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A seat with a view of a seat

I know I do go on about ‘playing with his boy’s bits’. But it is something I do for between one and two hours each day I dominate bitch-boy. I have written about it before. LINK, LINK,  and posted a photo. I post about this pastime again today because I have made a small improvement for myself when doing this.

The set up provides me with a view of bitch-boy’s butt, (should I momentarily look away from the TV screen), while teasing away relentlessly with my long, slim, skilled fingers. The last time I played with his boy’s bits, it followed a serious session of butt punishment with cane and quirt and bitch-boy’s but was red and puffy and well marked. I found this view of his battered butt enhanced my pleasure, (and arousal), when ‘playing with his boy’s bits’.

So from now on, before settling down to an hour or two of ‘playing with his boy’s bits’, bitch-boy will find himself secured face down over the dining table and receiving a thrashing so that I will enjoy the additional pleasure of viewing his soreness and the evidence of my power and depravity – while I tease, and tease and tease. I have been known to bring myself to four massive orgasms with my massager during these boy’s-bits sessions. Who knows perhaps these orgasms will be EVEN BIGGER having made this little enhancement to the pastime.

Obviously its rather unfair that bitch-boy gets a serious thrashing just to slightly enhance my visual pleasure a little. But a submissive’s life is full of unfairness. That is simply the nature of things. And no doubt when his head finally hits the pillow for a night’s sleep, he will be even more in a awe of his Mistress, and sleep even more contented submissive sleep.


Depravity at Mistress Nicola’s

I enjoyed a delightful few hours at the home of Mistress Nicola, humiliating and tormenting her slave husband. Mistress Nicola has definitely begun to enjoy humiliating submissive males as well as causing them physical discomfort. For instance, he spent a great deal of time in a purple tu-tu which seriously humiliated him and I taught him to curtsey and to mince. How shamed he was!

Her poor husband now has a name he hates as a result of me. Wonderful. Throughout my visit, among other labels to shame with him I, a few times, called him a pansy-piece. Mistress Nicola emailed me following my visit to advise me she had decided to name him ‘pansy-piece’; as he was so shamed by the label. So I need no longer refer to him as the slave husband of Mistress Nicola, but from now on, simply as pansy-piece. Obviously a detailed account of the event will be another journal entry for Volume 12 of my journals. (And there was a good deal of physical discomfort for him as well as the shaming!)

Delightfully, Mistress Nicola and I have agreed a series of dates, (right through until the winter), of her visiting me and me visiting her. Poor bitch-boy is quite rightly full of anxiety as I have told Mistress Nicola that as she has gotten onto humiliation, I will show her during her impending visit just how far one can go with shaming outfits, activities and demeanour.

She has advised me that following my visit and her stepping up of her cruelties, little pansy-piece has become very much in awe of her and even more obedient and servile than he already was. So both our human puppets are feeling the effects of she and I getting to know each other and teaming up. Life is good.

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Weekend of perverse decadence

Well yesterday was many, many hours of using and abusing bitch-boy. Multi-orgasmic and delightful in every way, (for me; I am not sure bitch-boy feels the same!) And today, I am for the first time visiting the home of Mistress Nicola and her slave/husband. More perverse fun I am sure. Mistress Nicola and I have made our plans.

As she, in the past, has not been so interested in inflicting humiliation as physical suffering, her puppet has not endured much in the way of humiliation. Of course, I LOVE inflicting humiliation. There will, among other things, be plenty of fun with impact implements and there will be a session of dickie-discipline. There will also be diapers and lockable plastic panties and lots of humiliation.

I am so looking forward to today. And I have dates for Mistress Nicola’s next visits to me, and I have dates for my future visits to her. So each of our human puppet toys can look forward to enduring double-domming into the future. Long into the future I hope and believe.

Volume 12 of my journals is already filling up!

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bitch becomes seriously dominated 24/7

I received this wonderful comment (below) regarding the impact my manual has had on one couple. What a fantastic dominant woman. Hoping this would happen for a few people around the world was exactly what motivated me to write the manual.

Dear Mistress Scarlet

I feel that I must message you to let you know that your recent book has had the most wonderful impact on my marriage.

As a submissive soul I have been a reader of your blog for sometime. However, with the publishing of your manual I felt I could no longer hide my submissiveness from my Wife and the manual gave me the confidence to broach the subject with her.

My Wife/Mistress is the most amazing woman and I do not deserve her. Being the amazing woman she is, she has approached the subject with an open mind having not been really aware of this lifestyle, and what she read intrigued her.

A few short weeks later, I find myself in 24/7 Chasity having only a ruined orgasm after 2 1/2 weeks denial (on my birthday no less). I have daily chores and have been punished with lines, cold showers and the crop.

I am refered to as her bitch and I can see she is relishing the power and control. It maybe that this fizzles out, but somehow I think she is seeing the benefits of such a lifestyle and so I doubt it will.

I have caught myself trying to top from the bottom and stopped. I realise now that whatever fantasies I had are irrelevant and my Mistress is to decide how her domination of me is to proceed and my needs are meaningless.

I am in awe of my Mistress, yourself and all Women. You truly are an inspiration.

With the greatest of respect


I do hope to receive similar reports in the future.

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Poor bitch-boy double dommed again!

My new Mistress friend I mentioned in my blog post of July 22 is visiting again this week. She is coming in the middle day of three solid days of use and abuse to which bitch-boy will be subjected to; with no vanilla time during that period.

Mistress Nicola is quite the sadist and bitch-boy can expect to suffer considerably for her and my amusement and stimulation. Nettles will be a must as we are close to the end of the nettle season now. A sad time; but when nettles are out of season, the fall-back is Deep Heat roll-on and Linnex stick which are an excellent pair of substitutes! In fact, given the Linnex lasts AT FULL EFFECT  for about 40 minutes, it could be that bitch-boy prefers the nettles to the Linnex. But he so suffers when the exposed clitty head receives a thorough nettle whipping, who knows what he would pick if he could choose. Not that he will ever get a say in such things.

In the following week, I will be visiting Mistress Nicola to assist in double-domming her husband. I am very much looking forward to that! She has bought him a little purple tu-tu and so cleverly a matching body bondage strap set.

I should mention Play-toy who has not been mentioned for a while. She and I had a difference of opinion and she thought she could do without me. After a month without contact however, she has come crawling back and begged for forgiveness and to be allowed to come visiting again. I have agreed BUT made it clear there will be no safe-words and absolutely no boundaries. I will be literally doing whatever I want with her and to her. She is quite rightly anxious but knows she cannot do without my special ‘attentions’. I thought I would post on this issue so as to shame her and have her feel suitably embarrassed about the misjudgement she made, and the situation she now finds herself in.

I think volume 12 of my journals will be filling up very quickly with all this interesting and depraved activity!

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I had one lovely comment about my manual which I had to share.

………………………….your Guidance Manual which is wonderful—its breadth and scope is unlike anything I have ever seen.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.