Another wife takes control

I purchased your manual. I am very much excited to begin this journey with my husband. He is most definitely a true submissive and I am finding my dominant side which has been made much easier and clearer because of your wonderful manual. Thank you! 

A comment recently received. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than the thought that I am helping another woman enjoy the sort of life I do, and as a side effect making a true submissive content, although no doubt ‘challenged’ and perhaps regretting what he wished for.

(Click on the image for more info.)


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6 Responses to Another wife takes control

  1. sayyidsgirl says:

    I have this on my kindle 🙂 going to get started on reading it now that I’ve seen your post.

  2. mrbillsails says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlett,
    Thank you so much for your efforts in “spreading the word” about the benefits of a woman in control of her man. That phrase “regret what he wished for” still gives me a thrill of excitement. I wonder if there will come a time that I do regret what I have got myself into, but so far I love every moment of submission, service, suffering and exquisite pain and pleasure that my wife is willing to allow me.


  3. mrbillsails says:

    No, I am in the US.

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