‘lesbian’ cuckolding

Labels are a problem.

I wanted to post on the subject of a Domme wife or girlfriend of a male sub and the Domme wife or girlfriend cuckolds her male sub through a relationship with another woman, involving sex. And the male is in chastity, does not get a full orgasm often and never gets to have sex of any sort with his wife/girlfriend. I think the label of cuckolding properly applies, but either one or both of the women can be bisexual instead of lesbian.

So, labels aside, hopefully you know what I am describing. You understand the scenario. It is my favourite thing in the world and I get disappointed by the limited amount of relevant material there is on the internet. At one end of the spectrum, simply two women watching TV, hand in hand, or hands at the top of each others’ thighs while there is a male in the room, naked but for a chastity device, facing the wall, or in a sissy maids uniform with chastity device on, awaiting a command, or ignored and in bondage and recovering from a recent serious caning.

Or at the other end of the spectrum, two women naked on a bed making love and the male tied to the bed rails by his balls with wrists secured behind his back and enduring a tearful, sobbing torment of a recent application of Linnex to his cock.

My Tumblr site has a few images and videos, (possibly all that can be found on the net?), the wonderful blog of the wonderful Mistress Rebecca features this cuckolding as does this blog, but compared to other femdom stuff, there is very little around. I wonder why because the impact on the poor male sub is off-the-scale. Sexually so desperate and seeing his wife or girlfriend more intinmate with the ‘other woman’ than he is ever allowed to be. Doing things to his wife/girlfriend he is never allowed to do, his wife/girlfriend doing things to her lover she never does to him. Delightful. Not a male getting any pleasure in sight. No male bull!

This scenario does feature in most of the later of my journals and I devote a chapter to cuckolding of every variety, (including faux cuckolding), in my BDSM manual.


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14 Responses to ‘lesbian’ cuckolding

  1. furcissy says:

    Thank you very much for sharing. I agree that there is a shortage of material representing this type of scenario.

    Take care.

  2. Dave says:

    This is one of my favourite things in the world too. In essence I think sissy men are just hopelessly besotted by women and the power they embody. Their greatest desire is to serve and please these women. So what could be of greater satisfaction and simultaneously greater frustration that the scenario you describe.
    Frequently too I think Dommes are in touch with their make side and love to see their subs dress, act and be tested as women. The next step is to ha e areal life woman in their life and beyond that a proper woman to woman marriage with their sissy male serving their needs for the rest of their days, hopelessly besotted frustrated and helpless.
    Oh my.

    • I have to pick you up on a couple of misconceptions friend. Male sides and females sides are simplistic pyschobable nonsense.
      I don’t have a male side and why would I need one to want to humiliate males or be with a female for sex and compansionship? Also I don’t want a male dressed and tested as a woman. I could argue a man should feel proud to be dressed as a woman. I want males humiliated. Dressed as sissies or parodies of schoolgirls or parodies of little girls.

      I thoroughly agree though, a male serving two women in a sexual companionship relationship is going to be hopelessly besotted, frustrated and helpless. And also in a situation of zero mercy and pity from his owners.

  3. Rhoda says:

    Very annoying! Why do sissies always have such good legs! A terrible waste!

  4. Ade says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlett

    As a sub male i really dont understand why there is not more of this kind of material. To a sub male like myself its one of the wildest fantasies. It is one of the best things to see, but for some weird reason, video and photo authors avoid this topic. It is a dream to be a property of two dominant lesbian lovers.

    Have a nice day,
    Your humble fan,

  5. slave says:

    Mistress Scarlet. So intense the continued concepts You think up to further bb journey in deeper forms of humiliation and suffering. Its Holiday time, and as a dedicated reader to Your Blog, love to know if bb presents will include more books to color. Again, maybe its just me, but I think about bb a lot spending hours, hours and hours coloring in books such a fascinating technique to inflict misery on your slave. Love it .

  6. Umar says:

    Ms scarlet I think you will like this one https://fetlife.com/users/470728/pictures/64562734
    Stubborn sub

  7. sissycindylynn says:

    Thank you for writing and sharing with us feel wonderful blog Ma’me.
    I’m a lifelong Sissy and have been in a marriage to a woman who ckntinually cuckolded me with numerous lesbian relationships. We’ve been married less than a year when she took off with a woman from her office only to return. Numerous times throughout the marriage she was involved in a wide variety of lesbian relationships. She however took a different tack, she took great delight in keeping me in the dark, not sharing details unless she was drinking..
    In my view the reason the marriage ended was that she wanted to marry another woman who wanted no sissy around, and has been remarried many years now. She’d often So me how it felt to know she had a wonderful sex life that excluded me.
    I too am extremely surprised that there is not more about this around on the internet. In her circle of friends I saw redone numerous times. It is fitting for a sissy like me to serve a dominant lesbian couple. It truly reinforces my position ssrving my superiors. Some sissies can I believe can come to cope with the fact that there are bigger and more desirable, was sexually adequate males if the woman they’re serving is so inclined. But when is two superiors, the dynamic has drastically changed completely showing the sissy “her place in an extremely powerful and undeniable way.
    This sissy shall continue to read up on your wonderful relationship with your girlfriend and learn more about how bb is treated. It is my hope to read about more glorious details of a life all sissies should be made to live.
    My sincere thanks!

    • Thank you for the interesting comment. Perhaps you can clarify what the following two sentences meant?

      She’d often So me how it felt to know she had a wonderful sex life that excluded me.

      In her circle of friends I saw redone numerous times.

  8. sissycindylynn says:

    From early in our marriage, it became clear she preferred women to men or me, early on,. Once in a while, a guy or two as well. She was part of a ladies softball team, so it was common to see married women drinking with lesbian women, and barroom seductions going on, which I saw when I joined her to watch her play and go out to the bar afterwards.

    She well knew of my sissy personality before we married, with her buying me panties and other feminine items. She had me promise to use the “ladies room seated like a good girl” for the rest of my life. She used to tell her friends “this a woman’s house, everyone here uses the ladies room seated, now don’t we hun?”

    Early in our marriage, she took off after a series of love letters turned up in our home detailing a hot and heavy lesbian romance between her and a female coworker. They were having sex in the ladies room at work and in other places. They took off for 3 weeks together. She returned when things didn’t work out between them.

    I had an inkling, there had been going on, as she had huge scratch marks down her back which she blamed on her mother’s cat. Her mother wasn’t keeping tigers.

    About sometime halfway through the marriage, she started going away on weekends with her girlfriends on trips, sometimes nearby, others via plane to faraway places, which I wasn’t told about, telling to only call her cell phone to reach her. She would send her mother and sister over to be with me and many of those conversations involved them telling me to be happy for her as she was out having fund and didn’t I want her to be happy?

    Once in a while, things would slip out about the affairs her lesbian friends were having, often with married women from the team.The married ones who had kids left hubby to be with them and often made a call telling him she was too drunk to come home and that they were staying with her gf for the evening. This is how a great many of the lesbian romances had started.

    Further into the marriage sex between us became nonexistent and there were cellular phone calls that would come in where shed leave the room to take them privately. Sometimes she’d say things about how happy and fulfilled the lesbian women were sexually. One of her trips I later found out had her and 3 women in one bed together over 2000 miles away for the weekend.

    I also walked in one night from work to find her in bed with her sister. When I walked into the bedroom, both had fallen asleep nude, she woke first yelling for me to get out, saying I was embarrassing her.

    Once I was told not to ask her for sex anymore, it became clear she was disappearing 3 weekends a month and the 1 weekend a month she was here, she was very hard to be with emotionally.
    It was clear shed be pining for someone else. She’d drop hints about her friends attending lesbian orgies, sex acts like fisting, etc., with a big smile on her face.

    When I had to travel my neighbors would comment and ask me about who the group of women were who stayed at my home for the weekend? When I’d ask her, say said there was no one visiting while I was away.

    About three-quarters of the way through she once asked me, how does it feel to know that I have a completely fulfilling sex life and yours is a pitiful solo act? Don’t you feel lonely sometimes? It doesn’t matter, as long as I’m happy. And then she laugh going out the door for the weekend.
    There were private phone calls should receive while taking a bubble bath. Once she called me on the phone from the bathtub and told me to bring up a two beers. When I did she told me to take a quick peek at something I don’t get a chance to see, and then get out, she was expecting a very important phone call. Then from the bathroom, laughter shortly followed when her lover’s call came in.

    Her circle of friends kept changing and expanding in various ways. Some of the women who I met early on who professed to be completely straight eventually changed to full-time lesbian relationships. As a sissy, I know women are my superiors, lesbian sex superior to anything a sissy or male can provide a woman.

    It might have been much easier for me had I been told certain things that we’re going on, it would have deepened my submission but she took great delight in not saying much at all.

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