Weekend of perverse decadence

Well yesterday was many, many hours of using and abusing bitch-boy. Multi-orgasmic and delightful in every way, (for me; I am not sure bitch-boy feels the same!) And today, I am for the first time visiting the home of Mistress Nicola and her slave/husband. More perverse fun I am sure. Mistress Nicola and I have made our plans.

As she, in the past, has not been so interested in inflicting humiliation as physical suffering, her puppet has not endured much in the way of humiliation. Of course, I LOVE inflicting humiliation. There will, among other things, be plenty of fun with impact implements and there will be a session of dickie-discipline. There will also be diapers and lockable plastic panties and lots of humiliation.

I am so looking forward to today. And I have dates for Mistress Nicola’s next visits to me, and I have dates for my future visits to her. So each of our human puppet toys can look forward to enduring double-domming into the future. Long into the future I hope and believe.

Volume 12 of my journals is already filling up!

LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.



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