Alone and helpless

One thing that has changed since I gave up work is poor bitch-boy finding himself home alone in extreme bondage rather often. I am amazed over how many hair, nail, beauty and other appointments I attend each week. Some last half hour, some last three hours. The appointments were beginning to infringe on the number of consecutive days each week I wanted bitch-boy to be subjected to ‘full-on’ domination. (No vanilla life distractions.)

My solution has been to leave bitch-boy in ‘cotton bondage’ while I attend appointments, rather often. I describe cotton bondage in my published manual in some detail. In a nutshell it is bondage from which he is only allowed to escape if there is a fire or a burglar.

It is such a pleasure now while I am planning the following months diary dates and blocking out the ‘full-on’ DS days, to see I have an appointment which conflicts, and I just think to myself; cotton-bondage.

I am surprised by the extent of the lovely warm feeling of power and decadence and heartlessness I get when I am attending such an appointment and I remember poor bitch-boy is back home in helpless bondage – gagged, blindfolded, unable to move an inch and not knowing whether I will be back in 10 minutes or 3 hours. Poor, poor bitch-boy.

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9 Responses to Alone and helpless

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh Mistress! bb’s life has become so tedious with You being able to tend to his subjugation full time…I’m sure the cotton bondage is beyond miserable…but such is the life of Your slave! Thank You as always for sharing Your ways, Ma’am!

  2. Carla says:

    Hi Scarlet,
    I love your idea of leaving bitch-boi bound, helpless and, I assume, extremely bored, while you are out enjoying life. But might I suggest that you make sure the sissy is also miserably uncomfortable when bound that way. I put my sissy husband into itchy scratchy woolen outfits from head to toe before putting the poor thing in tight uncomfortable bondage when I go out or when I just do not want the sissy around. Just something for you to think about.

  3. Rhoda says:

    I find it sometimes nice just to have the house to myself, free to come and go without my smallbear having any idea where I am, who I am with or what I am doing for, perhaps, the whole day. I find getting the long term bondage set up can be a faff and, each to their own, physical torment is not high on my list-I prefer control and humiliation.

    The easiest sketch I have is to send him on a long drive in his old small car (very suitable for a smallbear ), no radio and emptied of money, sweets or anything entertaining, with only an old brick mobile for emergency or if I want to recall him. Anything else that might be needed for, say, a breakdown, or a meagre meal, can be sealed in a large envelope handed to him as he leaves.

    G**gle maps tells me how far the miles driven should be. Extra miles is a definite fail! Getting him to produce a timed/dated receipt at a distant petrol station for something useless or embarrassing, confirms his compliance and makes him get out of the car at a set time and place if I wish. Choice of clothes or, perhaps, a thick nappy prevents him “enjoying himself”, getting ideas above his station and adds to his embarrassment and removes excuses to stop!

    I can give him the cheap smartphone, sealed in a plastic box so it can’t be switched off etc ,It has a very easy tracking app (search “gpstrackerforandroid” ) It tells me by instant email if he goes faster than I decide and when he enters or leaves preset areas.

    Having details (such as setting the gps tracking etc), routes and tasks already worked out, I merely have to tell him, at a moment’s notice, “Drive to X, do Y and don’t come back until Z”. No need for time wasted by sorting out straps, earplugs, safety checks etc. He’s gone in a few minutes, under my control but not under my feet and nothing for me to worry about! I have even sent him on a quick errand and then, before he returns, send instructions as above so he never knows what’s in store for him. Bliss!

    • That’s a really interesting form of subjugation. It would not work for me because bitch-boy likes driving, we live in beautiful countryside with lots of wild animals and birds to observe and vehicle fuel in the UK is VERY expensive.

      Because my sensory deprivation equipment is all set up, I tell bitch-boy to go and get himself ready while I am relaxing and then it literally takes me two minutes to secure the final few straps and equipment.

      Something similar I have done a few times in the past and would do again, is book bitch-boy into the cheapest possible local tacky hotel if I am having a lesbian over who has zero interest in males. He has no cash so cannot buy food or alcohol or anything else other than a card for emergency things. He has to stay overnight. I have him write lines while he is there. Sometimes a great many lines. Such as,
      ‘My Mistress Wife can have sex with whoever she wants whenever she wants and I will never ever have sex ever again.’

  4. K says:

    Isn’t the “cotton bondage” ultimately voluntary? Has he ever broken it? What are the consequences?

    • Absolutely not voluntary. The consequences never need to be spelled out now. In the past, threatened consequences included, six months without orgasm, multiple applications of Linnex every night for two weeks, a serious caning every day for a month. He knows I would show zero mercy and would diligently carry out such punishments. It is true bondage that he would never dare escape from, (unless there was a fire or burglar).

      • K says:

        That sounds effective! Your punishments for bitch-boy are so comprehensive, how do you take it up a level? Was there a specific incident or punishment that was a “turning point” in the relationship, after which he became completely cowered?

        • In what circumstances would I need to take it up a level?

          He has become completely subjugated because of a number of things. The main thing is he has learned I truly have no mercy or pity. If I get pleasure from something which he really truly hates with all his heart, I do it as often as I want regardless of his misery. I HAVE NO PITY. I FEEL NO GUILT. I AM NOT SUBCONSCIOUS ABOUT BEING A SADIST. I feel he brought his life upon himself by introducing me to Femdom. He only has himself to blame.

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