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A feeder bottle for my little lamb

So are there any of my followers who are farmers?

By accident I came across feeder bottles for lambs. I do think of my puppet husband, bitch-boy, as my little lamb sometimes, in so far as his helplessness. Although rather than melting into goo as I do when I see a real lamb, with my husband-lamb my reaction is very different. If he is dressed in infantile shame clothing or is in very strict bondage, or both; well those sights of my helpless lamb-husband bring out very different emotions to feeling all gooey, emotions more like bullying, sadism and abusing power.

Anyway, the lamb feeing bottles! Feeding with a real baby’s bottle does take rather a long time even if one cuts the teat, and if the bottle is upside down, it leaks. So here are my questions to experts.

With a lamb feeder bottle, is my assumption correct that, if the bottle is upside down, no liquid escapes unless the teat is sucked?

Are different teats available that allow a greater flow and others a lesser flow?

I can see these bottles are very cheap and can be boiled for sterilisation. I guess if I have no farmer blog followers to answer my questions, I will just buy a few and experiment. My imagination is working overtime with the possibilities!


Awesome Tumblr images

An awesome  Tumblr site, Amores Atados has been brought to my attention. Albeit, images that have been ‘photoshopped’, but with great talent. I particularly like two types of images that can be found. (And all of these I like will be located and reposted to my Tumblr site when I instruct bitch-boy to do the grunt work of finding and reposting them.)

The first type are images of very relaxed and casually dressed females in the vicinity of seriously beleaguered males – blindfolded, abused and in serious bondage. The second type has the males in similar misery but with two females apparently intent on mutually rewarding lesbian sex. This latter type obviously reminds me of my own wonderful life.


Link to journal 12.





Don’t ignore the ears

The truly awesome Margot is one devotee of abusing ears. The ears in question belonging to Louis, her cuckold, chaste husband. (She is so sexy and classy and bitchy too!)  Whether using one ear as a handle to pull her husband along, or twisting and squeezing those ears to let off some steam.

The ears are quite sensitive. Pulling a male along by his ear is both painful and considerably humiliating, especially in front of female friends. Pain and humiliation, always a delightful combination. And prolonged twisting and squeezing leave a soreness lasting quite a long time. An enduring physical reminder that he is of lower status than the ear abusing female in question. Clothes pegs and similar spring clip items can be attached to ear lobes too.

The ears are also always readily available and so ideal for semi public punishment or fun. A quick squeeze in a quiet corner, or in the car, and he is reminded of his status with a lasting soreness and perhaps embarrassing redness too.

I had not thought to include ear abuse in my BDSM Manual, so for those of you who have purchased a hardcopy version, you may wish to pencil in a note on the following pertinent pages:  Page 92, in the introduction on page 109, page 141 and 159.

For more info on my manual, click on an image below.


Nettle bandage leaf

Well while with vanilla friends in the middle of the deepest countryside I noticed the biggest stinging nettles leaves I have ever seen. Huge!  They were as large as my hand. It was a wetland area so I don’t know if it was the excess of water that had brought them on. Surrounded by these vanilla friends I could do nothing about the beautiful leaves. In addition, even if I could now find that spot in the countryside, I do not know how I could get them home in water, so that they did not wilt.

As soon as I saw the leaves I imagined using one as a great big, organic, natural bandage. bitch-boy’s frustrated clitty made all nice and hard and then wrap the leaf lovingly around and hold it in place with a couple of rubber bands or freezer bag ties.  A nettle pouch made of a nettle leaf! As his clitty shrunk down with the distress, new skin to stinging needles contact would happen. After perhaps ten minutes, squeezing the nettle / flesh tube within my clenched fist. Then remove the spent leaf, make the clitty hard again, and apply a nice new fresh, huge leaf!

‘Well bitch-boy, if it keeps getting hard, I’ll just keep wrapping it, as I am sure that is what it’s asking for by getting all hard.’

I don’t know how many leaves I would get through before I became bored! Of course, the Cialis pill I would have had him take, the previous weeks of sexual denial, my skilful cool slim fingers and my skimpy outfit work against him keeping his clitty soft, but that’s not my problem.

Mature Clothed Female – Shamed male






43 year old William won the lottery, big time! He gave his wife of 23 years half the prize money but he left her. He could now find and live his lifelong dream; to be the live-in slave of a beautiful young dominant woman. He put the bulk of his money into a trust fund which delivered him a very large monthly sum. On a contact site, after several false starts, he finally found a Dominatrix who, when he had told her of his lottery win and his dream, agreed to have him as a live-in slave and retire from her profession. After a month of the arrangement, his personal Dominatrix had his internet bank details and pin numbers. She changed them all so only she knew how to access all his money.

Then she gave him away to her mother and aunt, both widows who lived together. Each month they received a third of his monthly income from the trust fund and the ex-dominatrix took the rest. The mature women were harsh, meticulous and ruthless in their training of him. He had no escape. When his maid’s chores were done each day, he was then dressed as a little girl and forced to play with dollies until early bedtime. The only two modes he ever now lived; maid or parody of a little girl. Always kept in the strictest chastity, allowed only spoiled orgasms and never allowed erections. Always on hand to perform the most intimate services for his mature owners, who had no shame over what each made him do for them in the privacy of her bedroom.

The beautiful young ex-dominatrix would visit every other Sunday afternoon to gloat and to laugh at him playing with his dollies. Her mother would aggressively mock him for ever thinking he was worthy of living with a such a beautiful, intelligent young woman like her daughter. This is William’s story.

Castre produces some great art. As the above image shows, for which I posted my little story to accompany the image. And here is another. The shopping trip. There are a few more on this Tumblr site and on the Petticoat Monthly website.


Perverse material outlets

No, not shops that sell PVC, latex and leather! But outlets for perverse reading material.

I am not sure why, but different outlets are stocking my BDSM manual that have not stocked my journals before, to my knowledge.

So many people are buying my BDSM Manual, it is amazing! I like to fantasize, as some comments on this blog confirm, that there are many, many people around the English speaking countries of the world   taking control of their submissive life partners and both getting what they want and or need from their lives. (And, with respect, to so many other countries where almost everyone seems to have a second language of English.)    Two ratings of 5 stars on this site which is pleasing.

Bookmate.      This site also appears to sell some of my journals.

Gardners.   Appears to stock everything I have written. One has to ‘search’ and then log in, it seems.

If any followers have good or bad experiences with these sites please leave a comment that I can pass onto all my blog followers.

The more established sites below are also stocking my BDSM Manual (as well as all my journals)

Barnes and Noble / Nook. At the time of posting, the wesite search facitliy was not working so no link.

The iBookstore –  for which obviously I cannot provide a link.

All of these sites receive my books from which is my preferred outlet if you are choosing.

And for completeness, there is Amazon although not my favourite outlet for various reasons.

(Click on the image below for more info on my BDSM manual.)


That word, ‘Nope!’

I guess because I love words I wanted to post again, after thinking about the two recent posts, on the difference between, ‘no’ and ‘nope’. Excuse my self indulgence.

I have been thinking there is quite a difference in meaning between the two words. A simple, no, does seem to generate an expectation that, the reason the answer is no, is then to follow. No also fails to broadcast how the Domme feels on the topic; relaxed, angry, pensive, etc.

Whereas, nope, makes clear that a decision has been made and no more is to be said on the matter. The matter is closed. And nope also seems to broadcast that the Domme is quite relaxed about refusing whatever it is she has just refused to allow to happen. No matter how big a deal it is to the sub, it’s no big deal to her!



Reciprocal ‘babysitting’ horror for husbands.

Well Nicola has had a great idea and I thought I would describe it even though we are at an embryonic stage of the planning. Nicola and I are going to set off from each others’ houses at the same time one fine morning. She will drive to my house, and me to her house. We shall each arrive to find a husband, suitably tethered and anxious and humiliated, and awaiting his ‘babysitter’. So I will ‘babysit’ her pansy-piece while she will ‘babysit’ my bitch-boy.  Obviously each of our little puppets has been told of the plan and each is profoundly mortified and fretful.

Nicola and I are currently discussing what we would like to do to/with each others’ puppet while babysitting which, who knows, may last as long as 10 hours. One plan I have for pansy-piece is a nice long schoolgirl detention. Perhaps a little mini-skirt in grey or brown or green could be purchased for him and he could wear a plain shirt, ankle socks, work shoes  and an appropriate tie. Those of you who have read my journals or BDSM manual will know what’s involved in a long schoolgirl detention! I also want him to have his first parody of a little girl dress, cut down from the type of nightie one can buy for elderly women.

Nicola wants to put bitch-boy through a nice long period of rotary clothes line duty. She also wants to put bitch-boy through some obnoxious and messy food eating degradation. Obviously, among other ingredients, this will include tinned sweetcorn which he seriously detests to the point of retching. We each have more ideas to put forward and then the whole additional issue to discuss of me wanting certain things to be done to/with bitch-boy by Nicola and she wanting certain things to be done to/with pansy-piece by me.

Such fertile ground for making little puppets feel very sorry for themselves and obviously very vulnerable and isolated.