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Alone and helpless

One thing that has changed since I gave up work is poor bitch-boy finding himself home alone in extreme bondage rather often. I am amazed over how many hair, nail, beauty and other appointments I attend each week. Some last half hour, some last three hours. The appointments were beginning to infringe on the number of consecutive days each week I wanted bitch-boy to be subjected to ‘full-on’ domination. (No vanilla life distractions.)

My solution has been to leave bitch-boy in ‘cotton bondage’ while I attend appointments, rather often. I describe cotton bondage in my published manual in some detail. In a nutshell it is bondage from which he is only allowed to escape if there is a fire or a burglar.

It is such a pleasure now while I am planning the following months diary dates and blocking out the ‘full-on’ DS days, to see I have an appointment which conflicts, and I just think to myself; cotton-bondage.

I am surprised by the extent of the lovely warm feeling of power and decadence and heartlessness I get when I am attending such an appointment and I remember poor bitch-boy is back home in helpless bondage – gagged, blindfolded, unable to move an inch and not knowing whether I will be back in 10 minutes or 3 hours. Poor, poor bitch-boy.

Epitome of attitude and demeanour

Both darkhorsesub and slave helpfully commented on my last post that the Domme in the video is known as Obey Melanie (formerly Barefoot Princess). I have seen many of her videos and as far as I am concerned she exhibits the perfect attitude and demeanour of a perfect Domme. I am not a huge fan of some of the things she inflicts on her subs BUT I am a HUGE FAN of her perfect attitude and demeanour. When I thought about writing this post, I began to realise it might be difficult to put into words what her perfect attitude and demeanour display.

To begin with there is ABSOLUTE PITILESSNESS. She is going to do exactly what she wants to do and is not at all restricted by how much her slave is suffering. There is an ABSOLUTE ABSENCE OF SELF CONSCIOUNESS either over her pleasure from inflicting misery or her sexual arousal from doing so. There is her STATE OF TOTAL RELAXATION. She is completely relaxed as she torments, even if her slave is at the point of tears. Finally there is her TOTAL CERTITUDE THAT HER SLAVE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A TOY FOR HER TO ‘PLAY’ WITH. He has no rights, no safe-word, he can set no limits or boundaries.

Have I missed anything???

I believe I completely share her attitude, I hope that is displayed in my demeanour to ensure bitch-boy understands his situation, and my depravity.



Rotary Misery

Many of you will know all about the Rotary Clothes-line Duty I have bitch-boy endure in the summer months.

I read the weekend supplements in the conservatory overlooking the lawn on which the rotary clothes line is located. Him blindfolded and gagged, his posture collar secured at the back to one of the three spars of the rotary clothes line. His wrists padlocked into the cuffs at the front of his reins. And he slowly walks in a circle, the same circle, again and again, endlessly turning the rotary clothes line. Blind, silenced, frightened and enduring tedium. (See Volume 5 of my journals). His only contact with me is when I go out every twenty minutes or so, to cane his butt to encourage him in his task.

Well this link appears to show some fantastic Domme somewhere has created an indoor equivalent. I am assuming the human animal is blindfolded and has ear lugs and is gagged. She can sit and relax and watch TV make phone calls, etc. and he must never stop his pointless circling or he will feel the whip.

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Mistress Scarlet’s journals are perfect.. superb

A review of my 5th Journal:

Mistress Scarlet’s journals are perfect.. superb

 on October 27, 2016:         Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Mistress Scarlet’s journals are perfect .. superb… exciting .. and above all She is very honest in Her writings. She is truly the epitome of Female Supremacy.

1 out of 5 stars

Some lovely words from this reader but only one star out of 5 !?!?!?!?!


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Sister of mercilessness

Well my collaboration with my newest Domme friend continues to go from strength to strength. What a fantastic collaborator she is! We have dates agreed up to Christmas and are just getting dates in the diary for next year. Dates for either me to go to her house or her to come to my house, and at whichever house it is, the resident submissive male is PROPERLY used and abused! The visits are now extended. Initially a couple of hours at a time, we are now aiming at around 6 hours each visit. Poor, poor bitch-boy at my house and poor, poor pansy-piece at Nicola’s house!

It has been interesting to observe Nicola’s evolution. One aspect in particular. She is much newer to the full-on domination approach than I, with my 15+ years experience. Initially Nicola was into inflicting physical pain (very much into that), and some bondage. But having seen the deeply profound mental pain (humiliation), endured by bitch-boy when I put him through a parody of a little girl routine in front of her, Nicola has been switched on to this form of sadism too. It has left me wondering how many other sadistic women there might be out there who have not tried seriously humiliating their subby male. Believe me the pain and suffering that can be inflicted through humiliation easily matches that of physical pain in an FLR relationship.

So often I have received comments on my blog from Dommes, with words to the effect that  – they love most of my posts except those involving humiliation through forced adoption by their males of sissy maid or schoolgirl or little girl roles. I don’t understand this but I guess we are all different.

I seriously cherish those times when I have bitch-boy so dressed and waiting with me outside a room in which one or two Dommes he has never met await. He physically trembles and whispers his desperate, pleading entreaties to me to be allowed to escape. My power rush and feeling of cruel decadence is off-the-scale! And then once he is standing in the middle of the room – the centre of attention, dragging out every moment of shame for him I can. Making it as bad as I can, almost always with the enthusiastic help of my guests. Guests who have quickly become aware of this male’s profound misery and, like me, just want it to be as bad as possible for as long as possible – they also feeling that delicious power over a helpless male and that feeling of relaxed malevolence and decadence. No self consciousness for us regarding our cruelty, no mercy or pity for him.

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Distressing partial ignoring

I know I do bang on about partial ignoring a lot, but it is one of most my favourite things. I find it sooooo relaxing and arousing!

Having bitch-boy in sensory deprivation bondage for an hour or two, his only contact with me the occasional top-up of nettles stings or a nasty cream to his clitty. I sit downstairs, reading, watching TV, swiping on my device, on telephone calls, sunbathing, whatever. I am so relaxed and content and he is so very miserable! Now and again I look at the tiny baby monitor receiver screen to see him in his total bondage. The feeling of total power is delicious.  I have to use my massager wand on myself every now and then, to relieve the arousal. I have even been known to prep the evening meal, (slaves work!), rather than free him to do so. I would actually prefer to prep the evening meal while thinking of his suffering and my power, as I prep.

Having bitch-boy do colouring-in with his dolly while I mostly ignore him. How he truly hates those hours of humiliating misery – passing by so slowly. While I sit reading, watching TV, swiping on my device, on making telephone calls; sunbathing, whatever. I occasionally look down at him, so very miserable and humiliated, and I am sooooo relaxed and content. As the hours pass, he repeatedly gets to hear the massager wand throb and pulse and then my ecstatic cries of orgasmic bliss. I am quite happy for him to look up and observe me. It simply further reinforces for him the difference in status and lifestyle between him in his chastity and subjugation and I. It is the second and third consecutive days that REALLY DISTRESS him, and seriously give me my power rush. (Although an hour is all that is required to achieve the effect of partial ignoring.)

Having gone through a serious number of hours of colouring-in with dolly the day before, the appropriate time the following day is reached when he presents himself in front of me and I say those dreaded words, ‘Time for colouring-in with dolly little maggot, for 4 or 5 hours.‘ I can see the distress in his eyes as he thinks about how much of his previous day was agonisingly consumed by colouring-in with his dolly, and how this humiliating and tedious misery is to continue today. And is the 4 or 5 hours a mind-fuck, or will it actually be 4 or 5 hours, as it has been on many days in his life over the past few years.

I do acknowledge that one requirement of Partial Ignoring, is time. Lots of time. I know this is a problem for many FLR couples when there are other DS activities to also be fitted in, but any Domme with the time, who has not tried partial ignoring; please try it. You might be surprised at the power rush.

It may be he is writing lines, or cleaning a few pairs of your boots or trainers. You can occasionally glance at him, so very miserable and humiliated while you watch TV, swiping on my device, on making telephone calls, sunbathing, whatever. A few other activites could be:

  • lay on their back on the floor, wrists secured to collar, and lick the sole of the foot or shoe of the dominant which is resting on the submissive’s lips – and the submissive must kiss/lick continuously;


  • stand in the corner with wrists bound behind them and holding a coin to the wall with their nose;


  • practice curtseying, over and over, possibly while facing the wall;


  • clean the floor with a toothbrush;


  • completing a large pile of ironing;


I do cover partial ignoring more fully, with more activities, in my BDSM manual, devoting almost 3 pages to it; such is my passion for the activity.

Tumblr site

Well the number of followers of my Tumblr blog has crept up to over 14,000.

It interests me that such an eclectic range of images and videos has apparently popular appeal. There are many femdom Tumblr sites with quite specific and focused material catering to individual fetishes where you would think people would be most drawn. Perhaps it shows that true submissives are more affected by dominant women being cruel in the way those women want, rather than submissives having their own specific fantasies met.

My many interests include: – duration sensory deprivation bondage, chastity and tease and denial, clothed women naked men, casually dressed women with men dressed as sissies or parodies of little girls, multiple dominant women bullying one male, lesbian wives cuckolding husbands, dickie-discipline, degradation by spit, degradation by urine, degradation by cigarette ash, degradation by licking soles of shoes clean, ignoring slave males undergoing tribulation while talking on the phone or reading or watching TV or getting ready to go out.

If the male is in a penis restraint in any of the above scenarios, then even better!

Of course I also love to see submissive women enduring the whims of cruel, dominant women but, as irrational and pointless as my stance is, I will not set up a link for my male blog followers to be accessing scenes of women enduring torments and humiliations. They should only be seeing males suffering at the hands of women!

5 star review

Amazingly, despite my BDSM manual flying off the shelves at Amazon and Lulu, and great feedback via comments on my blog, the manual has only now received its first review on Amazon. This is on Amazon UK. I am very pleased with this 5 star review.

Packed with useful advice and suggestions for establishing and evolving a mature and satisfying D/s relationship from someone with long real life experience. Her often fiendish, and yet thrilling scenarios for controlling and subjugating a submissive partner are imaginative and inspiring. As a submissive male with an inexperienced (but determined!) dominant Wife, we are finding much material in the manual to help us on our journey to Her stated intention of absolute control of me. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone on this path.
My only minor niggle, as a grammar and spelling pedant, is that the book would have benefitted from some more proof reading before publication.

I must admit although I pride myself on my grammar, every time I undertook a draft read through the draft manual, I just kept adding more material. It had to stop! What a very lucky submissive the kind reviewer is to have a determined wife whose stated intention is absolute control of him!

For any of you who have read the manual and have queries or seek clarifications, please leave a comment here on the blog for me to answer. If I have helped a few couples form a solid and long lasting relationship based on submission and dominance I will be satisfied and proud.

LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual

Dommes’ delightful dickie-discipline

By comparison to ball-busting, there is so little good dickie-discipline on the web. I just don’t know why. I find the levels of eroticism much, mush higher with dickie-discipline. Am I alone in this preference? What do you male submissives feel on the matter? It seems to me that dickie-discipline can also be performed for a very long time without any breaks when one wishes that. Finally, when the male can see what is happening to their precious little tubes of gristle, they seem VERY affected.

This delightful lady really is kindred spirit in attitude and tastes although little smacking, nettles and embrocation cream use compared to my preferences. But nonetheless I LOVE her style. I gather her sissy puppet is a born again virgin, in chastity 24/7/365 and it seems there is much tease and DENIAL and the vast majority of his orgasms are spoilt and all orgasms follow a session of dickie-discipline – the same rule I apply. Spoilt orgasms using a  massager seem to be a speciality of hers. She clearly gets that balance where there can be a number of consecutive spoilt orgasms without loss of erection or arousal.

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