Poor bitch-boy double dommed again!

My new Mistress friend I mentioned in my blog post of July 22 is visiting again this week. She is coming in the middle day of three solid days of use and abuse to which bitch-boy will be subjected to; with no vanilla time during that period.

Mistress Nicola is quite the sadist and bitch-boy can expect to suffer considerably for her and my amusement and stimulation. Nettles will be a must as we are close to the end of the nettle season now. A sad time; but when nettles are out of season, the fall-back is Deep Heat roll-on and Linnex stick which are an excellent pair of substitutes! In fact, given the Linnex lasts AT FULL EFFECT  for about 40 minutes, it could be that bitch-boy prefers the nettles to the Linnex. But he so suffers when the exposed clitty head receives a thorough nettle whipping, who knows what he would pick if he could choose. Not that he will ever get a say in such things.

In the following week, I will be visiting Mistress Nicola to assist in double-domming her husband. I am very much looking forward to that! She has bought him a little purple tu-tu and so cleverly a matching body bondage strap set.

I should mention Play-toy who has not been mentioned for a while. She and I had a difference of opinion and she thought she could do without me. After a month without contact however, she has come crawling back and begged for forgiveness and to be allowed to come visiting again. I have agreed BUT made it clear there will be no safe-words and absolutely no boundaries. I will be literally doing whatever I want with her and to her. She is quite rightly anxious but knows she cannot do without my special ‘attentions’. I thought I would post on this issue so as to shame her and have her feel suitably embarrassed about the misjudgement she made, and the situation she now finds herself in.

I think volume 12 of my journals will be filling up very quickly with all this interesting and depraved activity!

LINK to my published journals. 

I had one lovely comment about my manual which I had to share.

………………………….your Guidance Manual which is wonderful—its breadth and scope is unlike anything I have ever seen.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.


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4 Responses to Poor bitch-boy double dommed again!

  1. tiffanymaid says:

    Mistress Scarlet, yet again You give bitch-boy cause to fret, and i applaud such. That said, like myself, he wishes for such, and has no say in the degrees. Cultivating nettles in a greenhouse or cold frame, and cutting back regularly will see fresh and relatively nasty nettles produce for an extended period…..alas i can vouch for that.
    Play-toy……haha….she will learn. The lure and attraction of a Dominant is addictive, and her misdemeanors must be addressed. Indeed she, or “it”, must feel the full public shame of her actions, and i trust You will address her accordingly in advance of letting her dominate bitch-boy.
    In usual admiration & respect

  2. DB says:

    Mistress Scarlet, Ma`am I think it’s wonderful that play toy is back with you, even if it on your terms, i`m quite sure that bitch boy as missed her too.

  3. fluffy says:

    I hope he says thank you afterwards!

  4. Todd says:

    Mistress Scarlet, the 3 days of no holds barred must really push bb even more. Extended use and abuse of his mind and body I am sure will bring YOU intense pleasure, as well as provide entertainment. It is very erotic to read about Your great lifestyle and the things bb suffers through. Please Please let us all know how miserable he is and the agony he suffers, for me the constant , mindless and boring tasks of colouring hit home too, for that it is what You want to do for your pleasure, not his. The focal point is his poor manhood and the reinforcement of deep humiliation and ever increasing the boundaries of submission are extremely hot .

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