Huge Ribbon Bows

Before addressing huge ribbon bows, regular readers of my blog will know that when forcing a sub into sissy attire or parody of a little girl attire, (or parody of a schoolgirl attire),  I favour a little dress that comes down only to the hips. Huge humiliation is inflicted from the front if the shaved genitals with a restraint locked on are in view, or just shaved and soft; indicating it is no sexual pleasure at all for the humiliated male to be treated so. And humiliation from the rear too if the butt and/or backs of thighs display the results of a recent harsh punishment.

But it seems from the reactions of the helpless males I have been involved with that almost as bad, OR PERHAPS WORSE, is a huge ribbon bow on the top of the head.

I am not sure why this causes such miserable shame but it certainly seems to. Especially when the trembling victim must look into the mirror at the shameful, ridiculous image they make.

The huge bow I currently possess is on an elasticated loop which is rather difficult to locate properly and does not often remain in place for long, requiring annoying constant attention. (It, together with the dress in the photo are the exact items I use on bitch-boy for his most extreme humiliation experiences! Without panties of course!)


So do any of you dear readers know of a supply source of a huge pink ribbon bow suitable for application to a helpless male’s head with a reliable and effective fixing method?

I think for completeness I should add that, when so dressed, having to walk in the mincing style also has a HUGE humiliation effect too.

LINK to my published journals.

LINK to my published BDSM manual.


24 thoughts on “Huge Ribbon Bows

  1. With respect Madam I would suggest the most humiliating bow would be one bb has been forced to make himself. As for fixing would a head band or hair slide work? I don’t know if bb has enough hair there.

    1. Thank you. These look very good! I imagine bitch-boy and perhaps Mistress Nicola’s pansy-piece may soon be adorned in one or two. I immediately like the JoJo Siwa Large Ombre Pearly Pretty Signature Hair Bow. Thank you again.

      1. Mistress scarlet curtsey, my ex wife has me clean and carryout chores for her and her new partner. She insists on the most humiliating outfits to be worn by me when she requires me. She found out by questioning me about the sites I visit and thought it would be a laugh that I let you know I am to be dressed as a tradional schoolgirl for detention, which will be taken by my mistress’s new partner. As a gift she has giving me a headband to finish of the look. Thank you so much for being the beautiful amazing wonderful you curtsey in shame Jane micro cock

        1. I, and I am sure my blog followers, would be very pleased if you would provide more information. Including but not limited to;
          Is your ex-wife’s new partner male or female?
          How many times a week/month does she have you visit her?
          How old are each of you?
          Does she make you do chores?
          Does she have power over you of some sort?
          Does she punish you physically?

          I would like you to tell your ex-wife that I had to break your comment down from one long sentence to 5, so it was readable and also you spelt detention incorrectly.

  2. Mistress scarlet curtsey. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
    Can I please begin by offering an sincere apology for my poor spelling and grammar. As instructed I have explained to my ex wife your rightful pointing out of my faults.
    To say she was displeased is an understatement, this is a little tatse of the lecture I have just received over the phone.
    How dare I disrespect Mistress Scarlet I am a disgrace and can be reassured of an extended Detention. I am to apologise immediately and beg your forgiveness once done I am to write out 250 lines( the word detention must be spelled correctly when explaining my discipline regime to my betters). Please try and understand Mistress Scarlet I was nervous when I was instructed to write to you. I will of course answer all your questions in detail and will post shortly but for now my punishment lines need to be completed. Thank you again I truly am humbly ashamed and please be reassured that my ex wife has the full intention of severely dealing with me when we next meet.
    You will most likely find this a pathetic excuse but please try and understand mistress scarlet.
    You are an amazing and beautiful lady. Humbly yours curtsey in shame Jane micro cock, (the new name my ex wife has given me)

    1. Curtsey mistress scarlet.
      I’ve been instructed by my ex wife to let you know that my extended detention will commence this coming Saturday afternoon.
      Before hand I will arrive at 6am sharp my outfit will be in the hallway, I already have been warned if the house is not spotless before 1pm, the beginning of my detention, I can expect addional punishment.
      James my ex wife’s new partner has been directed by her to oversee my detention period.
      I know but have never witnessed that he like me is under her discipline.
      My ex wife Denise who I now refer to as mistress Denise has explained to me that she allows this as he in her eye’s is a man, were I am a pethic excuse even for a sissy.
      I have been told to ask you Mistress Scarlet if my apology was acceptable regarding my previous post. I strongly believe that this will have further implications for me on Saturday.
      Thank you again for being an amazing and beautiful lady.
      Humbly with deep curtsy. Jane micro cock.

      1. Your apology was NOT acceptable. It contained these errors:
        an sincere apology
        mistress scarlet

        In addition, your most recent comment did not answer all the questions I had previously asked, AND contained these errors:
        witnessed that he like me is under her discipline
        mistress Denise
        were I am a pethic

        1. Mistress scarlet, curtsey with deepest respect.

          I replied earlier to your response but for some reason it didn’t seem to load to your site.

          I can only humbly and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience I caused you with having to highlight my lack of attention to detail.

          I truly am trying to come to terms with my new situation I hope the following will shed some light on how fantasy has become reality for me.

          my ex wife Mistress Denise always knew of my submissive side she had no interest in engaging with silly fantasies. In fact she rediculded me and told me that she had lost interest in me or anything I had to say.

          The rest as they say was history concerning the marriage.

          We both work full time and it was much easier for her than me to move on with her life.

          Then to my surprise we met one day in town this would change everything for me, she asked did I continue to have my silly little fantasies. shame faced and looking at the ground she laughed, I thought as much she said.

          Out of her bag came a small note pad opening it she scribbled a few lines, this is my new address she give me more of an order than request she told me when and at what time I was expected to visit and that lateness is never tolerated. She turned and walked away with a giggle.

          I knew I would be at her door when expected and from then her level of control over me has become increasingly difficult to live with.

          I do and always have loved her deeply she laughed when I told her this saying to me (I know this you silly fool but as far as she was concerned her tea cup had more of a standing in her life) I knew then what the nature of our renewed relationship would be.

          Mistress Scarlet she never tires of finding new ways to humiliate and discipline me it is becoming a real struggle to keep up with her exacting demands of me.

          I was told early in this new arrangement that discipline meant discipline she informed me that she would only except me sobbing like a little girl before she would even countanince ending my punishment.

          Believe me she has come up with many other novel ways of discipling me and no doubt to my shame I will have to begin to share these on your wonderful site.

          I really am dreading this weekend as I earlier explained having to under go an extented detention over seen by her new partner will be profoundly humiliating for me., this of course is why she has decided on this form of discipline.

          The fantasy of dressing in a little schoolgirl costume for light spanking play has been complely turned on its head by her.

          She is very effective at getting any of my darkest fantasies out of me as she tells me regularly that she can see right through me, so I don’t even attempt to play anything down. Once she has the information it is twisted into her own view of things.

          She has blown me away this last few months I can’t get my head around the fact that the more she wants from me the weaker I become.

          I feel trapped but deep down know this is all of my own fault. I will always be deeply in love with her but know I can only expect redicule and shame in return, I am now to report to her at her fancy no more a toy and domestic maid in her eyes.

          I will of course as is expected inform her of my failings and your comments concerning my lack of attention, please understand I am struggling with this and hope this post will pass your rightly high standards.

          Mistress Scarlet your are a truly amazing, beautiful Goddess please except my apologies it would go someway in making a mends.

          Thank you for taking the time to read this. Humbly and with deep shame curtsey Jane micro cock.

          1. Your ex wife is quite amazing. What a shame she does not leave comments on my blog. Let me know how the weekend goes.

            BTW, comments are moderated by me and not published until I approve them

            1. Mistress scarlet curtsey,

              Thank you for kindly replying to my post, I noticed with some pride that you had no reason to correct me,

              I have a feeling Mistress Denise will leave a comment on your blog, I just feel she is sitting back enjoying my shame at the moment.

              I of course as is expected of me will update you over the weekend.

              I know she will appreciate your kind remarks, thanks again for just being you.

              Believe me I am not looking forward to the weekend, but of course, I will find myself getting dressed in some ridiculous outfit for her ridiculing inspection.

              Curtsey in shame, Jane micro cock

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