Hotel satisfaction position

Regular blog followers or readers of my journals and BDSM manual will know I like to abuse bitch-boy for my orgasmic pleasure when in my hotel bedroom when travelling. In a hotel recently I made a small adjustment to my hotel room routine. It’s a small adjustment but brought me a little more pleasure and bitch-boy a little more subjugation, so I think worth reporting.

(I should mention, as an aside, that most hotel rooms now have a walk-in shower. The room in question did. So bitch-boy was pissed on to begin my fun.)

I secure a collar around bitch-boy’s throat and a cat collar through the D-ring of that collar which then secures bitch-boy’s wrists at his throat. He is laid on his back on the bed and I can use pegs on his scrotum and a ruler and Deep Heat on his clitty. After a period of abusing his genitals, the Deep Heat is applied from the roll-on applicator and he is soon genuinely sobbing, (into my soiled panties which have been stuffed into his mouth). The Deep Heat burns so. Poor bitch-boy.

In the past, bitch-boy has been laid along the bed with his head at the pillow end and I would lay next to him, (and use my lovely massager to bring me to lovely orgasms while listening to him sob in pain). Here is the change. I laid bitch-boy across the bed, head at one side, feet at the other, while I lay with my back against the head board and soft pillows, the high heels of my shoes pushing into bitch-boy’s side and ribs. Using him as a footrest with my thighs apart. Then the massager is put to good use. Poor suffering and sexually frustrated bitch-boy can see me in his new position; while he feels the heels digging in and the burning of the Deep Heat. When I am close my legs straighten and  my calves rest on his chest and groin and I cry out in ecstasy.

So he has been turned 90 degrees. A small adjustment brining me a little more pleasure and him a little more subjugation. Sometimes its the little things in life!


5 thoughts on “Hotel satisfaction position

  1. Wonderful Ms Scarlet, you imagination at increasing your pleasure and increasing bb’s suffering is a lovely read.
    Welcome back to blogging, I for one have missed your posts.
    housework boy

  2. I am sure this is one of those things that i should “be careful what you wish for”, but I would love for my wife/mistress to torment me like this. I do enjoy being bound and suffering in pain while she pleasures herself with her magic wand. To be further tormented by her heels digging into me as she presses into me with no awareness at all of the pain I am receiving would be even better.

  3. Scarlet, I’m so glad we have you back! While you were gone the whole internet was running in circles not knowing what to do. We need you and your wise guidance! :) Also, I was so worried that bitch-boy is getting time off from his miserable life. I’m so relieved after reading this post and knowing that there is no break and the torments continue. slaves don’t deserve even a second without feeling miserable and pathetic! ;)

    Yours truly,
    Mistress Rebecca

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