I recently had a comment from a follower that included a question. I have answered the question but wondered if other Dommes may have ideas to add to my answers? First the follower’s question, (edited).

…….it appears sissy chrissy has been in her role as a sissy maid for quite sometime 24/7. I wonder then about sissy chrissy’s embarrassment at having to show his impotence to a group of women.  Of course, for a male this would be beyond humiliating but with anything, after enough time, situations can become very familiar and lose their impact. If sissy chrissy were to present herself everyday for 10 years, it is unlikely her embarrassment would be the same on day 1 as it is after 10 years.

In your experience, how do you maintain the impact of such embarrassements? Or do you think that submissives (consciously or unconsciously) allow themselves to continue feeling the embarrassment to further fuel their submission…….

My answer follows:

Regarding your question, ‘How to maintain the impact if such embarrassments?’

First I would say submissives, (consciously or unconsciously), <strong>ABSOLUTELY DO NOT </strong>allow themselves to continue feeling the embarrassment to further fuel their submission. I do not believe this is even possible. I don’t think someone can make themselves feel embarrassment if they do not feel it.

This topic is very important to me because it might actually be my favourite power rush when I have bitch-boy dressed in the absolute worst possible shaming outfit and knowing he will shortly be performing ludicrous acts in his outfit, and we stand outside the door of the room <strong>IN WHICH A NEW DOMME WOMAN HE HAS NEVER MET BEFORE</strong>, awaits. He actually physically trembles and whispers his desperate pleading and I feel SO POWERFUL smiling at and rejecting his heartfelt pleading. It is the end of the world for him. Its delicious.

So one way to maintain impact is a NEW woman to be present.

Another way is three or more women. The dynamic becomes overwhelming for the sub and they metaphorically shrink at the triple onslaught.

Another way is to make sure the women are dressed in clothes they would wear in the street. (High heels are good if they make the women taller then the male, otherwise not necessary.) The point of this is that the submissive is shamed in some extraordinary way, but at the same time, the women are not dressing in any special way linked to eroticism. He is the ludicrous creature, they are relaxed and it is just another day for them. It is not a special occasion for them. It is just a highly amusing distraction. For maximum impact they must not act up in a theatrical way, just be themselves.

Another way is big age difference. A submissive in mid forties presented with some women, one of which is in her very early twenties or a woman in say, her very late fifties seems to have a BIG IMPACT!

Other ways involve ‘small’ changes. Changes seem to bring back the full misery. Perhaps a new venue. If it is normally indoors, have it all outside on the patio. Perhaps got to one of the other women’s houses.

Another change is a change of outfit for the submissive. If it is normally sissy maid. Go for parody of a 3 year old little girl, or a parody of a ten year old 1950’s school girl, or a sissy boy outfit of huge lemon yellow satin shorts and a matching satin top with huge white Peter Pan collars.

Another change, for the particular example in question, on one occasion, paint the floppy little organ bright green with indelible stain. Or rub into the organ some nasty embrocation cream just before locking it back in its spiked cage and then laugh when the tears and physical distress begins.

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20 thoughts on “Maintaining the DEEPEST HUMILIATION

  1. This is perhaps the most exciting post you have written. How do you find women to participate in bitch-boy’s humiliation? Are they “vanilla”? Do they find it strange or humorous? The notion of older or younger women being present, and straight women at that, is deeply alarming. You say it is most effective they do not dress in any special way – is the humiliation increased if they do not act in any special way? How cruel if he performed and everyone just kept on chatting.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant insights into maintaining such intense humiliation. I am curious if you’ve ever taken bitch boy out in public to humiliate him? Such as escorting him to an adult beginner ballet class and telling the teacher you want him to be more feminine, or to a department store to try on especially feminine dresses and shoes?

    1. All I do is real. What you suggest is really fantasy and unlikely to ever be successful in real life. Vanilla people are likely to get very upset and angry.
      I have held female items up against him in charity (thrift) stores. I have humiliated him in public places like restaurants as described in my journals and BDSM manual.

  3. I have done it successfully and it is incredibly humiliating. An hour and a half ballet class in white see-through tights, dance belt splitting my anus and crushing my clitty, slinky top that only comes down to my belly button leaving me completely exposed, little slippers, and the teacher telling me to be more dainty as she orders me to prance around like a little girl while all the women stare, giggle and point. Time seems to stand still as I so want the class to end along with the humiliation. I would say it’s a lot like making your bitch boy fill in his coloring books. He will absolutely hate it and if you are friendly with the teacher and ask how he did in front of her it will make it even worse for him. You could even mention that he has to perform in a tutu for a charity event and the teacher will use it to tease him going forward.

    1. I hope you will bear with me but I have to admit I find it hard to believe and I notice your name is, ‘sissy ballerina’ suggesting to me that this is your primary fantasy. Can you provide more details that might convince me.
      Were you made to do so? By whom, using what power over you?
      Were the other pupils all female adults?
      Was the teacher a knowing participant n your humiliation? If so how did she know?

  4. Thank you for addressing this subject. I have thought about it often because my son-in-law Daisy is deeply affected by embarrassment. You have an interesting perspective and such helpful insights. I am not really a dominant woman but I am when in charge of my son-in-law, although I prefer a nurturing, maternal tone to a harshly punitive one. I have noticed that embarrassing him is not the most effective goal for me. Rather, I require him to truly become the very little sissy he is at heart and does want to be, though he rarely can admit it. I expect him to be very dainty, prim, and sweet. If he is not, he earns demerits, which earn true punishment, administered by others. Daisy does not want to be punished (tho he does need it regularly), but I think he responds better to nurturing than to the threat of punishment. I treat him like the adorable little sissy I expect him to be, and that treatment brings out the appropriate behavior in him. Yes, it often embarrasses him to behave as a sissy, but embarrassment is only a natural by-product of the main goal: him becoming the sissy he needs to be. Sometimes he is not embarrassed by it, and that is just fine if it means he has left his “big boy” pretensions behind and has accepted the little sissy he is. That self-acceptance does not last. He spends most of his time as an adult (albeit a sissyish and submissive one), so his toddler outfits and activities shame him, especially when he meets someone he doesn’t know who teases him. Thank you again for your wonderful blog and for being thoughtful about a difficult, important subject. All the best, Isabel.

    1. Oh I do adore your contributions Isabel! Never hesitate to enlighten me as to your regime and happenings with your treatment of little Daisy.

      On the subject of patronising maternal tones and words as opposed to harsh and disdainful, I like to use both styles to keep my little puppet nicely insecure and disorientated – one minute a sweet voiced, patronising bit of praise, another minute – a spiteful tone delivering harsh and disdainful phrases making clear the reality of his situation.

  5. If you spent much time attending adult beginner ballet classes you would not find this at all difficult to believe. For when a man appears in the above described outfit and he doesn’t seem gay, but rather nervous and red-faced, he might as well be wearing a sign that he’s a sissy being humiliated. He’ll almost certainly be the only straight man in class and the adult women will look him up and down and know he’s acting on orders from a women–either a dominant girlfriend/wife or mother who dressed him up when he was a boy. (A non-sissy curious about ballet would wear shorts.) In my case it was a dominant girlfriend who picked out grey men’s nylon footed Capezios, which are see-through clearly showing a black dance belt underneath, white slinky tank top, and white slippers. She laughed when she first saw me dressed this way as did several people in the lobby when I walked into the ballet school to sign up and take class. She ordered me to leave my jeans in the car and walk in wearing only my tights and slippers. She made me go alone, though it certainly would have been more humiliating if she’d been walking with me smiling or perhaps pulling me by the ear and laughing. Anyway, as the only male in a class of 15 or so adult women I received immediate attention from everyone, especially the teacher. She looked me up and down, front and back, and said, “Somebody did this too you.” I then confessed that my girlfriend made me come to class because she wants me to be more feminine. She at first found this curious. But as the class progressed she took more and more liberties, like putting her hands on my behind to adjust my position and running her finger up the inseam of my tights while discussing correct leg position. She and the other women clearly enjoyed having a guy in class, and my girlfriend’s ordering me to go gave them permission to giggle and tease, like when the teacher would say, “Okay, ladies,” looking at me, or when she told me, “Men normally bow, but you can curtsy.” Much of the class was hard work, and the teacher was constantly correcting me, telling me to be more dainty as we pranced across the room, “Like Bambi in the forest.”

    After a couple of classes like this my girlfriend made me send an email to the teacher asking if there was a particular outfit she and the girls would like me to wear, and she replied with white tights and a bright top. When I showed up in the outfit she ordered she waited until I was bent over at the barre and then laughed, saying in loud voice “We’ll this is a nice outfit!” as if I chose to wear it on my own instead of her ordering me to. She also became a lot more strict, ordering me around such as moving the barres out of the way halfway through class and criticizing when I wasn’t dancing well. And I must say the white tights and bright blue top mean a lot more people at the school stop and stare, which ups the humiliation as I struggle to keep up with the prancing and leaping, all of which is so girly and embarrassing. She was laughing a lot and I’m pretty sure she talked about me to the other women after class. I know this because when I showed up for the next class several of the more assertive women called me “sissy” to my face and made me give up my space at the barre to them, or move forward or back so they wouldn’t kick me during the first half of class, (Before they would just giggle and snigger under their breath.)

    I have photos of me and the teacher in my outfit and this all happened as I said, though I clearly got lucky with a fun teacher. But there are lots of adult beginner classes and teachers to choose from depending on where you live and how far you’re willing to drive. There are also long periods of hard ballet drudgery, forced to be dainty and girly, as the dance belt splits my anus and crushes my clitty and the clingy tights tug at my toes and waist reminding me constantly of my sissy status.

  6. This was in the USA, but as an avid YouTube watcher of adult ballet classes I can assure you classes in the UK are exactly the same. I would suggest purchasing the least expensive Capezio dance belt a size smaller than appropriate to make it even more uncomfortable, nylon Capezio tights in either white or grey are completely see-through, and the white slippers will need the elastic sewn in “sewing your slippers” as they call it. All this can be done at a dance store much to bitch boy’s embarrassment. Finally, I would suggest foregoing a men’s top but instead making him wear a clearly women’s tank top that is especially slinky and barely comes down to the waistband of his tights for maximum embarrassment.

  7. Hi!
    I keep my slave/boyfriend constantly humiliated by having my 19 year old sister babysit him while I go out for the night. She does homework and makes sure he does his chores. When I come home she usually has him doing corner time! The age difference is a major factor

      1. Hi!!!
        I have decided that my slave and I will be married and he will take my last name! Do you have any experience with this?
        I love to keep him in baby rompers so I have easy access to his little birth defect or could lock it away easily!

        1. Love the name for his clitty of ‘birth defect’, I will steal that if I may.

          I think it is quite common for subs to take the surnames of their Dommes when marrying. I think it is an excellent thing to do. Very powerful!

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