Focus the pain

I wonder if submissives can comment on this post for me. As always I am keen to continue to learn.

I will present as a primary example my nettle blanket use, as it has come in for so much use this summer! I believe that a submissive is more affected when certain tortures are very keenly focused on a particular body part rather than be generally struck over many body parts at the same time. The difference between a scalpel and a spade or the difference between a sniper rifle and a shotgun.

For example I use the nettle blanket when applying stinging nettles to bitch-boy’s clitty so the stings are exclusively on his clitty. Not his stomach or thighs, just his clitty. He seems very affected by this. There seem to be more Dommes online using nettles in photos and videos lately, which I welcome, but I notice they almost always use a very large bunch of nettles and as well as the male’s clitty getting a few stings, his thighs and belly are inundated with stings.

I would think surely this would reduce the impact of the stings to the clitty and so be less scary and affecting?

I also use the nettle blanket when applying my mini whips to his clitty. Again his stomach and thighs are protected and all the pain is felt in his clitty. Is this more affecting than if his stomach and thighs were also being whipped at the same time? I have to say bitch-boy’s reactions in each scenario suggest my theory is correct. Do other subs agree?


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25 Responses to Focus the pain

  1. john cano says:

    slave believes you are an expert at slave training and any method you may use will certainly be effective. slave caged would be happy just to be allowed freedom out of it;s tiny chastity cage for awhile, but slave also knows it will only be allowed release forteasing or discipline.

  2. subslaveuk says:

    You are utterly correct. A concentration of pain on a singe point intensifies the pain over and above the amount of pain inflicted. The absence of other points of pain multiplies the intensity immensely. If other areas are effected it dissipates the overall effect. Concentration in my experience overwhelms me and pushes limits and boundaries

  3. fluffy says:

    100% yes Ms Scarlet

    and as an aside, I too have seen much more use of stinging nettles featured in femdom these days, quite possibly an avenue of CBT that you yourself Ms Scarlet has single-handily championed!! hurrah for that! an endlessly fascinating & scary topic

    kindest regards

  4. Ade says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet
    Honestly, the surface area of my bottom is one of the reasons why i can withstand hours of ass whipping without going insane. If the hits overlapped more often and the pain was more concentrated (For example a heel being presset into a thigh muscle, while im kneeling) it would be much more intense. Changing spots gives time to relax a bit and take more.. So if you want to reward your sub with feeling of him being very good boi for you for taking such a long whipping.. use a large surface area, because he will be able to take it for much longer.
    Your humble fan,

    • I am afraid you have missed the point entirely Ade. Have a look at the other comments. It goes without saying when focusing on a single area or appendage it is possible to go so far as to induce unbearable agony. This is irrelevant to my point. Perhaps I needed to be clearer. The point was about the erotic benefits of focussing on one area or appendage only, without involving other areas or appendages as that reduces the eroticism and focus.

  5. Robert says:

    Perfectly stated. The application of an item to a specific area versus a generalized region is always correct. Think about how a surgeon works. He attacks a specific are not the general region. Doctors and scientists have perfected the application of chemo and radiation to a localized are for 2 reasons. To insure the target area is specific and to limit the area surrounding the target is protected and not damaged. The same analogy applies to punishment and discipline, if applied directly to a specific the results are increased dramatically versus to the application to a general area.

    Please Mistress Scarlet I pray that you continue to post informative and educational information that our MASTERS, DOMS and CONTROLLERS can use to increase their dominance and control over their suds and slaves

  6. Jessie Linton says:

    I just discovered this blog and I love it!!
    I am 25 and my slave/boyfriend is 21. We’ve been into the female supremacist lifestyle for a year now and love reading about new ideas!
    I feel like concentrated pain to one area would be way worse than spreading it around.
    Love your ideas about crushing the male ego!

  7. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh yes Ma’am…concentrated pain always seems more intense and frightening to me as I know a very small and very precise area of my body will be punished…some examples include nipple clamps, ointments or nettles to the clitty or balls and precision caning (either to the lower quarter of the buttocks or upper thighs…certainly as always Your perceptions and instincts are quite correct!

    Yours respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

  8. Cain says:

    I agree 100% . concentration on one are becomes a total mind space but if it starts to be applied in additional areas the mind doesn’t know the correct pathway .

  9. Pat Annon says:

    Yes, I completely agree that, especially with topical irritants like nettles and capsaicin, application in a limited area where there is a concentation of nerve endings is most effective. For me personally, the genitals, including the ‘taint’ and the nipples are good targets. The effect is enhanced by focusing the my attention and anticipation on the area of application whether by teasing, bondage, or painful ‘ruffing up’ of the site.

    To answer your question directly, it would seem to me that flogging with a bundle of nettle branches as if they were branches meant for birching seems to me to miss the point of the fine stinging barbs.

    One suggestion: knowing what is about to happen is usually unnerving to me. A small taste of what is to come and waiting for the full experience drives all other thoughts from my head and provides clarity.


  10. sissy ballerina says:

    You’re right, as always, Mistress Scarlet because submissives feel humiliating pain more acutely when it’s focused on a part of their anatomy over which they’re ashamed, embarrassed, and even confused. A sissy doesn’t understand why humiliation makes him hard and knows that his clitty is useless because he’s not a real man. Pain in his thighs and stomach carry no meaning, but pain focused exclusively on his clitty brings a storm of intense sensations.

  11. William Howard says:

    With multiple sites of pain for me, one becomes the focus and I lose awareness of the others.

  12. Derek says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet
    My experience is that is a little of both, though generally a focused area is worst. Let me explain. With a spanking I find one can get to a point where it goes past pain, this is overcome if the strokes are spread around, especially moving focus from the buttocks to the thighs.
    With other areas, yes, a focus point is worst, although I would rate with embrocations, application to the entire penis is worse than just a dab in a small area; but definitely worst if only the penis is punished and one’s mind is really focussed on that too! Pegs of course create tremendous focus.

    • I think you have misunderstood my point. In my proposition, the whole buttocks count as one area. The whole penis counts as one area. Obviously focussing on a small part of an area can reach agonising levels. My point was that, for instance, nettles to thighs, belly and penis is less erotic and affecting than nettles to penis alone.

  13. joe aka slave11754 says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I feel the most submissive when I am treated as a piece of property for the amusement of Mistress. When she is without mercy and relentless despite my begging, i feel most helpless, especially when I am in bondage.

    Mistress will hit when area of my bottom with a cane multiple times. This is much harder for me than if she hit me in different places with her cane with harder strokes. Often, Mistress will hit the spot between the leg and bottom which is very sensitive or the inside thigh. Mistress enjoys watching me squirm and listening to my begging.

    I have not experienced nettles, but I feel a focused approach on just the clitty of bb would be much more painful. I cannot imagine the whips being used after the area is sore from nettles. Or, nettles used after a whipping which makes the clitty more sensitive. I would beg you to hit multiple areas of my body rather than just the most sensitive part of the body.

    slave 11754

  14. John says:

    I agree with you and other commenters that the focused pain or sensation is both more intense and erotic.

    Perhaps the only point to add which has has not been mentioned is: the sheer act of a dominant taking the time and effort to focus solely on one area also enhances the eroticism perceived by both parties, but especially the submissive.

    The strongest “awe inducing” moments of powerlessness I have felt have always been as a result of my mistress putting extraordinary effort or thought into cruel or sadistic acts.

    It seems to me that you taking the time to design and produce the solution for focusing the nettles for your own enjoyment likely enhances the helplessness and ultimately the eroticism felt by your partner.

  15. D says:

    I am more a masochist than a submissive and maybe this doesn’t address the exact situation you are referring to, but would agree with you that concentrating on one area makes the experience more intense. I much prefer the pain to be in a single area (eg nipples, buttocks, balls, face slapping) for a long time before moving on to another, rather than switching quickly between types of torture. I find it more erotic and fear-inducing to anticipate another blow, slap or squeeze in the same area than wonder completely what is going to come next.

  16. John Watson says:

    Yes, Ms Scarlet, you are completely correct, at least in my own experience. The focus on a single area is more painful, more difficult to bear and more than thank as possibly the previous poster addressed…somehow there is an addition component of helplessness or vulnerability.

  17. sissymaid kitty says:

    It is definitely the case for me that when Mistress concentrates on a highly localised area the pain feels more intense and the connection between Mistress and my unworthy self becomes stronger as the pain increases. Perversely it means I am able to take much higher levels of pain for her because I have to concentrate all my attention on that one spot. It reaches the point where I am aware of nothing but the pain, all my other senses seem to shut down and it is just Mistress, myself and the living endless pain in a boundless void.

    One of Mistress’s favourite techniques is to blindfold me, insert several nettle stems into my urethra and then apply a poultice of finely chopped chillis around the shaft of my penis. This focuses all my attention on the unbelievably pain and the after effects last for days.

    Yours most respectfully

    sissymaid kitty

  18. Mr Toenee says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,Had to let you know that I just came across a clip on XHampster that seems to me to confirm what you have been saying here.Its Titled ‘Slaves being tamed by a flogger made from nettles’ What do you think’ Regards

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