The power of ‘nope’.

Following on from yesterday’s post really: When a Domme is utterly relaxed and untroubled in the face of serious, desperate pleading from her submissive, the status difference and supremacy are really brought home. And the simple word, ‘nope’, is a wonderful word in such circumstances.












When your sub in chastity has not had a proper orgasm for many weeks and you happen to be walking by, naked apart from high heeled mules and a totally see-thru dressing gown. Its all too much for him and he drops to his knees  and pleads, ‘Please can I have a proper orgasm, please Mistress, please Mistress, please.‘ Without even looking at him, ‘Nope’.

When the sub is all dressed up in his prettiest, most ridiculous parody of a little girl dress and the Domme’s friends are to arrive in half an hour. ‘Please can I wear something else, please Mistress, please Mistress, please.‘ Without even looking up from the magazine the Domme is reading, ‘Nope’.


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7 thoughts on “The power of ‘nope’.

  1. Greetings Mistress Scarlet, I am as ever in awe of the quality of your blog and lifestyle. I always get a rush of excitement when I read that you have adopted the ‘until further notice’ phrase that my owner tortures me with on almost a daily basis. I have not commented in a while as I have had nothing of relevance to offer, although something happened recently that you would be keen to hear about. It is more evidence that people are born submissive. I was recently given a go at a games consol that was pre loaded with famous games from the past. ( I gave up all interest in gaming, PlayStation etc at about 15). However on this occasion I recognised some of the games I played as a 10 year old and wanted the trip down memory lane. However I unearthed a memory that had totally gone. There is a game called golden axe and you play as a barbarian type character and go through levels fighting enemy’s with your sword. Some of the enemies are Amazonian Female Worriors. They are scantily clad with knee high boots. All of a sudden I had memories rushing back of the feeling of being totally captivated by these women on my screen. Even through the graphics where terrible and pixelated, I was transfixed with these women and thieir boots. I then remembered times when I would play the game alone and get to the point where I had to fight the women and let the women attack and defeat me. Just by knowing the house I lived in at the time I know I was between 8-9 and although I don’t think there was anything specifically sexual at the time I was 100% besotted and hooked on the concept of these powerful Amazonians controlling and hurting me in those oh so powerful boots. I was already destined to know my place in the pecking order Mistress Scarlet. I hope this memory is of some interest to you.

    Yours submissively

    Boot gimp

      1. Mistress Scarlet …
        The above comment has led me to write the following as it describes my own experiences. At eight years old i was i a childrens convalescence home in the countryside and the nursing staff (traditional uniformed nurses) occasionally needed to restrain (overnight) wandering patients with a sort of straightjacket that went through arms, and across chest and held said child fastened to bed. Now i was far too meek and obedient to be deemed necessary to endure such treatment, but i recall on several occasions, asking the nurses if they would put me in the restraint….alas they never did, but their laughter, at the request, excited me…. an early sign of my liking for humiliation ?
        Also, on a single occasion i had an overnight accident, i remember the combination of nurses tidying and cleaning me & the bed thereafter, and again enjoying the experience.
        Finally and less circumstantial, i think i got my first significant arousal whilst being tied to a street lamp post by several “squaws” whilst playing cowboys & indians as a child.



    1. Oh you misunderstand the majority of sub males James.
      We use them for their submissive characters when we want to be depraved and dominant, and for their alpha characters when we want a knight in shining armour to look after us and protect us. Its funny that you would think the life of Dommes is boring. I actually don’t know anyone with a life as exciting and full as mine.

    2. Au contraire!
      this guy is #beta at home, not so at work at all or in other vanilla aspects of life but nothing quite excites me as Female Domination, period.

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