Awesome Tumblr images

An awesome  Tumblr site, Amores Atados has been brought to my attention. Albeit, images that have been ‘photoshopped’, but with great talent. I particularly like two types of images that can be found. (And all of these I like will be located and reposted to my Tumblr site when I instruct bitch-boy to do the grunt work of finding and reposting them.)

The first type are images of very relaxed and casually dressed females in the vicinity of seriously beleaguered males – blindfolded, abused and in serious bondage. The second type has the males in similar misery but with two females apparently intent on mutually rewarding lesbian sex. This latter type obviously reminds me of my own wonderful life.


Link to journal 12.





2 thoughts on “Awesome Tumblr images

  1. Thanks for the excellent find. I had written a recent post about male rope bondage in femdom relationships and couldn’t find many examples that would not be censored (NSFW). This is an excellent source for guys who might be interested in a relationship with this kind of activity.

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