A break in my blog posts

For reasons I need not mention, there will be a break in my posting of blog entries and moderating/publishing/responding to comments. The break will start in two or three weeks and will last for two to four weeks.

After the break I will resume as normal.

On a separate note, the volume of sales of my BDSM Manual have been very considerable; I guess because it is for any gender of dominant dealing with any gender of submissive it has mass appeal. So far I have only received positive comments. I do wonder if it has been featured on some BDSM book review site or similar to have become so popular so quickly.


LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.




4 thoughts on “A break in my blog posts

  1. Maybe it’s simply because your blog postings make it clear that you are not only the real deal, but you are extremely bright, articulate, open-minded and have extraordinary appeal to both sides of the equation.

  2. hope all is well – you and your insights and tales into Real FLR will be missed and your return looked forward to
    massive respect from

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