A carer to do the punishing

I put my back out recently. Not too bad. Probably 10 days and Ill be OK.  However, Mistress Nicola had arranged to come over and visit. That worked out very well. Mistress Nicola was able to apply the punishments I could not. Quite devastating markings to bitch-boy’s buttocks and thighs and hips with agitation whip, quirt, paddle, cane and dressage whip. It was a deterrent punishment, he had not done anything wrong.

She is an unashamed sadist and sees submissives as simply available to suffer at the hands of dominant, sadistic women. She says it is what these men were born for. No pity or mercy. It is about her pleasure. And my pleasure too, watching bitch-boy suffer because that is the authority I have given her. That is my power; to pass him on to another to suffer.

Later, after much humiliation of bitch-boy, it was time for nettles to his clitty. Once the nettle blanket was in place, a thorough and enduring whipping with nettles took place. No mercy or pity or any hurry for it to end. Mistress Nicola was seriously enjoying what she was doing and ejoying bitch-boy’s pitiful begging and sobbing. It went on and on and at the end his little clitty, kept stiff throughout by very short breaks for skilful manipulation, was covered in little red nasty spots of agony. It was about her pleasure; and my pleasure too.

We were also taking into account that the nettle season is as good as over, so had to make the most of those we had. Mistress Nicola was quick to point out to bitch-boy though that Deep Heat, and even worse, Linnex; would be taking the place of the nettles to deal with his little clitty as soon as the nettles season was fully over.

So bitch-boy got the treatment I would not have been able to deliver without the help of my ‘carer’.


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13 Responses to A carer to do the punishing

  1. fluffy says:

    very sorry to hear your back is out, hopefully not from all those deterrent whippings of BB!
    despite it nearly being the end of the nettles season, did the no-rush brushing deliver a sufficient number of sore red bumps on BB’s little clitty?
    is there ever the temptation to do it one more time before the season’s out?

    respect from

  2. Jessie Linton says:

    It’s so great that you were able to find someone to punish your slave! I routinely have my little sister babysit my slave. She makes sure that he does his chores and assigns him homework weekly! It is usually line writing or essays on female superiority.
    Love Your Writing!

    • Fantastic. I would love to hear more about that!

      • Jessie Linton says:

        It is a great setup for me! Whenever I want to have a night out I have her make sure that he is not getting into any trouble. I have fun while he serves her! She hasn’t spanked him yet, she prefers to have him do corner time. She is also very strict with her homework assignments. He has to write the lines perfectly! If not she will double the assignment as well as give him a new one for the current week. I always love seeing a younger Female boss around an older male!
        Your blog has inspired me!

        • I really l love it. I used to have my female lesbian submissive who was in her early twenties at the time, dominate my husband who was in his early fifties at the time. And she very much enjoyed being very cruel to him, physical punishment and deep humiliation, and she loved babysitting him.
          Are you in the UK or the USA?

  3. Alex says:

    I have always found that although deep heat is good, tabasco (with ten minutes of research even hotter ones can be found) tend to produce a better (more painful) result.

  4. Boot gimp says:

    Mistress Scarlet, a thought came into my head recently about fate allowing you the opportunity for severe cruelty and wanted to know what would you have done? While watching England in the semi final of the football World Cup, I remembered that bitch boi is a sport fan and is occasionally allowed to watch recorded matches. I then just realised that had England made the final, this would be a once in a lifetime moment for the majority of England football fans (those nit old enough to remember 1966). My question is, would you have allowed bb to watch the final, ignored the fact that it was even on, or specifically make a fuss of letting him know he was missing this once in a lifetime opportunity to colour in etc?

    I ask this question as a born submissive who is also a lifelong and passionate sports fan in my vanilla life. I know that being made to miss my country in a World Cup final would have broken my heart.

    I know the question is academic as they didn’t make the final, but I am very keen to know your thoughts.

  5. Matt says:

    I will love to be your birch never had a chance to be put in my place or pegged please let me know if I can do whatever you need

  6. Sam says:

    Mistress Scarlett, I know that you enjoy dominating bitch boy with other doms as a display as power. Have you and Mistress Nicola ever considered having both your subs together? Do you think this would heighten the humiliation they would experience?

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