you know what will happen if you are disobedient today.’ It is unnecessary and gratuitous. He already knows exactly what will happen. But, it begins my arousal in earnest – half because it is so unfair and thus a clear indicator of my (sexually stimulating) power, and half – because inflicting pain and listening to whimpering and begging is so arousing. Again, subjugating for the sub because of the unfairness and again, a sub is never more content than when feeling subjugated.

Finally there is the just-because-I-can punishment. I have noticed it is a firm favourite of guests of mine when asked to babysit bitch-boy. I will have returned home and the babysitter has been thanked by bitch-boy and has departed, and I ask bitch-boy what he did wrong to deserve the caning he obviously received in my absence. (Obviously, because of the puffy red and striped flesh of his butt.) He answers mournfully.  ‘Governess xxxx announced she was going to punish me just because she can and so she then caned me for a long time Mistress.

So NOT firm-but-fair in my household. Why would it be fair if I want a contented sub and I want the feeling of absolute power. Yes power corrupts – it has certainly corrupted me!

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