Pitiless Robot Domme

I watched a TV programme on the development of sex robots yesterday. Trailer here. Robot dolls that among other things, can engage in interactive conversation, use facial recognition to differentiate between people they ‘know’ and display distinct emotions through expressions in their facial ‘muscle’ movements. In time, the dolls will be amazing I have no doubt. The developers were focussing on doll personalities that would be highly sexual, wanton and lustful in nature. BUT……….

I immediately thought about how beneficial they could be as robot Dommes for submissives who cannot find a real life Domme. I thought about how I would love to provide the programs and phrases the robots could use in various scenarios. To start with tease and denial.


I imagined the robots could be remotely programmed by me. Holding in their memory the combination of a key safe which holds the key to the chastity padlock. Programmed to add a day to the relief period, each day, if one hour’s begging at the feet of the doll was not performed each day. 100% sure the doll would never show mercy and relay the combination of the key safe before the LONG DENAIL duration had been met. And they could insist the submissive spend a long time taking in all those perfect feminine shapes. Mocked for knowing it has a functioning cunt and mouth, but never ever being allowed access to them.

I also thought about them overseeing the submissive writing hundreds of lines or overseeing the submissive playing with dolls. The punishment period would be implacably enforced while the doll sat and watched, occasionally verbally humiliating the submissive with phrases written by me. The doll asking the submissive if it is a pathetic maggot or pin dicked sissy, and following up with more verbal humiliation when the submissive answers.

Immediately my mind moved on to what great helpers as babysitters they could be to a real life Domme like me, used in combination with a camera, the output of which is accessible to me via a smart phone anywhere in the world. I could sit in a girlfriend’s house and bitch-boy, alone at home with the doll, would have to perform a little girl dance for the sitting, smirking doll, which my girlfriend and I watch via the camera. At the end he must ask the doll if it was sissy enough dancing, the doll would be programmed to respond, ‘NO! Do it again.’ Perhaps programmed to respond that way, five times consecutively before finally saying, ‘Sissyish enough maggot, now get to colouring-in with your dolly for the next two hours.’  Poor bitch-boy having no option but to take instructions from the robot with me watching and chuckling.

I can see that in 5 years from now, if not sooner, the possibilities will be endless. I wonder of I could get a job as a developer of Domme Dolls, rather than the slutty submissive dolls currently in production?

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11 Responses to Pitiless Robot Domme

  1. fluffy says:

    OH My – how good with this be – especially if overseen and with input into the programming by Ms Scarlet!!!!!!

  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    You paint a delightfully sadistic picture here, Ma’am! I can see the dolls used in either scenario…for the Mistress-less submissive or the sub-sitter…and what humiliation to take one’s orders from a robot…to be held in strict chastity by a robot…to be forced to kneel at a robot’s feet and beg…and to be punished by a robot! There are certainly limitless scenarios for a Mistress’s pleasure and a sub’s torment here!

    Thank You for sharing this, Ms. Scarlet!


    sissy jamieanne

  3. Certainly a new take on the “sex” robot. I’m sure it would work too!

  4. JP_knight says:

    Hot dang! And that is why I read your blog!

    Some scary but very exciting ideas wrapped up in there…

  5. Rhoda says:

    That would be a “Terminatrix”!

  6. sissyscarlet says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlett, I can think of nothing more demeaning and humiliating than being controlled by a robot that you have programmed but to which we do not know whether you are watching. To serve a mistress directly is one thing, but to actually serve a robot for the amusement of a mistress such as yourself would be an extra level of the demeaning. I am sure that in future such as this you would find yourself many potential slaves, and could happily set many robots to subjugate us inferior sissy boys. Thank you for this new tantalising fantasy.

  7. Irv says:

    How about a Suzette Simperkins version 2.0? She could even be programmed with Bitch-boy’s own recorded comments. Getting dominated by one of his own dolls and in his own lisping little girl voice could throw in another whole level of humiliation. Should be simple to do with today’s technology and would be much less expensive than a full sized sex doll.

  8. punkahwallah says:

    There is something beautifully chilling about the word ‘pitiless’!

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