5 star review

Amazingly, despite my BDSM manual flying off the shelves at Amazon and Lulu, and great feedback via comments on my blog, the manual has only now received its first review on Amazon. This is on Amazon UK. I am very pleased with this 5 star review.

Packed with useful advice and suggestions for establishing and evolving a mature and satisfying D/s relationship from someone with long real life experience. Her often fiendish, and yet thrilling scenarios for controlling and subjugating a submissive partner are imaginative and inspiring. As a submissive male with an inexperienced (but determined!) dominant Wife, we are finding much material in the manual to help us on our journey to Her stated intention of absolute control of me. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone on this path.
My only minor niggle, as a grammar and spelling pedant, is that the book would have benefitted from some more proof reading before publication.

I must admit although I pride myself on my grammar, every time I undertook a draft read through the draft manual, I just kept adding more material. It had to stop! What a very lucky submissive the kind reviewer is to have a determined wife whose stated intention is absolute control of him!

For any of you who have read the manual and have queries or seek clarifications, please leave a comment here on the blog for me to answer. If I have helped a few couples form a solid and long lasting relationship based on submission and dominance I will be satisfied and proud.

LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual

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3 Responses to 5 star review

  1. doggieslave says:

    Perhaps the thoughts below would be of some interest for Your next manual or journal.

    Some thoughts about Chastity and Testicular Cancer that Your slave will not like, at all.
    Half of all testicular cancer is diagnosed between 20 and 34 years of age. The overall chance is 1:263. Disregarding those who develop cancer before their 20th birthday it is safe to conclude that Your slave, being over 34 has a chance of 1:526 to develop this particular cancer and a chance of 1:5000 to survive it (source: http://www.cancer.org).
    In several forums, blogs, health related discussions and medical websites You’ll find that most oncologists and urologists (including mine) agree on a total chaste lifestyle increasing the chances of developing testicular cancer by 20-25%.
    Let’s do the maths:
An unrestricted lifestyle includes a (1:526) 0.19% chance of developing cancer.
A completely restricted lifestyle (chastity 24/7/365, no milkings) increases the risk by max. 25%, resulting in a chance of 0.25%, raising it by 0.06.
    So, seen from a clinical, objective point of view: Milkings are not needed, 24/7/365 chastity is safe (enough).
    my Owner is, sadly enough, very good at math. i am allowed to cum only for very, very good behavior. With her standards being very high, my last relief is 48 days ago, the preceding one 29 days. i wear a medical grade stainless steel cage and it was only removed, you guess it, 48 days ago. No ruined orgasms, no milkings.

    • Firstly, your Mistress sounds fantastic!

      A couple of queries on your maths though.
      1. If the normal over 34s have a chance of 1 in 526 and with total chastity that increases by 25%. Does that not increase the chance of cancer to 1 in 394 with total chastity?
      2. You seem to suggest there is only a 1 in 5000 chance of surviving it, if it is contracted. That cannot be right.

      • doggieslave says:

        Mistress Scarlet!
        1. Correct, i just feel more comfortable with decimals.
        2. You’re absolutely right. my fault. The mortality rate is 1:5000, not survival.

        i know i will be punished for that.

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