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Who is she??

Not something I have ever done before or am likely to do again, but my questions are; who is this woman? And from where do these GIFS originate?

She is superb at serious degradation of the male and what delicious, long legs she has.

LINK 1      LINK2          LINK3

And I love that she uses a dog catcher’s pole rather than a dog leash to control the location of the slave’s head.

Hotel satisfaction position

Regular blog followers or readers of my journals and BDSM manual will know I like to abuse bitch-boy for my orgasmic pleasure when in my hotel bedroom when travelling. In a hotel recently I made a small adjustment to my hotel room routine. It’s a small adjustment but brought me a little more pleasure and bitch-boy a little more subjugation, so I think worth reporting.

(I should mention, as an aside, that most hotel rooms now have a walk-in shower. The room in question did. So bitch-boy was pissed on to begin my fun.)

I secure a collar around bitch-boy’s throat and a cat collar through the D-ring of that collar which then secures bitch-boy’s wrists at his throat. He is laid on his back on the bed and I can use pegs on his scrotum and a ruler and Deep Heat on his clitty. After a period of abusing his genitals, the Deep Heat is applied from the roll-on applicator and he is soon genuinely sobbing, (into my soiled panties which have been stuffed into his mouth). The Deep Heat burns so. Poor bitch-boy.

In the past, bitch-boy has been laid along the bed with his head at the pillow end and I would lay next to him, (and use my lovely massager to bring me to lovely orgasms while listening to him sob in pain). Here is the change. I laid bitch-boy across the bed, head at one side, feet at the other, while I lay with my back against the head board and soft pillows, the high heels of my shoes pushing into bitch-boy’s side and ribs. Using him as a footrest with my thighs apart. Then the massager is put to good use. Poor suffering and sexually frustrated bitch-boy can see me in his new position; while he feels the heels digging in and the burning of the Deep Heat. When I am close my legs straighten and  my calves rest on his chest and groin and I cry out in ecstasy.

So he has been turned 90 degrees. A small adjustment brining me a little more pleasure and him a little more subjugation. Sometimes its the little things in life!


A break in my blog posts

For reasons I need not mention, there will be a break in my posting of blog entries and moderating/publishing/responding to comments. The break will start in two or three weeks and will last for two to four weeks.

After the break I will resume as normal.

On a separate note, the volume of sales of my BDSM Manual have been very considerable; I guess because it is for any gender of dominant dealing with any gender of submissive it has mass appeal. So far I have only received positive comments. I do wonder if it has been featured on some BDSM book review site or similar to have become so popular so quickly.


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LINK to my published BDSM manual.