Cruel Mother-in-law

So following a request I found two letters in my archive from the wonderful old MADAME magazine of the 1980s regarding another mother-in-law. The mother of Mary from Maxstoke. I have posted a letter from Mary and one from her Denise  her friend in the Domme’s Letter section of this blog. The two letters go as far as the previously published letter from Pamela.

I have not read the letters, I am so busy, so let me know if there are any problems with them. I do remember Mary and her mother operating at the pinnacle of petticoat disciple and male subjugation.

I expand below a comment I made in discussion about mothers-in-law and the powerful response this topic has elicited.

I think a mother-in-law (MIL) in charge means that there is no pretending it is just a game. I also think the following:
It is more powerful than sisters-in-law because a MIL in this role is likely to be a widow or divorced and may well have no interest in meeting a new male vanilla partner, meaning they can focus on their new hobby, (of making their SIL miserable for as many of his waking hours as possible), without any distractions. Focus both effort and a great deal of time. Given they may well be retired too, they can indeed become engrossed in their new hobby, it giving them more pleasure than any vanilla hobby and them having 24/7 spare time to do so.

MILs can be extremely defensive over their daughters and if a male has hurt a daughter in some way are likely to hold a very serious grudge for years and years and have no pity in extracting revenge and judicial punishment for hurting their daughter. On the same theme MILs are likely to encourage their daughter to cuckold the male and do anything else for the daughter’s pleasure regardless of the terrible anguish to the male. Their daughter’s happiness being all they would think is important.

Finally the daughter/wife may well be very attractive while the MIL much less so, but the male may have to perform intimate services for the MIL. Another ‘injustice’ over which no guilt or pity will be felt.


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23 thoughts on “Cruel Mother-in-law

  1. Mistress Scarlet, thank you so much for posting these – they are incredible. The experience of a group of mocking, sarcastic, merciless women ganging up on a sub sounds truly fantastic and horrible. No refuge for roleplay or male ego whatsoever. Was your journey into 24/7 domination inspired by encountering these letters or similar materials earlier in life, or have you discovered them since then?

    1. Not long after I began my steps into my FLR I came across these accounts, together with others in Madame magazines, and they did shape my progress and depravities.

  2. Perfect Mistress Scarlet, just your write up is so spot on! My MIL I’m glad to say has always been a devout feminist with very strong pro-female views that have been instilled into her daughters. She suffered the bad relationship and once widowed had no interest whatsoever in finding another man. I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Matriarchal home and have submitted totally to her pro-female views. She and her daughters have certainly enjoyed making and seeing me suffer for being ‘only a man’.
    Many thanks. Sam

  3. The letter from Denise Patterson is truly delightful. The control of the male by the judicious use of clothes – put in short for instance means a ridiculous short dress to expose a nappy and plastic pants – is clever and does deliver results. I have been obliged to maid in nappies and could only manage to beg for my stockings back not my trousers!

  4. Oh my word! Poor Pansy is in a right old predicament, isn’t he? I wonder what he did to deserve such a fate. And how long it took for his good lady wife and her mother and friends to reduce him to his present state. That is my favourite part. Start with a more or less normal male and turn him into something like Pansy. I am more interested in the process rather than the result, if you like.

    1. From my experience the process is amusing for the female, and the male to start with. However, after being reduced to a sissy slave and when you no longer have the ability to get excited you tire of the situation. N

        1. Yes Miss, real female domination! So humiliating, so helpless to have to clean the house in an ultra short frock and nappies sucking on a Dummy, one room, another room. And all I wanted was to wear stockings not white ankle socks! Pitiful for me joy for her. Real so real. Nancy

          1. I would like to add that I think TVs are the best sort of males for a Dom lady; I went to work for a lady as a maid as I wanted to be dominated as female but to be then put into a short frock and a nappy left me with begging for my nylons and not trousers which was not lost on the lady and left me somewhat confused
            … but dominated.

        2. Can some people learn to love the process, like diet, exercise, a job you like, or other habits, and not focus on the goal of “excitement” or pleasure oe some other reward, so that it is more “hardwired” as a habit versus the ups and downs of “excitement”? If it is a makeover into a more gratifying/rewarding “lifestyle” versus just trying to get ultimate sexual excitement, maybe it is more sustainable. It seems that few people are able to do this with longer term habits.

            1. I’m a submissive, so I can speak to my own experience. It can frustrate me that my motivation to submit can crash after intense sexual experiences (after climax, especially) I don’t know if that means should somehow learn to love it even when I feel “crashed”or try not to crash.

              I can see how domming would get tedious, especially with a needy sub.

                1. Dear Mistress Scarlet, curtsy.

                  This is an excellent question. I am presently confronted with a similar situation. For almost two years now I have been the sissy maid of a lovely, intelligent lesbian couple. There is nothing sexual yet it can be extremely frustrating, too. Of course I love all my uniforms and the humility never goes away, especially in front of guest, because sissy uniforms simply scream ridiculous. My point here is that my service to them is a lot of hard work with only one reward, that being to be who I was designed to be; a subservient sissy to superior females. But there are days when I get home exhausted and wonder why. I look forward to any thoughts you generously share.

                  Whit great humble respect and a curtsy, fifi

                  1. In my humble opinion, the issue is that you are volunteering and you could choose to stop at anytime. So you are in charge, not your lesbian mistresses. You are not being controlled, you are in control. If for instance you were being blackmailed by them and failure to attend would result in your ruination, then I imagine you would always feel very submissive despite the tedium.

                    I often get asked to control a sub on-line with blackmail being the power source. Unfortunately blackmail is a criminal offense and so I refuse to do this. Perhaps a blog follower may be able to suggest another source of control over you they could have? One possibility is simply that they inform you if you ever fail to attend when required they will NEVER EVER again have you there to serve them. That would be the end of the arrangement. Obviously not as powerful as blackmail, but it is a form of power.

                    It is a shame about the criminality of the blackmail power source as I imagine it would be very entertaining. I can recall one example of a VERY CRUEL on-line Domme who instructed one of her blackmail slaves to go to his local superstore and buy only: a large cucumber, a tube of KY lubricant and a pack of condoms. Not one thing more, not one thing less and send her the receipt as proof.

                2. I have been taught that “the crash” is proof that I have truly submitted. It is a lesson to me that I am not important to my Mistress and that what is taking place has nothing to do with me, only her. That crash feeling cannot be faked and she does not stop until I experience it.

  5. Dear Mistress Scarlet, curtsy.

    Thank you for your time and very intuitive answer. It is true that I volunteer my maid services. The ladies would never blackmail me because the relationship is based on trust. The protocol is very strict. I curtsy in and out of the room all day long. I never eat with them and can be sent away without any explanation if so decided. I am punished dearly for mistakes and torment for entertainment. Although I wonder sometimes why I spend my free days scrubbing their home to near exhaustion and still can’t seem to stop. Their Superior appreciation for my hard work is very pleasing for me. tI is truly a privilege to be allowed in there personal space. Their pleasure is frequent and mine is locked behind a little pink Holy Trainer. Its a crazy life.

    Thank you, Mistress Scarlet. Your are quite the sharp shooter with your candor.
    With respect and a curtsy. fifi

  6. There is no more demeaning humiliation than the humiliation dished out by a Mother-in-Law. It’s matriarchal supremacy with not a scintilla of motherly affection. The failed SiL who disappoints the MiLs daughter will suffer belittlement and sneering contempt. If the Mother-in-Law is a widow she might feel liberated for the first time and start to resent the life she had and blame men for it. The Son-in-Law will face the full wrath of her disdain, and it’s very likely that nappies and rubber panties will be employed, as the degradation of these items is obvious to the matriarchal mature female. She probably has a great desire to see him cry and prove just what a weedy wimp he is.

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