Depravity at Mistress Nicola’s

I enjoyed a delightful few hours at the home of Mistress Nicola, humiliating and tormenting her slave husband. Mistress Nicola has definitely begun to enjoy humiliating submissive males as well as causing them physical discomfort. For instance, he spent a great deal of time in a purple tu-tu which seriously humiliated him and I taught him to curtsey and to mince. How shamed he was!

Her poor husband now has a name he hates as a result of me. Wonderful. Throughout my visit, among other labels to shame with him I, a few times, called him a pansy-piece. Mistress Nicola emailed me following my visit to advise me she had decided to name him ‘pansy-piece’; as he was so shamed by the label. So I need no longer refer to him as the slave husband of Mistress Nicola, but from now on, simply as pansy-piece. Obviously a detailed account of the event will be another journal entry for Volume 12 of my journals. (And there was a good deal of physical discomfort for him as well as the shaming!)

Delightfully, Mistress Nicola and I have agreed a series of dates, (right through until the winter), of her visiting me and me visiting her. Poor bitch-boy is quite rightly full of anxiety as I have told Mistress Nicola that as she has gotten onto humiliation, I will show her during her impending visit just how far one can go with shaming outfits, activities and demeanour.

She has advised me that following my visit and her stepping up of her cruelties, little pansy-piece has become very much in awe of her and even more obedient and servile than he already was. So both our human puppets are feeling the effects of she and I getting to know each other and teaming up. Life is good.

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10 thoughts on “Depravity at Mistress Nicola’s

    1. It is unlikely because I would not wish to be part of giving another male some sexual pleasure. I have him practice with a dildo though and also spit roast him and threaten it often. He knows I am capable of enforcing it should I choose to.

      1. perhaps you could use a numbing gel or double/triple condom them both – so whatever they feel is kept to a minimum – but the humiliation and derisory comments from their audience the same?

        1. if they were hard they would enjoy the sensation. If they were soft it would not have the humiliation effect. (There are a plethora of other potential problems as well. Its not just there would be pleasure involved for the one being sucked!)

  1. It seems to me that having bitch-boy and pansy-piece play together with their dollies or having a joint school lesson which will no doubt involve several severe punishments wouldbe a nice humiliating session.

    1. An interesting idea in theory, but fraught with real life potential problems. More important than the potential problems is the delicious phenomenon they currently experience that the scenario you suggest omits. I refer to the phenomenon of the sub being ganged up on. Being outnumbered and unremittingly being the focus of two collaborating, bullying, malevolent, sadistic women. No respite, no momentary escape.

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