Don’t ignore the ears

The truly awesome Margot is one devotee of abusing ears. The ears in question belonging to Louis, her cuckold, chaste husband. (She is so sexy and classy and bitchy too!)  Whether using one ear as a handle to pull her husband along, or twisting and squeezing those ears to let off some steam.

The ears are quite sensitive. Pulling a male along by his ear is both painful and considerably humiliating, especially in front of female friends. Pain and humiliation, always a delightful combination. And prolonged twisting and squeezing leave a soreness lasting quite a long time. An enduring physical reminder that he is of lower status than the ear abusing female in question. Clothes pegs and similar spring clip items can be attached to ear lobes too.

The ears are also always readily available and so ideal for semi public punishment or fun. A quick squeeze in a quiet corner, or in the car, and he is reminded of his status with a lasting soreness and perhaps embarrassing redness too.

I had not thought to include ear abuse in my BDSM Manual, so for those of you who have purchased a hardcopy version, you may wish to pencil in a note on the following pertinent pages:  Page 92, in the introduction on page 109, page 141 and 159.

For more info on my manual, click on an image below.


9 thoughts on “Don’t ignore the ears

  1. Clothes pegs on ears are also be very effective. My mistress likes to put them on early in a session then leave them there to get on with other punishments. The top of the ear where the skin is thinnest around the cartilage seems the most sensitive to me. After an hour the pain starts to really bite and I am begging to have them removed. Then of course when the pegs are removed the pain is so intense mistress says my face always screws up so much and she laughs hard. There’s lots of variations possible as well one or more pegs and you can hang weights on them so the ears fold over. The pain from your ears really takes your whole head over after a while and I look really stupid with the pegs on my ears which is great for photo’s. Sometimes after a long time the nerves sort of shut down and when I finally get to take the pegs off I just forget how many I have on I think I’ve taken them all off and mistress smirks as I find I’m still wearing them later and she gets to enjoy the nerves waking up again.

  2. My wife loves ear punishment, she has a ritual which I am regularly subject to, she calls it “close cuddle time”; she likes to give her treatments cute names so that if anybody overhears her telling me what she wants or intends they think I am being treated to something nice.

    I am placed in my custom made bodybag, made with a double layer of heavyweight nylon lycra material, it is very confining, completely inescapable, but also quite comfortable. My wife will recline on the bed, and I will be placed so that my head is in her lap, I am laid in between her legs with my knees bent over the end of bed so my feet are dangling just above the floor. She will either listen to music or watch a movie, if she watches a movie I am always blindfolded so that I can only hear the movie and not see it. She will then play with my ears, interspersing painful pinching and pulling with massage and ear flicking with her fingernails. When she has had enough she apply either clothes pegs or bulldog clips, sometimes both; this is incredibly painful and has me begging most earnestly. If I make too much noise she will slap my face cheeks repeatedly until I quieten down. This will continue for some time, if she is watching a movie at least until the movie has finished, and then she must orgasm before she will release my ears, I then generally have to wait a while before she will consider letting me out of the bodybag.

    My ears never get to the point where they go numb because of the massage element. After the treatment has finished they are very red and sore. She always lets them recover fully before she will repeat the treatment, and likes to make a show of checking my ears to “see how they are doing” for a couple of days afterwards. I love the bodybag bondage, but hate the ear punishment, sometimes if I am lucky she will let me enjoy the bondage and listen to some music on my own before before she is ready to join me, but then she will ramp up the intensity of the ear punishment later.

  3. Yeah me too i ove ears punishment specially ear Flicking punishment over My ears ,can you show me some clip about this fetish argument?

  4. Have you seen any of Mistress Margot’s new clips or posts…? holy smokes!! She’s a freaking sexy. Thanks for putting me onto this. I love her classiness and degradation of her husband.

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