Slaves’ Born Again Virgin Status (BAVS)

I wrote about this before, a couple of years ago. But recent interactions have caused me to wonder about the prevalence of returning male submissive puppets back to virgin status; never ever again allowed to penetrate their Mistress, or any woman.

It is around 11 years now for bitch-boy. For the puppet of my newest wonderful Domme friend, Mistress Nicola, it is 4 years, and for a delightful domestic USA Domme, Mistress Rebecca, I have been recently corresponding with by email, it is about 4 months. (My email correspondence with her, during the period she pondered and then made her decision to return her repeatedly tearful husband to BAVS, and some commentary from me, features as a short entry in the draft of Volume 12 of my journals.)

With bitch-boy and I it just kinda happened. I realised we had drifted into it and I loved it. I told bitch-boy he was a born again virgin and he was crushed, and so I loved it even more. Of all the things he hates but must endure, this is the thing he would change if given the option to change one thing. Which he never will be! With Mistresses Nicola and Rebecca it was a conscious decision.

So my question is simple. How many male submissives in long term relationships have been made born again virgins by their Mistress? Please let me know either way.


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31 thoughts on “Slaves’ Born Again Virgin Status (BAVS)

    1. His orgasms occur only when he is in severe bondage and after a PROPER session of dickie-discipline. It is my whim that he associates orgasms with being strictly physically controlled and with suffering pain for my amusement.

  1. Being BAVS would require me to actually lose my virginity at some point, and I don’t see that happening. I’m 31 now, so if it hasn’t happened yet, I doubt it will ever happen. I don’t know which I would find more humiliating to be honest, to just remain a true virgin forever, or to lose it, but then be put back into it by a wonderfully dominant woman (if I could ever manage to find one that would accept me that is).

  2. Ma’am
    Is there a risk he will forget what it is like and consequently the lose becomes less of a anguish?
    I’ve read in the past where submissives are bound and subject to one brief moment so as to remind them the pleasure of which they are denied..
    Missie, sillymaid

    1. You certainly are a silly maid. Even if he were to forget the exact physical feeling, he can never forget it is hot, wet, tightly hugging, all enveloping and as intimately close as it is possible to be to the beautiful body of his Mistress.

      So, no he will not be getting even one brief moment once a year. That is exactly what he has begged for. DENIED!

      1. Your answer is SO right on SO many levels! :) I love the misery that comes with slave’s good memories of being allowed to be as intimately close as it is possible with his Mistress. And now all that is gone forever, he can only dream of what he had in the past! :)

        1. Ladies….you scare me lots, the harsh cruilty you enjoy to inflict.
          I tremble at the mere thought of the looks of distain you both dish out when there is any tiniest hint or suggestion…must be so crushing for your subjects.
          Curtsey, missie, sillymaid

  3. Msscarlet,

    For the two other Domme’s that you listed, does their putting their subs into BAVS, does that mean they are cuckolding their subs? Likewise, while each Dominant Lady will decide what is best for her, do you see a sub going into BAVS as generally meaning they will also be cuckolded?


  4. my Owner put me in chastity January 21, this year. After we had a beautiful, very intimate, long sex. Every since then we had none, although She never said “never” i begin to doubt if it ever happens again. Like Your bitch-boy, my rare sexual releases are preceded by harsh electro torture to my dick and lots of slapping and very painful squeezing of my balls. During the last 8 weeks I had one relief, but lots of cock and ball torture. I asked once for having penetrative sex and my ass was whipped raw with a long dressage whip for an answer, the marks were very visible for two weeks. i never asked again.

  5. I know I’m not going to get it, so its fine as long as I’m left alone. Its when mistress plays with me or comes home at 5am smelling of sex that it gets to me. I hate it but can do absolutely nothing about it as I am financially dependant on her for everything.

  6. It’s been 12 years for me.
    It was something we/she drifted into as well.
    It is extremely humbling in a way that is extremely tormenting.

  7. I can’t remember when I was last allowed. My cli thas been locked and denied for so longit doesn’t even get very hard now, just flops (sigh!) even when mistress plays with it. The comments about if it was only stiff like it used to be I may be allowed in don’t help at all either. I think the thought of being in her makes me so frightened that I literally can’t get it up!

      1. First of all apologies Mistress for the tardy response to your request. I have an excuse but as a true Mistress you wouldn’t be interested so I won’t bother.
        What does my Mistress do? Short answer absoutely anything she wants after nearly 50 years of ownership, I hesitate to call it marriage anymore. For the first 25 years or so we were a faily vanilla couple although she tended to make most of the decisions including finacial. After the kids left home she gradually stopped having sex with me and just stoked me to orgasm, then got fed up doing that on a daily basis so I did what most men do and took it in hand. She didn’t approve of that and said I either stop or accept punishment. I didn’t stop so she threatened me with leaving or accepting her rules.
        Short version I accepted and went over the chair back for my first caning. Two weeks later she introduced my first chastity device, like bitch-boy it was just a length of pipe but mine was held on by a chain around the balls. This was only removed for cleaning under supervision or my monthly wank which she administered with me restrained on the bed. Penis punishment was a few years further down the line but this is getting a bit long and I have chores to do so I will stop.
        If you have any further interest in the development of a Born Again VirginI shall be honoured to respond

        1. Thank you Antonia. Very interesting.
          Of course I have further interest in the development of the regime. Among other things I would love to know all about your chores responsibilities, when, how and why you get punished, the penis punishment, and how your wife gets her own sexual pleasures.

          1. Honoured Maam, my Mistress has given me permission to carry on
            answering your questions so I am having a “school day” instead of doing chores, they will be done later while she relaxes with her wine and chocolates.
            A bit about school days first though before I answer your specific queries.
            A school day requires me to be in my school blouse, skirt, knee socks and girls shoes I am also required to wear school knickers when I arrive in the school room. She awaits me cane in hand and berates me for my late arrival and tardy dress, dirty shoes, creased skirt and blouse etc. all of which are of course perfect. The dreaded order comes, knickers off bend over the desk you are getting 12 stokes to remind you , I plead and cry to no avail of course so here I sit bare bottomed on a hard chair fastened to it by my boy bits so I can’t rise only wriggle a bit. I usually have to do lessons from stage 1 books or lines but today, for a start at least, I am doing this.
            CHORES, Typical day
            Take Mistress her early morning cup of tea, when she locks on my rough suface rubber gloves and removes my chastity device then sends me off to do my morning ablutions When I return she refits my chastity or another one if she thinks it needs cleaning. Naked I help her from her bed and help her to get ready for her day. I pick out the clothes as instructed and the accompany her to the bathroom where I help her shower and dry her, the torment is dreadful I just want to fall to my knees and beg her to allow me to service her gorgeous pussy, like me she has no pubic hair and I so want to kiss it.
            When she is dressed I don my indoor work clothes which consist s of a wrap around pinafore dress that only reaches mid thigh and my low heel shoes nothing else.
            Make her breakfast, fetch the post, clean the Kitchen including scrubbing floor on hands and knees, make her a coffee and have my breakfast, Ensure she is happy and doesn’t need me then remove my dress put on my outdoor overalls and take dogs for a walk, always having my mobile phone with me in case she needs me, minimal credit on it for emergency use only, as she says nobody wants to be bothered by me ringing them.
            Gets us to her lunchtime which I of course make and then she indulges her hobbies for the afternoon, she sews and cooks as her main hobbies, I of course tidy up after her, while she is doing that I clean her bathroom and the rest of the house. Clear up after dinner and then present myself in the sitting room for further orders. Sometimes we just sit and watch TV, what she chooses of course I never get to choose, or if she feels mean I get punished or if I am lucky I get to give her an orgasm or two with my mouth or fingers.
            When? Whenever she wishes is the short answer.
            Why? Do true Mistresses ever need a reason other than their pleasure or to enforce the subs low status in the household. Worst punishments are for being sulky though
            How. Cane, paddles, wooden and leather, whip homemade by me using leat. Th her boot laces, it has 12 tails, Nettles, deepheat. I am sure bitch-boy is familiar.
            Penis punishment has two forms really. The first is what she calls casual and usually doesn’t invovle her in much effort other than slapping it with the whip if she thinks I am not putting enough effort in. Her favourite is to teach me Scottish dancing. To which end she has made me a kilt, it is only 12″ waist to hem so my boy bits are always on show and bounce up and down making her laugh, the weight of my chastity makes them ache as they bounce. If she wants to make it worse she adds my sporran which is filled with pebbles and attached to the balls.
            The second punishments are more prolonged and I am tied to the bed for those and blindfolded.
            I have made her what she calls her washing board. It is a two foot square piece of plywood with a 2″ hole in the centre. There is a joint down the middle so she can place one piece on my thighs lift the bits and slide the other piece down trapping them in isolation on top of the board for her fun and my pain. It is called her washing borad because she usually likes to start by removing my chastity and then giving it a good scrub with either hot or cold water, soap and a stiff brush. Then she uses nettles or heat rub or sometimes both as you do but my balls are also covered. She likes to slide a nettle stem in the hole as well coated in deep heat,if I could see it comming I would be screaming before she touched me. It also gets whipped and paddled. I am sore for days after that.
            Mistresses sexual pleasure comes from my mouth and my fingers as I said before. My fingers are never allowed inside her though only rubbing her clit. My tounge is allowed in but has to suffer for it by her dribbling pee on it as she comes!
            I hope this has answered you adequately Maam. If not please let us know and I will no doubt be made to pay.

  8. We’ve been together 20 years and engaged in a wide range of play, but (amazing as it sounds) only recently began to ponder that I’ve had an unexpressed masochistic side, and she may be more of a sadist than she has expressed. She doesn’t want to “hurt” me because she loves me, so we have been mulling this. Lately, we’ve been discussing cuckolding fantasies more. We’ve also discussed how, during the first year we knew each other, I was kind of her “friend zone” cuckold virgin. She turned to me as an “emotional” boyfriend, but fucked other men and women. We didn’t have sex for about a year, and then my performance was anxious and poor for a while after that. We were young. She admits that she kind of got off on that power, and something was lost when we became a “couple”. That was a long time ago.

    She also gets off a little that I haven’t truly penetrated anyone else.

    Lately, we have been exploring those “old feelings” and are trying to figure out how play off of those emotions. We have a lot more invested now. When she’s in the mood, she’s game for total denial fantasies, but also doesn’t want them to take over our relationship. We will see how this goes.

    Any tips?

    1. I honestly suggest you read my manual. I deal with how a relationship can be split between DS time and attributes which are intense and real, yet the relationship can also enjoy close vanilla time.

      I have to say from reading between the lines that you are submissive or I can’t see you would at all feel affected by the thought of submission, total denial, cuckolding etc. Also, I feel sure your ‘Mistress’ is both dominant and a sadist. (Remember sadism includes pleasure from inflicting mental pain as well as from physical pain.) She admits that she kind of got off on that power, and something was lost when we became a “couple”. She also gets off a little that I haven’t truly penetrated anyone else If she felt these things she was getting pleasure from the power rush and meanness of treating you unfairly.

      Finally, I have to say, I HATE it when dominant women say, ‘I don’t want to “hurt” you because I loves you.‘ The only way to keep a submissive content is to hurt them and control them. If a woman is with a submissive and she loves that submissive and wants that submissive to be contented, she has to hurt them. How can it be an expression of love to fail to do what is required to keep content the person you love???? I deal with this in my manual too.

      1. Well, she just bought one of your journals, without me asking her to. I’d say it is a start but it’s really another step. We’ve been started for a while.

  9. Just a quick thought about slavery.
    It’s like retirement!
    You never ever get a day off, or get off even.
    I shall probably be over her knee for this comment while she makes my bottom the same colour as a good sunset.

  10. I want to learn touchless orgasm.. this will be huge step in my submission.. i dont have mistress. 8 years without sex only femdom porn bring me to this state. When im ON its so pleasurable – dreaming about real slavery with mistress like You.. at the other side i know its just a fantasy.

  11. It has been several years now for us. It started without us even thinking about it, to be honest, and then after a year or more of denial Lady Sue made is official and told me that I will never penetrate a woman again. On occasion she will have me wear a strap on or a penis extender, but I am still in my chastity device when we do that.

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