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Want what they can’t have

Its human nature for many to want most what they can’t have and this can be used to manipulate many submissives.

If your sub, does not show a clear indication of the privilege they enjoy from licking your pussy, try telling them they are banned for a couple of weeks; perhaps a month. Don’t let them get anywhere near your body. I think you will find they then genuinely beg for the privilege and are grateful forever more, under the constant threat of another period of denial.

The same tactic can be used for many things. Moisturising your body, washing you in the bath, brushing your hair, giving a pedicure, etc. And their humiliation is delightful to witness when they find themselves genuinely begging for such ‘privileges’. It seriously helps keep them subjugated to their lowly status too.

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February Petticoat Discipline

The Petticoat Discipline site of readers letters has, over the years, given me many, many delicious forced petticoating, extreme humiliation ideas for using on helpless grown males who HATE every second of their petticoating. I thought I should broadcast that the February edition had some letters of high quality which is very pleasing.







Over the past couple of years, far too many letters have been about sissy males who want to be petticoated and love being petticoated, suffering no humiliation at all from this. Obviously these letters are not about Female Domination and not of interest to me.

Stinging Nettles Arrive!

Only mid February and the stinging nettle shoots are up. Delightful.

They may be only the length of a finger, if that, but if you are a follower of my blog you will know that the early nettles, before they have flowered, sting the most and the stings last for ages! And the leaves are all close together in a dome at the top of the stem, rather than being spread out along the stem as will happen in the summer.


I would normally have waited until they were long enough to grip the stems and then use like mini whips on poor little subby’s cocks with the nettles blanket.

But why wait? These will be ideal to use like little tiny feather dusters or to sit inside a sunglasses pouch which can then be pulled over a naughty hard cock.


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Popular Tumblr site

Well my Tumblr site now has over 15,000 followers. What I like most about the continued growth of follower numbers is that those themes I like have a popularity possibly larger than just niche. It is a constant unanswered question though.

What percentage of the population of the civilised world are aroused, (if just a fantasy), or contented, (if a lifestyle), by these themes of female dominance?

And perhaps, are there more dominants and subs than LGBTQ people? (Ignoring the Venn diagram  issue of LGBTQ dominants and subs.) I only wonder that as I have an intuitive feel for how many LGBTQ people there are. At the moment in the UK and USA, the mainstream media are set against mutually satisfying relationships of dominance and submission, especially if the extent of ‘slavery’ is quite comprehensive. The same oppressive adjectives that used to be targeted at gay people 50 years ago are now aimed at us;  sub or Domme – Unnatural. Perverts. Mentally ill. And specific to Dominants – Exploiters, Bullies, Advantage takers, Manipulators. 

I imagine in another 50 years those living sub/Domme lives will be completely accepted like gay people are now in the civilised world. (Subs do not choose to be sub, they are born that way, the overwhelming majority discovering they are sub well before puberty.) Scandinavia will no doubt lead the way like they do on so many areas of civilisation.

But let’s not get too serious! Let’s get back to those delicious themes I adore, sick exploiting pervert that I am! Chastity and tease and denial, cuckolding (especially lesbian cuckolding of males), dickie discipline, humiliation including enforced role playing, punishment – discipline – torture, sadism, inducing heartfelt begging, shoe and boot worship, ignoring and enforced tedium, sensory deprivation, clothed female naked male, urine and saliva degradation, etc. I do have eclectic tastes I know!

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Malevolent Females – the good and the bad

It seems to me, by my study of submissives, that there are two types of Malevolent  Females. One type generates awe in submissives, the other type does not. Yet the relevant behaviours of both types are almost identical.

Some women are mentally weak and let down the gender I’m afraid. A woman who has easily lost her temper and is out of control, not thinking about the effects of her actions, while slapping a male’s face a few times. Not very awe inspiring. BUT, a woman completely in control of herself, calm, fully aware of the shame she is bringing to the male, while slapping his face a few times, and enjoying herself – well that inspires considerable awe in a submissive. Same activity but very different outcome.

Replace slapping the submissive’s face with kicking or spitting or any other type of bullying behaviour  and the issue is the same.

The waters are muddied when it comes to shouting or swearing because shouting and swearing is often associated with loss of control or an absence of vocabulary. A woman who has easily lost her temper and is out of control, not thinking about the effects of her actions, while shouting or swearing at a passive male is not very awe inspiring. BUT, a woman aware of the disrespecting impact of shouting and swearing at a passive male in a controlled way, who has an alternative profanity-free vocabulary she is choosing not to use –  again that inspires considerable awe in a submissive.

I am not someone who shouts or swears hardly ever. You, dear fellow Domme, may be the same. If so, you are holding onto a lovely little tool to shock and frighten your submissive from time to time. Someone shouting at you or swearing at you is offensive. It is disrespectful. Obviously, one of our pleasures and objectives is to have our submissive feel very disrespected. Second class. The lowest of the low in the pecking order.

So just occasionally I might shout at bitch-boy. The following scenario is an example: I am sitting chatting with two female guests in the sitting room. bitch-boy enters the room and curtseys. When I am ready, I look at him. He reports that he has finished the laundry. I make an enquiry. ‘Did you iron my pillow cases before putting the pillows in?’ He looks confused and anxious. I have never asked for this before. (But who says a Mistress has to be fair?) He answers, with trepidation, that he did not. I raise my voice and the final word is shouted. ‘YOU LAZY SLUT. WELL GO AND DO THAT, NOW!’ He looks humiliated, frightened and upset. He quickly curtseys and leaves the room. I turn  my guests smiling broadly. ‘It is so amusing to terrorise my little puppet from time to time.’

If you have read all of my journals, you will have come across one of the rare occasions I like to swear. In bed with a lover at the end of the night, ready for sleep. bitch-boy stands before us at the side of the bed, I give him his instructions for the following morning – quiet chores,  alarm call and breakfast in bed for my lover and I. Once he has received and understood his instructions, I deliver my final words to him of the day, ‘Now fuck-off to your lonely bed, bitch.’

Four stages of cuckolding

Well it seems to me that, when circumstances allow, it is worth stretching out the cuckolding experience for the sub to make the most of the subjugating effects of each stage.

(The sub’s lifestyle restrictions. For each of the four stages the following lifestyle restrictions apply. The sub is a born again virgin, in chastity, has not had an orgasm for a good while and will not be having one for a good while.)

Stage 1: A different location. You leave him in the house all alone, possibly with a list of chores to be done, while you go out to have sex with another. He knows exactly what will be happening. You have told him. When you get home, he can be told all about it in fine detail. Perhaps having to lick you while you tell him; and he is made aware with all his senses that you had lots of sex not long ago. Mutual rewarding, reciprocal, intimate sex that he never enjoys and never will.

Stage 2: A different room. Perhaps stage 1 has only happened once, perhaps several times but next is stage 2. Your lover visits the house. Your sub has to kneel outside the bedroom door and must listen, or is tied up in another room and hears EVERYTHING via a baby monitor. Before your lover leaves the house, he must thank her for providing his wife with fully satisfying  intimate sexual pleasure he never can.

Stage 3: Gagged and bound in the same room. Wrists secured behind back, ideally balls tied to the bedrail at the foot of the bed, cock exposed for serious smacking and/or applications of Deep Heat or similar. Once he is sobbing, arousal in the lovers is high and he must watch as they fully satisfy each other, spoon while resting, perhaps repeat the cock torture followed by more sweet love making.

Stage 4: Helping. In his chastity device, in a sissy parody of a little girl outfit, standing at the side of the bed in fretting pose. His chastity on full display. When instructed, handing to, or taking from the lovers – vibrators, massagers, dildos, strap-ons, lube and anything else they need for their pleasure. Anything that has been inserted, must be licked clean before a sanitising wipe is used on it. He is ignored beyond his taking from and handing to. When finally the sex is over, the lovers spoon and fall asleep for a nap and the husband must stand still and quiet and await their awakening. Dreaming of the intimate, sex and closeness with his wife he witnesses her enjoying but will never be allowed to have himself.

NOTES: Two uses for the cuckolded husband I have not mentioned

The Human Dildo. Should one of the lovers enjoy penetration, then he might find himself helplessly bound on the bed on his back. At one side of the big bed. A posture collar holds his head very still. A dildo gag is strapped in his mouth and protrudes  upward into the warm air. A lover sits on his face impaling herself on the dildo. He is not blindfolded. His nipples are pinched until he whimpers and perhaps his tears flow. The other lover sits on his chest and the lovers kiss passionately and caress each other. There is up and down movement. Massagers are pressed to clitori. Once huge orgasms are enjoyed, the lovers tumble gently to the middle of the bed, their human dildo left at the side and ignored as the lovemaking continues. He stares at the ceiling, the posture collar allows nothing else, and he listens with sadness, frustration and awe. He hears the peaceful breathing of sleep as the lovers nap. He has no idea what will be happening when they wake.

The Human Soap Dish. The cuckolded male is on his knees, wrists secured behind his back. Chastity device on. It has been on for many, many days. He kneels at the side and centre of a double ended bath. A large bar of soap held in his mouth. His wife and lover sit either end of the bath – full of hot water and soft bubbles. They sip on champagne. He is ignored throughout. After twenty minutes or so, his wife kneels in the bath and her lover stands and the soap is taken from the human soap dish and soft hands and slippery soap suds wash and caress, lingering here and there. The wet soap bar is returned to his mouth. Then the lover kneels and his wife stands. The sexually denied, born again virgin, husband cuckold watches as the lover’s hands explore his wife’s slippery, sudsy body, enjoying what he is never allowed to do and never will be allowed ever. Eventually the wet soap bar is forced back onto his mouth. Bathing over, the lovers stand and dry each other with soft, warm towels. Dry and content, the towels are thrown over the head of the cuckold and the lovers walk out, turning off the light. He is left  alone; wet towels over his head, foul soap bar in his mouth, for how long he has no idea.

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