Mirror, mirror on the wall, who looks the cruellest of them all?

Many people have a primary sense of vision. (Rather than sound or even touch, etc.) But so much of DS activity excludes seeing all that is happening, thus missing out on power-rush pleasure for the Domme and subjugating effect for the sub. The Domme should have a think about increasing access to the visual aspects wherever possible.

Administering a caning of a bent over sub, with his head to one side and cheek flat against the table/bench, often means the  Domme does not see the sub’s face between strokes and the sub does not see the body and face of the Domme in pitiless, sadistic, caning mode. If possible a full length mirror strategically placed will allow each to see the other and enhance the ‘experience’ for both. Dommes please don’t think I am pandering to the sub with this. If the caning is a punishment rather than simple ‘bullying’ and a lesson must be learned, the sub seeing your absolute pitilessness while his begging is totally ignored, will enhance the deterrent effect of the punishment.

Without prompting, several Dommes who have been with me during a punishment of bitch-boy have placed themselves where they can see his grimacing face as each stroke lands – enhancing their sadistic pleasure from each stroke delivered.

I will mention one caveat before continuing. An embryonic Domme, finding her feet and shedding her self consciousness over beckoning forth the sadist within her, (going against societies norms for females), may not want to be observed by her sub. That is fine and in fact a blindfold on the sub to avoid observation may be a good idea until she has become confident and proud of her depravity. (Yes proud. Always remember there are at least 100 male subs for every female Domme and as a cruel Domme, courageous enough to go against society’s strictures, you are rare, precious, sought after and worshipped from near and far.)

But even the embryonic Domme may increase her pleasure from a strategically placed mirror, the images on which are only for her. I doubt I will ever get bored while stood up, from having a male kneeling and kissing my footwear. If you have never watched yourself in a full length mirror during this activity, have a go. (Especially if you look gooooood!) The same applies with having your butt kissed or being licked to orgasm. The power rush increases; especially if you are a ‘visual’ person.

I have before mentioned video goggles and my ceiling mirror, but I thought I should expand on the enhancement of the visual sense, especially for those for whom the visual sense is primary.

All this does remind me of the failing of the majority of Femdom videos, one aspect of which I have banged on about before. So many activities where seeing the expression on the face of the Domme would be very erotic, but instead, during the crucial moments we only get a close-up of, often disgusting, male body parts.

When the caning gets ‘serious’, we get a close up of a male butt. A spoiled orgasm – a close up of the spurting object . When the electrical genital torment  gets serious – a close up of the twitching object. Eating spat out food or mud from the sole of the Domme’s boot – a close up of the male’s lips and tongue. ETC! ETC!  Are the movie makers really so thick as to fail understand that it is the human INTERACTION that counts and needs to be seen. The demeanour of both parties. The best movie makers in this field, show the scene as a whole, including the expression on the Domme’s face, when things get serious.

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6 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who looks the cruellest of them all?

  1. You’re absolutely right, Mistress Scarlet. I was always aware of the pleasure my mistress gets out of watching my reactions while we’re in a discipline session.
    That’s why not having the possibility of mirrors, I strategically place my Nikon in a way to catch both hers and mine expressions and reactions. It’s not the same thing, I know, but it’s also lovely to have those delightful memories caught up on video, so to enjoy the sight and sounds of lovely pain and sensuality…

  2. Dear Mistress Scarlet

    You are absolutely correct. Even though the mistery of being only able to hear my Mistress’s heels on the wooden floor and having no clue when the next stroke (or more like volley of strokes) will hit it’s target is something that makes me personaly feel a bit more powerless and therefore great, i agree with You. Being able to see the face of my beloved Owner would be the world of difference. The most fascinating thing for me as a submissive is the inside of my Mistress’s head. I love that i am there for her pleasure and unwinding.

    Right now the only way for me to find out is when she tells me. My Mistress is a big sadist and enjoys causing me pain a great deal. Combined with fact that i don’t like to scream would make a mirror like that amazing. I think i will definately mention this idea to my Mistress and i am sure she will like it.

    As far as the “money shots” go, You are again absolutely correct. The last thing i want to see is the sub’s tongue from 1 inch away. If someone is making a shoe fetish scene, the two most important things in the scene are the divine Lady who makes the beautiful shoes special. I don’t like to say, that the sub in the scene does not mattter, but it’s kinda that way. But since we are talking about porn, it’s not much of a surprise.

    Recent post on Mistress Rebecca’s blog was about how some people consider FemDom as a man’s fantasy and that the Lady is either sacrificing for the man, or man-hater. Sadly this is a stereotype we have to deal with. The true beauty of FemDom is that the Amazing Dominant Lady can bring a strong and important man to his knees and make him dance to Her song.

    Thank You for Your amazing blog. Great reading as always.
    Your humble fan,

  3. Do you require bitch-boy to beg in the same manner as he speaks with his dolly? (When I am being beaten the only thing I am permitted to say is “Thank you” and “May I please have more?”)

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