The science of stinging nettles

I thought I had banged on about nettles until everyone was bored rigid. However I received this question in a comment.

P.S. Are you able / willing to share a photo of the type of nettles to look out for please?

So I hope this will be a definitive post.

The best nettles are bright, bottle green in colour and have yet to flower.  The leaves are close together at the top, which is a fantastic side effect of them being at the right stage; when it comes to whipping or stroking with them. This is the Springtime nettle. These  sting the most by far and the stings can last for 4 hours.

As we move to summer the nettles flower, (the strings of bobbles). The colour becomes more grey and the leaves are spread out along the stem. These sting the least and the stings last the shortest amount of time. The spread out leaves are unhelpful too.

If flowering stems are cut down, new green shoots grow from the remaining stem stub, and later in summer new shoots come from the ground. These two types tend to have weak slender stems, but are almost as good as the spring, pre-flowering stage. Always opt for weak, floppy stemmed new shoots over sturdy, grey, already flowered old shoots!

Remove some leaves from the stem for a handle to grip. Whipping with nettles works best, followed by constant stroking at the same location, before moving on. Reagrding the penis, the head is more painful that the shaft and the closer to the urethra opening the more intense the pain – this can be incredibly intense very close to the opening, compared to the shaft stings.

I find the most psychologically impactful is just to sting the penis (and perhaps the scrotum), but not the inner thighs or butt or stomach. This concentrates the pain on the most sensitive area, rather than spreading it out. This is why I use the nettle apron. PIC. and old POST.  Working with one single stem of a few leaves can be more effective than a big bunch of stems and leaves.

There is a little more information, particularly on using a sunglasses pouch, and some video links in this post.

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5 Responses to The science of stinging nettles

  1. fluffy says:

    thank you Ms Scarlet – very useful to know!!

  2. housework boy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet

    I don’t know if you ever came across those photos in the old Madame magazine. But there was a particular photo of the wonderful Madame Ali exercising her naked human dog, throwing a stick for it to retrieve into a very large patch of nettles, saying how it groaned in dismay but did return it looking very sore and stung. She was nicely protected in a leather coat, gloves and boots.

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  4. tiffanymaid says:

    Ms Scarlet….
    It must be over five years now since my Mistress (and i ) discovered Your blog, and the etiquette of “nettle punishment & control”. In the intervening years i have suffered dozen upon dozens of TSD & other nettle related experiences up to this very week. Despite this i never tire of reading Your ( and b-b’s ) experiences and use of nettles. Like many of Your followers it seems to hold a fascination that never wanes, a fascination i cannot explain. So please never cease to keep us informed. Thank You.

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