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Mistress Raven video excellence

Regular followers will recall my rants about femdom videos which fail to capture the expression on the face of the Domme during the most ‘challenging’ moments for the sub. To be clear I think the expression on the face of the Domme, revealing cruel pleasure, or relaxed abuse of power, or whatever, is as important an aspect of the dynamic as the close up of whatever the sub is enduring.

Well I came across this  Mistress Raven video the other day. (Apparently the link to the video only works if you are already logged into Tumblr.)

She uses a screen within a screen to show both what is happening to the male sub and the expression on her own face. Let’s hope video directors and producers might take note of this far superior femdom video format. Of course a screen within a screen is not the only way to achieve the objective. Many good video makers alternate zooming into the activity and zooming into the face of the Domme, or zoom out so both can be seen at once.


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YouTube Femdom video

I came across a link on Femdom Resource to this amusing mainstream music video on YouTube.


On the YouTube page, one suggested video was this video which may be a music video? I honestly do not know.


Then this video, with no English language, I found contained ethically confusing messages but was an interesting video up to the 4th minute. I would love to know what was being said throughout.


The last two just go to show that you do not need petticoating, nudity, bondage or physical punishment to create an erotic femdom scenario worth watching. (Not, of course, that I am opposed to seeing femdom related petticoating, nudity, bondage or physical punishment!)

It made me wonder what the best femdon videos on YouTube might be and how to find them.

It also had me thinking how I would like to write screen plays for videos acceptable on YouTube, yet still deeply erotic on powerfully subjugating femdom themes.



I recently had a comment from a follower that included a question. I have answered the question but wondered if other Dommes may have ideas to add to my answers? First the follower’s question, (edited).

…….it appears sissy chrissy has been in her role as a sissy maid for quite sometime 24/7. I wonder then about sissy chrissy’s embarrassment at having to show his impotence to a group of women.  Of course, for a male this would be beyond humiliating but with anything, after enough time, situations can become very familiar and lose their impact. If sissy chrissy were to present herself everyday for 10 years, it is unlikely her embarrassment would be the same on day 1 as it is after 10 years.

In your experience, how do you maintain the impact of such embarrassements? Or do you think that submissives (consciously or unconsciously) allow themselves to continue feeling the embarrassment to further fuel their submission…….

My answer follows:

Regarding your question, ‘How to maintain the impact if such embarrassments?’

First I would say submissives, (consciously or unconsciously), <strong>ABSOLUTELY DO NOT </strong>allow themselves to continue feeling the embarrassment to further fuel their submission. I do not believe this is even possible. I don’t think someone can make themselves feel embarrassment if they do not feel it.

This topic is very important to me because it might actually be my favourite power rush when I have bitch-boy dressed in the absolute worst possible shaming outfit and knowing he will shortly be performing ludicrous acts in his outfit, and we stand outside the door of the room <strong>IN WHICH A NEW DOMME WOMAN HE HAS NEVER MET BEFORE</strong>, awaits. He actually physically trembles and whispers his desperate pleading and I feel SO POWERFUL smiling at and rejecting his heartfelt pleading. It is the end of the world for him. Its delicious.

So one way to maintain impact is a NEW woman to be present.

Another way is three or more women. The dynamic becomes overwhelming for the sub and they metaphorically shrink at the triple onslaught.

Another way is to make sure the women are dressed in clothes they would wear in the street. (High heels are good if they make the women taller then the male, otherwise not necessary.) The point of this is that the submissive is shamed in some extraordinary way, but at the same time, the women are not dressing in any special way linked to eroticism. He is the ludicrous creature, they are relaxed and it is just another day for them. It is not a special occasion for them. It is just a highly amusing distraction. For maximum impact they must not act up in a theatrical way, just be themselves.

Another way is big age difference. A submissive in mid forties presented with some women, one of which is in her very early twenties or a woman in say, her very late fifties seems to have a BIG IMPACT!

Other ways involve ‘small’ changes. Changes seem to bring back the full misery. Perhaps a new venue. If it is normally indoors, have it all outside on the patio. Perhaps got to one of the other women’s houses.

Another change is a change of outfit for the submissive. If it is normally sissy maid. Go for parody of a 3 year old little girl, or a parody of a ten year old 1950’s school girl, or a sissy boy outfit of huge lemon yellow satin shorts and a matching satin top with huge white Peter Pan collars.

Another change, for the particular example in question, on one occasion, paint the floppy little organ bright green with indelible stain. Or rub into the organ some nasty embrocation cream just before locking it back in its spiked cage and then laugh when the tears and physical distress begins.

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Update on forced impotence

Further to my last post, by coincidence, a second letter was published in from the Mistress wife of impotent husband sissy maid Chrissy.

What follows is an excerpt relevant to my last post.

Obviously, Chrissy and I do not have intercourse. Even when we first started dating, when I saw how small he was, I had no interest in being with him in “that way”. And now that his teeny peeny is in a perpetually limp state, he couldn’t perform even if I let him try. But that doesn’t mean he can’t satisfy me in another way – that is, with his mouth. In fact, most days end with Chrissy’s face between my legs. Usually she is on her back as I straddle her face – and I must say that she has become very skilled at using her lips and tongue in that position to bring me the pleasure I desire.

And for the past few years, I have often added a face dildo to our routine – one that is strapped in place over Chrissy’s chin in such a way that Chrissy can still work her magic with her tongue while I give the dildo an energetic ride. Chrissy is often left with her lipstick totally smeared and with slightly sore (or even bruised) lips – but those are outcomes Chrissy relishes as signs that I really enjoyed myself!

But that is not the only kind of sex I have. Throughout the many years of our relationship, I have had boyfriends – handsome, well-endowed, professionally successful men who take me out on dates (to dinner, to a show, perhaps to a concert – and occasionally on luxurious and very romantic and sex-filled vacations). Of course, I do all of this with Chrissy’s knowledge and approval, because she understands that I have needs that she simply can’t completely satisfy.


Chrissy had finished giving the house a thorough cleaning and had done the laundry, and she was ready to do one of the things she most loves in life – to be my helper as I get ready for a date.

Chrissy started by running my bath for me, then helped me undress, and when I was in the bath I enlisted her services to help wash me and shampoo my hair. Then while I relaxed in the warm bath for a few more minutes Chrissy waited obediently at attention with two large bath towels in hand – which she wrapped around my body and my hair as I stepped out. I then sat while Chrissy polished my fingernails and toenails (she actually took some cosmetology classes a few years ago and does an excellent job) and then dried and brushed my hair. During this time we chatted – about where Ross and I were going that evening and so on. I confess that I also teased her a bit (as I often do) about how different she is from Ross and about how much I was looking forward to feeling Ross’s strong arms around me, his lips against mine, and his beautiful big hard cock inside of me.

Chrissy did get a little sad at that moment, and said that she sometimes wonders what her life would have been like if she weren’t such a small-dicked sissy. Her sad look and comment amused me, and in response I gave her a little kiss and reminded her how fortunate she is to be my beloved sissy maid, and that it was silly of her to waste time thinking about how different things might have been for her if she had a bigger cock because – it was obvious that she was born to be a sissy, and that it was laughable to even think about her as a “real man”.


Chrissy greeted us at the door in her well-trained way – with a curtsy and with eyes submissively down. Then as we went into the TV room, Chrissy brought us drinks and asked if there was anything else she could do for us. By then I was sitting on a couch with my head on Ross’s shoulder and his arm around me, while Miranda was on a chair in Alex’s lap – and it was Miranda who told Chrissy that Alex wanted to see her limp little peeny. Chrissy blushed a deep shade of red and looked at me to see if this was something she really had to do. Of course, I nodded yes – and Chrissy then obediently stood in front of Alex and lifted up her skirt to show him her little sissy clit in its chastity. I reached down to my anklet (where I keep the key), unlocked the chastity, and then showed how Alex how completely unresponsive Chrissy’s clitty is even when it’s squeezed and stroked. I also showed Alex the design of the chastity (with its internal spikes) so that he could really understand how the conditioning had occurred. Of course, every time I gave Chrissy’s limp peeny a flick, we all laughed, while Chrissy hung her head in shame.

I then put Chrissy’s chastity back on and dismissed her…………..

Ross and I went up to my bedroom.

On our way to the bedroom, I also called out for Chrissy to join us. Now, I should explain that, usually, I do not permit Chrissy to be present when I’m in the bedroom with my boyfriends, but occasionally I do – as a kind of reward when Chrissy has been particularly well behaved (as she had been this past Saturday). So while Ross led me by the hand to the bedroom, Chrissy scampered behind us, and while Ross and I stood kissing and embracing and petting each other, Chrissy knelt on the floor beside us. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, I stepped back so that Chrissy could do what she knew would be her role – removing my clothes. This is, as they say, a bit of a bittersweet task for Chrissy, because she loves everything involved in slowly removing my clothing and lingerie to reveal my beautiful nakedness, but at the same time, she is painfully aware at all moments that she is doing it to prepare me for sex with my boyfriend.

While I was being disrobed, Ross removed all of his clothes except for his boxers – though they did little to hide the evidence of his arousal. And when I was completely naked, Chrissy then crawled on her hands and knees over to Ross to remove Ross’s one remaining item of clothing – something Chrissy has learned to do very carefully. And then finally, when Ross’s gorgeous erection was in full sight – and as I always do at that moment – I made Chrissy focus all of her attention on it, noting how much bigger it was than hers had ever been, and I then directed Chrissy to give it some gentle kisses and to lubricate the head with her tongue. It always gives me a little thrill to watch Chrissy doing that – partly because it is the prelude to taking Ross’s huge cock inside of me, but also because it is such a powerful demonstration of how well my sissy husband has been trained and of how fully she has come to accept her position of effeminate sissified subservience in our relationship. And then – after giving the tip of Ross’s hard cock on final kiss, Chrissy left –as I always require her to do at that point – and then Ross and I got into bed for a night of passionate lovemaking.


Inducing permanent impotence for amusement

I have heard of this regimen and have to say the concept of a submissive male sex toy and slave conditioned to never be able to obtain an erection is VERY HOT INDEED! I can’t see I would ever do this to bitch-boy, if indeed it was possible, because making his little clitty hard, even though he would rather it wasn’t, so that I can punish and torture the turgid object quite cruelly, is too much of a pleasure to ever want to lose.

I do love though that, for 99% of the time he is being tormented and humiliated, he has no erection at all and this obvious indicator that he is getting no sexual arousal from his subjugating circumstances while I, (and girlfriend when with me), are repeatedly orgasmsing is very hot.

I always remember this excerpt paragraph from Pamela about her slave Candy Floss.

Although Royston and I make use of Candy sexually she is taught that it is for our pleasure, not hers, and she will never be allowed to have an orgasm, serving her attractive black owners should be pleasure enough for our shy, timid little slave maid. When I first came into possession of Candy, I set myself a 5 year target of making her completely impotent. This has meant a tearful caning each time her little penis tries to erect inside its chastity device. To start with this meant every time I used Candy’s tongue for my intimate pleasure, but she is learning. The conditioning is working. I am accelerating the conditioning by often having Candy moisturise my whole body after I have showered or bathed. A tearful caning normally follows the moisturising. My firm thighs, my shaved labia, my heavy breasts and my firm shapely rear all test her rule of impotence. But each caning is her fault. If she keeps her little encased penis flaccid, she does not get the cane. It is her choice.

And a new recent excerpt from

I had written to you earlier describing my use of chastity training with my dear sissy husband Chrissy. As I mentioned in that letter, not only has Chrissy been petticoated and kept in a chastity 24/7, but I also used a spiked chastity device in such a way that he has been conditioned to be unable to get an erection, rendering the poor little thing quite impotent (which had been my goal, of course).

As I also mentioned in that letter, I do subject Chrissy to a regiment of occasional prostate milkings – which, for a couple of reasons, he finds rather unpleasant. One reason is that he reports that the feeling itself is simply odd. Not at all like an orgasm, but instead, just uncomfortable. However, the major reason for his dislike of his milking sessions is that he finds them so humiliating.

Of course, for a sissy husband to be as deprived as he is of any sexual pleasure, the experience of being milked is quite inherently demeaning and humiliating – reinforcing his lowly status within the marriage and serving as an abject reminder to him of his lack of any semblance of masculinity or male rights. But in addition to that, my poor hubby almost always is milked in front of, and for the amusement of, my friends.

Chrissy, of course, is assigned sissy maid duty for these evenings – cleaning the house, preparing hors d’oeuvres, greeting my guests as each one arrives (always with a proper curtsy), taking drink orders, and so on.

The signal that a milking is going to take place is when I instruct Chrissy to go get my rubber gloves and the lubricant. The poor dear always gets a crestfallen look at that point, and he has been known, before they arrive, to tearfully beg and plead with me not to shame him by milking him in front of my friends, but needless to say, his pleadings always fall on deaf ears.

When he returns, and while I put on one of the gloves, he obediently spreads a layer of newspapers on one of our coffee tables, then compliantly gets on the papers on his hands and knees and pulls up his skirt to above his waist and then pulls his panties down to around his lower thighs. I then unlock and remove his chastity, and while my friends watch, I play with his limp little sissy clit, showing them all how small he is and also how completely unable he is to achieve an erection of any kind. Although they have all seen this demonstration a number of times, my friends never cease to find it both fascinating and surprising, and they love to tease my poor hubby relentlessly about both his lack of size and especially his inability to get hard. I love watching hubby becoming distressed with other women making him miserable.


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Another Real Domme Wife Blog

Dorinda a Femdom Wife is a blog I have come across as a result of comments Dorinda sent me on this blog. She and I have a great deal in common when it comes to zero pity for true submissive husbands getting what the deserve (and need), no matter how much they a portion of their life. may make them miserable.

Also in common we have double-domming and introducing other women to the lifestyle. I hope you find the blog of interest dear followers.

You can learn for yourselves her particular predilection for keeping her husband well subjugated, (and no doubt deeply content in his submissive soul as well).