A new Domme friend

Well I am about to spend time again with a new Domme friend I first met a short while ago. This week she is visiting bitch-boy and I and he has the nightmare of being introduced to, and suffering for a new Domme. It seems she is rather more into inflicting physical discomfort and restrictive bondage than into inflicting humiliation, so bitch-boy can look forward to a very affecting afternoon of a different hue to the hours of humiliation and tedium suffering he has been subjected to lately. How exciting for him!

I will report back on the event. I fear that bitch-boy does not share my huge enthusiasm for her visit. Poor bitch-boy.

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4 Responses to A new Domme friend

  1. tiffanymaid says:

    Sounds adorable Mistress Scarlet. Trust You will both have a most pleasant day causing b-b pain and discomfort.

  2. Amazed slave says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet, I am 100% positive You have instilled fear and emotional torment in bb as a result of the unknown Domme. Bringing in a person to use bb , obviously a sadist, must have his mind working overtime. For me a slave, the fear of the unknown is probably the worst kind of torment. This new Domme may indeed bring new ideas and concepts to explore for both You and to continue bb path of continuously evolving torments. Enjoy……. looking forward to bb sufferings.

  3. doggieslave says:

    Ms Scarlet, would You mind letting your loyal readers know a little bit about the running up to the event?
    I believe it would be most interesting for us to experience Your and his preparations, feelings, fretting and such.

    Thank You very much for Your consideration.

    • I have begun writing Volume 12 of my journals and this will be the subject of a full journal entry.
      However I will publish a blog post this weekend offering a brief flavour of the build-up and event.

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