Favourite Tumblr Image

Following on from yesterday’s post, This Image is possibly my favourite Tumblr image of all time. It certainly reflects the themes of much of my relaxation time!

She in everyday clothing. Him naked and shaved genitalia. (She has no intention of dressing to satisfy his potential fetishes and thereby minimise the CFNM humiliation). She utterly relaxed and comfortable, a glass of wine in hand. Him gagged, in extreme bondage and suffering intermittent electric shocks to genitals and butt. She taking no more than mild amusement from his, extreme discomfort, uncomfortable helplessness, intermittant pain and fear. She likely watching a flat screen TV on the wall above him. Engrossed in the movie and forgetting him from time to time, reminded of him only by his pleading whimper at the surge of yet another pulse of the electricity. Her eyes stay fixed on the TV though.

An advert break in the movie, her attention is drawn to him. In total relaxation, she twiddles a knob a little and the electricity increases in power for each surge. The gagged whimpering becomes desperate and distressed. She allows the desperation and state of distress to continue for a couple of minutes, smiling, mildly amused. Adoring her feeling of power and heartlessness. Then the advert break comes to an end and she twiddles the knob back down to its standard, but taxing level. Her attention is again wholly with the movie……………

Link to my journal 12.





1 thought on “Favourite Tumblr Image

  1. Your favourite Tumblr image finds favour with me, the slave is simply for your pleasure. Exquisite. N

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