Praise indeed

I finally have a review of my BDSM manual on the Amazon United States site. And it is 5 star and very kind indeed! I am so pleased and very grateful to this Amazon Customer.

Amazon Customer

This is the best book ive read about how to embrace domination, and it is very practical as well.

 Wow. I have several books about domination, and Ive been practicing the lifestyle for several years, and this book is still amazingly helpful for me. It is very practical and real. I love the perspectives, the dinamics and the psychology. Im loving it.


Link to My published BDSM Manual

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3 Responses to Praise indeed

  1. sillymaid says:

    Couldn’t post a reply on the pressie post…

    How about a photo album of black and white photos of him in various outfits. He can spend the holiday colouring them in and then get him to show off his prissy sissy colouring efforts to your girlfriends…… Curtsey

  2. Howard says:

    It seems like your comment link is broken on your newest post, so instead I’ll post my suggestion here. Buy him something he really likes, preferably something which has an immediate visual impact, and have it encased in glass or some other way for it to be presented. He then can look at it as much as he like, knowing he will never be permitted to use it.

    Of course he already suffers this Tantalus’ torture by your most divine body part, but I guess it can never hurt to reinforce his place. Besides if you can’t buy anything useful you might as well buy something useless and have it lord over him, putting him in a place which is less than useless.

    Maybe the most cruel gift of all you could give him though, is to indulge him for a week or so, to rewind time to the start of his subjugation and to let him experience how truly wonderful life can be with you on his side, only to take it away afterwards and throw him back in the abyss of extreme domination. You know how they say there is no pleasure without pain, I reckon likewise there is no pain without pleasure.

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