Another Mistress quickly evolving

I posted about the wonderful Mistress Rebecca a couple of months ago. She continues to evolve at a rapid pace. And documents that evolution in her fantastic blog.

If you failed to note my link to her blog before, do so now!

Mistress Rebecca’s blog.


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4 Responses to Another Mistress quickly evolving

  1. Howard says:

    Love her blog, it’s actually kinda scary how quickly she is attracted to the extreme ends of domination.

  2. Irv says:

    I am a fan of yours as well as Mistress Rebecca’s. I often go to your site first then hers. Thank you for reposting the link to her site, it makes it much easier for me. Might I suggest replacing the link to “A Married Sissy” in your useful link section with Mistress Rebecca’s instead? I believe the “A Married Sissy” link is now private and inactive as well.

  3. explorer3000 says:

    she is quite something

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