A seat with a view of a seat

I know I do go on about ‘playing with his boy’s bits’. But it is something I do for between one and two hours each day I dominate bitch-boy. I have written about it before. LINK, LINK,  and posted a photo. I post about this pastime again today because I have made a small improvement for myself when doing this.

The set up provides me with a view of bitch-boy’s butt, (should I momentarily look away from the TV screen), while teasing away relentlessly with my long, slim, skilled fingers. The last time I played with his boy’s bits, it followed a serious session of butt punishment with cane and quirt and bitch-boy’s but was red and puffy and well marked. I found this view of his battered butt enhanced my pleasure, (and arousal), when ‘playing with his boy’s bits’.

So from now on, before settling down to an hour or two of ‘playing with his boy’s bits’, bitch-boy will find himself secured face down over the dining table and receiving a thrashing so that I will enjoy the additional pleasure of viewing his soreness and the evidence of my power and depravity – while I tease, and tease and tease. I have been known to bring myself to four massive orgasms with my massager during these boy’s-bits sessions. Who knows perhaps these orgasms will be EVEN BIGGER having made this little enhancement to the pastime.

Obviously its rather unfair that bitch-boy gets a serious thrashing just to slightly enhance my visual pleasure a little. But a submissive’s life is full of unfairness. That is simply the nature of things. And no doubt when his head finally hits the pillow for a night’s sleep, he will be even more in a awe of his Mistress, and sleep even more contented submissive sleep.


7 thoughts on “A seat with a view of a seat

  1. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I have to say, your evil is inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can’t for a moment imagine how bitch boy could not be in awe of You…with every waking moment! Of course Your new protocol will only reinforce that! Thank You for sharing, Ma’am!

  3. Mistress Scarlet…. i think it is a good idea to remind your readers of certain activities already featured in previous entries. It does no harm to bring them back to the surface, so to speak. i know for sure Mistress Serena was more than happy to be reminded of relaxing with Her feet up whilst observing Her sissy bound, gagged and hearing inhibited, and now possibly displaying a very sore butt. Indeed, She passes on Her thanks.

  4. Have you ever considered, when BB is in the position, with his little clitty out and pointed down for your view and torment of coating it with a dusting of itching powder to see how much he squirms (or even, going one step further and inserting his little clitty in to a clear vase or beaker filled with perfect length cut nettles stems and leaves for it to squirm amongst – all under you amused viewing Ms Scarlet?

    1. The boy’s bits routine is about me simply reaching over to constantly tease with just an occasional glance. My main focus is on the TV and relaxing. I deal with dickie-discipline and dickie-torture during other routines, like on the BDSM bed with the stirrups.

      BTW, the itching powders I have tried have not been great.

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