Less than three months

So in less than three months, follower numbers of my Tumblr blog have grown from 16,000 to over 17,000.

As I wrote before, I think this does show the gap between what the femdom porn industry and many Dominatrices provide online and  what submissive males are actually affected by. My Tumblr site almost never features dungeons or warehouses or women in PVC or women in uncomfortable underwear or corsets. It mostly features women in comfortable clothing, sometimes sexy too; but nothing a woman would not wear in a vanilla situation. Women, often relaxing and focussing on what they get out of domination, not what the male might fantasise he wants.

My three biggest peeves!

# Mentioned before, are the videos which focus in tightly on the topic of the video and thereby fail to show the expression on the face of the  dominant woman. Acts of CBT, pissing in the mouth, forced oral worship, licking spit from the floor or boots, licking boots and shoes clean of food or detritus, spoiled orgasms, caning, paddling, cuckolding, etc. etc.

# There cannot be a much more crass thing to do than add a music track to a femdom video; like some trashy 1960 porn film.

# Amateur videos, (probably my favourites because they are so REAL), BUT hugely spoiled because the TV is on somewhere in the background and the volume is high! Sometimes so high you cannot hear the dialogue. And so often the video does not depict a spur of the moment activity but rather something that has involved some preparation.

Does anyone disagree about these peeves?

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5 Responses to Less than three months

  1. Robert says:

    Perfect description of Hollywood fake infiltrating real life. If you really believe what you see you are living in the dream world of unrealistic aurora. This makes it harder for real life as more people believe that what they see on tv and in the movies is how life is when it’s not. Worse is that it affects how people relate to others and how life styles are perceived. It’s the reason that now everyone is a participant no winners or losers and we all lose in the end

  2. Of course not. These three things annoy every true lover of real-life BDSM, but it seems we aren’t able to get rid of them.
    Only the music soundtrack seems to be less in vogue than it was in the ’90s, especially in German VHS videos…
    Unfortunately I do not have the means to produce and direct a “real-life” movie like you describe, but I can assure you it’d be the real thing…

  3. Rhoda says:

    I don’t disagree but_
    1. Obscenity Laws?
    2. If they were any good they would be working in H*llyw**d.
    3. Having lived a semi-detached some years ago -so the neighbours can’t hear the dialogue either!


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