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New Femdom Literature

Due to various reasons I have been busy writing for the last few months. I will imminently be publishing a journal entirely dedicated to events at The Institution. And it has a bigger word count by far than any of my other journals.

Also, I am two thirds of the way through a collection of short stories with quite different femdom themes to my usual whims.

More later…………………….

Help for Tumblr please

Anyone know why when logged into Tumblr andyou click on links to some Tumblr sites, the screen annoyingly opens up with the linked Tumblr site appearing as a linear strip of images running vertically down the right of the screen?

While most times you click a link, a full proper page opens up across the whole screen, and then you can then click to get a full page archive view if you like,  etc.

Subjugated Born Again Virgins

A commenter on my last post on orgasm denial raised the associated point of denial of penetrative sex for the submissive male. I have written before about this but it is worth a mention as the commenter made a very relevant point on how it can link to the dynamic of orgasm denial.

The commenter wrote that ‘…….All of this is different than intercourse denial, which never gets old for me (or hasn’t yet)………………. I love and want intercourse and am totally frustrated when denied. My most honest and intense begging has been for intercourse. My Mistress can go long periods without intercourse….

Whether like the commenter, penetrative sex is rare for him; much, much too rare. Or for subs like my bitch-boy or Nicola’s pansy-piece or Rebecca’s sub   penetrative sex is over for the rest of their lives, it is something I believe that, no matter how often a sub is teased about or mind-fucked about it, they never manage to easily cope with it.

One of my favourite examples of this is when I am with Nicola and she inserts her fingers inside me and taunts bitch-boy over how he is never allowed that feeling with even his fingers, let alone his little clitty. Without Nicola I often taunt bitch-boy over what she does to me and how amazing it would feel for him to push his stiff little clitty inside me and feel the tightness and heat and wetness. then I remind him THAT HE NEVER WILL!

If I ask him about all the terrible things he endures, including the very, very painful sessions, the hours and hours of humiliating tedium and the extreme humiliations if front of other women, and I ask, if he could change one thing about his life, what would it be?

He ALWAYS immediately answers, with such a pleading and desperate tone,  ‘To be allowed to fuck your amazing body Mistress.‘ Obviously I smile, flaunt my body and then cruelly remind him that although it would be so easy for me to allow that, it will NEVER EVER HAPPEN! He is my little puppet and I love he is a cuckold, born again virgin. That status gives me sooooo much pleasure, and therefore it will never change.

Worse still for him when he is bound in some way, is when I make his clitty hard and then hold the tip against my wet cunt and ask him if he can feel the wetness and the heat. I hold it still or rub it against my clit a little and he pleads, as though his world is coming to an end, to be allowed to push it in. Even just for a second. Even if he just holds it still and then withdraws. I string him along for a while and he is almost reduced to tears and of course, eventually I harshly tell him not to be so stupid and of course it will NEVER EVER happen!


Link to my journal 12.


This or that? This then that!

Something I read years ago in one of the good old Madame magazines, was perhaps the best example of the hottest Domme sub dynamic I know of. The ‘rock and a hard place’ choice.

A girlfriend had her boyfriend in long term  24/7 chastity and from time to time would have him helplessly strapped down and naked on a bed. The purpose of the activity was straightforward. Torturing him to scratch her sadistic itch, and reinforce her power over him. She would remove his chastity device and tease him to hardness and then smack away with a twelve inch ruler. Medium smacks with perhaps one in three smacks being  very hard smacks. She would work her way around his shaft until it was red all over. He would be close to sobbing at this point. Then the GENIUS! She would say to him.

‘When you want me to stop smacking little puppet, just say so and I’ll stop and apply some lovely soothing cream.’ (He knew by, ‘lovely soothing cream‘, she meant extra strength, nasty Ralgex embrocation cream). On hearing this, he would hold out for a while but begin sobbing because of how unfair the ‘rock and a hard place’ was. Eventually he would ask her to stop and a generous application of Ralgex was rubbed into the already very sore shaft. Proper little-girl-tears and wailing followed, and the Domme playing with herself for multiple orgasms while she listened.

Another example, again from the good old Madame magazines was about a Domme and her sister and friend and a boyfriend in long term 24/7 chastity. The first time he was locked up she explained that soft, floppy penises were nice and sweet BUT stiff, hard penises were bad and naughty and had to be punished.

Two or three times a week, or more often for the fun of it, she and her sister would bind the boyfriend and then remove his chastity device to ‘wash’ the little object. Warm soapy hands would get to work,while he was told, in no uncertain terms, that if it was naughty and became hard, it would get smacked and then creamed. Of course, it always became hard and was always smacked severely and then creamed with a nasty cream before being locked back up. And there was no mercy or pity as he sobbed, while he was told he knew very well that hard penises were naughty and he was simply being defiant and disobedient.

Perhaps my submissive blog followers could comment on the following question. Is the rock and a hard place dynamic one of the most affecting dynamics there is, causing high levels of awe for the Mistress involved?


For info on my own BDSM manual, click on an image below.

How long for orgasm denial?

I received a comment on my last blog post along the lines of how I normally allow an orgasm for bitch-boy in the region of once every three weeks and, if I  ‘….ever decide to change it up a little bit and instead of letting him orgasm in this situation, make him wait an additional three weeks, will I kindly let my readers know how he reacts…

Firstly, to be precise, it is normally between ten days and three weeks denial period. This is to maintain prostate health. And of course this does not mean exactly three weeks. It is never exactly three weeks. It is sometimes three weeks and a day or three weeks plus two days, or minus a day or two days. But certainly there have been and will be, much longer periods than three weeks, as a special or as a punishment experience for him. But as the exception though and not the norm.

This is a VERY COMPLEX topic with several factors to be balanced and prostate health is only one of them. The first is the importance of irregularity. Those Dommes who say allow once a month release say, the last Saturday of every month, miss out on the pleasure of, and subjugation value of, having it beg with all its heart. No point begging before the last Saturday of the month because it wont be happening. And no point begging on the last Saturday of the month because its guaranteed. bitch-boy knows his denial period could be as little as five or seven days or as long as several months, so after only a few days the frustration has built and the heartfelt begging begins during teasing, often to be rejected of course. That begging with all his heart is VERY AROUSING to hear and, especially when rejected, gives him a 100% definite piece of evidence that he is CONTROLLED and has no power. So even if he has counted up three weeks, he does not know whether it might be much longer still.

Then there is the feeling of frustration. Chastised blog followers may wish to comment on this. In my experience there seem to be several step changes when frustration jumps to a new level. The first after around three days, the second after around ten days and the next after around three weeks to a month. BUT HERE’S THE THING, I am not sure the physical sensation of frustration is much different between say four weeks and seven weeks. So diminishing returns?

Associated with this point is the CONSANT FRUSTRATION I desire he feels. It does seem to be the case that if denial has been for say, a week or more, then one single orgasm for him, even a massive one, does not prevent the gnawing frustration from returning within a few hours, whereas two or three orgasms for him in a day, expels the frustration for a few days. I do not want that. Associated with this is the use of prostate milking and spoiled orgasms which most males report gives no pleasure but a small minority report quite a lot of pleasure. Followers of my blog will know that although I use this technique, I do LOVE to gift bitch-boy a massive orgasm quite often when I allow orgasm as he then knows exactly what I am capable of gifting him but so often choose to deny giving him. But it is fair to say that a regime of prostate milking or spoiled orgasms for prostate health with no proper orgasms ever is VERY CRUEL INDEED! Very subjugating. Particularly in tandem with cuckolding.

Then there is the pack mammal trait of competitiveness I have written about before. The drive shared with many social mammal species effecting in humans say, 90% of males and 10% of females. I think this is an obstruction in a Mistress slave relationship when the male is driven to want experiences of MORE, just to push things to satisfy the innate subconscious competitiveness drive. (It is subconscious, we not aware when we are motivated by our innate drives.)

More strokes of the cane in one session, more consecutive days of denial, more consecutive hours in sensory deprivation, more pegs on the scrotum at once, more, more, more. It is actually topping from the bottom and I have zero interest in doing anything to please my slave, including pleasing his competitiveness drive, (even though he does not know when he is being driven by this subconscious force). It is about pleasing me, not him. This subconscious force on most men would no doubt be a little source of satisfaction and pride, a little dopamine rush, when they think to themselves, I’m now enduring ‘more cane strokes than ever before’, or ‘more consecutive days of denial than ever before’, or ‘more consecutive hours of sensory deprivation bondage than ever before’.  Well I don’t want them to have that little rush of pride or dopamine on their terms, although it is from time to time inevitable when for my purposes ‘a slave’s personal record’ is broken.

Perhaps bitch-boy, when unknowingly affected by this subconscious drive, fantasizes about longer periods of denial, BUT it clearly becomes an absolute irrelevance to him if, as an example, as little as a week of denial has gone by, he has been watching my girlfriend and me kiss and caress and I have edged him four or five times. Well then he is driven to sincerely beg with all his heart for that precious, precious relief from the terrible frustration built up at that moment. Begging most often rejected.

A complicated topic!

The intensity of a ‘quiet day in’.

Well yesterday there was a whole free day to use and abuse my puppet, bitch-boy. I am just going to report on some highlights and the associated psychodynamics.

I had bitch-boy in full deprivation bondage on head and knees on the sofa, his shaved genitals pulled back between his bound together legs. I had him take a Cialis pill and three weeks without sexual relief for him had preceded yesterday. Here is a photo of him in a similar position recently, while on holiday. PHOTO

While I sat back and watched a subtitled, foreign language programme I enjoy very much, I tickled his shaved genitals with the tips of my long fingernails of both hands, particularly working on the so sensitive skin where his scrotum meets his perineum. He became rock hard, obviously! And whimpered with frustration. I watch my TV programme while I play with his bits. I had to pause the programme four times! and each time had a huge orgasm using my massager wand. I make sure he knows when I orgasm because I touch the  vibrating wand to his genitals for a moment before applying it to myself which he knows means I am about to bring myself off.

I always like to make sure he knows how many orgasms I am having and when so he is clear just how unashamedly depraved and perverted his Mistress is, getting turned on by treating him so badly. Of course this also reminds him of the disparity between the number and frequency of my orgasms and his.

Sometimes when he was hard I would edge his clitty. Other times, grasp it with my sharp fingernails and dig them in. The feeling of power was immense and I could imagine just how much he felt like an object, not a human. He knew he would not be cumming in what was a 75 minutes session so bound. He NEVER comes during this favourite activity of mine. I imagined how he also recognised my absolutely guilt free, 100% selfish use of him. Its all about my pleasure, no matter the cost to him. Yes, there was the bitter sweet sensations for him, but so bitter knowing the feeling led only to increased frustration.

I finally released him from this sensory deprivation bondage on the sofa and took him upstairs to the BDSM bed and secured him, legs apart in the gynaecological stirrups, large rigid posture collar, etc. He pleaded that he had already been in sensory deprivation bondage downstairs for nearly an hour and a half. I responded that I now wanted him in sensory deprivation bondage up here and I couldn’t care less what had come before. I spent a while smacking his clitty with a ruler. The harder smacks bringing forth squeals but he remained hard. Poor helpless male animal. More hard smacks got me aroused and I had to break off and sit in the armchair to and use my massager wand for another huge orgasm. I made sure he could see me in the ceiling mirror while I played and came. I had my body on FULL show. Tiny, tight shorts, (removed for the orgasm), 6 inch heeled platform mules and no bra and a long sleeved crop top just covering my breasts, just! Around my tiny exposed waist was a thin gold chain and from the jutting of my hip bones my flat stomach was exposed all the way to the underside of my breasts.

Then it was time to apply the seriously nasty Linnex to his clitty and leave him in sensory deprivation bondage for an hour or two. I announced my intention and he immediately began his desperate, heartfelt pleading about the Linnex. I talked sweetly to him about how it would turn me on when, downstairs on the sofa, I listened on the bay monitor to his sobbing as his clitty burned. His earnest pleading turned me on a lot. I applied a coating of the Linnex to his clitty.  He was desolate! I thought about how sadistic and heartless and guilt free he knows I am, by these acts. How that would affect his submissive soul. I had to again, break off and sit in the armchair and use my massager wand for yet another huge orgasm. Once I had recovered, I added the blindfold and just before switching on the white noise in his ear phones, I told him in my sweetest voice that I would be orgasming downstairs listening to him sobbing and that I would be up in half an hour to apply another coat of the Linnex. Between sobs he now seriously begged and begged and begged. I switched on the white noise and walked away.

Downstairs, I sat on the sofa and reading the weekend papers. I could hear his desolate sobbing on the baby monitor and yes, you guessed it, after ten minutes, yet again the massager was used and yet another huge orgasm resulted. After about 35 minutes, true to my word, I visited him. In his blind, gagged, white noise world, he did not know I was in the room until I gently held his clitty. Then, although gagged, the purpose of the sounds he made were easy to make out and he was very close to inconsolable tears while he made his constant, heartfelt, begging noises. I smiled at his plight. I could actually see pink red stripes up the shaft of his clitty where I had last used the Linnnex, 35 minutes ago, such is the nastiness of the Linnex wax.  A truly huge power rush enveloped me when I swiped a stripe of Linnex wax up virgin areas of his shaft on his still smarting clitty. Then another. He now made noises of woe and despondency.  As the previous burning had yet to end, the new coating immediately had him sobbing. I et go of his clitty. He did not know I remained in the room. Again I sat in the armchair and used my massager wand for yet another huge orgasm. Once I recovered, I left the room feeling a million dollars and like a bitch-queen from hell.

Downstairs and twenty minutes passed and there was another orgasm for me listening to his continued sobbing.

He had been in his sensory deprivation bondage a little over two hours and his clitty was no longer burning. I went up to him and removed his ear phones and blindfold. I sat in the armchair so he could watch me indulge in yet another orgasm. Dear blog follower, you may not believe the number of huge orgasms I have reported, but I promise the number is true. This last orgasm of the day came from me thinking back on the day and how much power I have and how depraved I feel to have zero pity to treat my puppet as I had. And thinking forward that these days happen whenever I want.

I then stood where he could see me in the ceiling mirror and grasped his clitty with my right hand and ticked his balls with the fingernail tips of my left hand. I asked in my innocent voice.

‘Would you like to orgasm little puppet?’ Still gagged, the sounds of the words, ‘please mistress, please mistress’, were repeated in a constant, non-stop flow, in a tone of polite, profound, desperation and anxiousness. I left a loooong pause to raise his anxiety while his mantra continued. But it had been three weeks; and I wanted to give him an immense orgasm as I do from time to time. Just so he knows what he is missing out on when I so often don’t. I answered.

‘OK then lucky little puppet. A lovely orgasm.‘ The sounds from his gag were now the repeated words, over and over, ‘Thank you mistress, thank you Mistress,’ His tone one of profound, servile, emotional, gratitude. I felt seriously powerful that my little puppet was so pathetically grateful to his goddess.

He could see me and my beautiful, half exposed, body in the mirror. I thought I could imagine what he might be thinking, but I thought I would make a little speech to ensure he was.

Poor puppet, is this how your sexual gratification comes? Weeks with none at all, then almost 4 hours in sensory deprivation bondage, with a smacked and then burning clitty for so long. And now so helplessly bound and dependant and needy. And look at my body. A beautiful, beautiful, athletic, curvy body you never do, and never will, get to fuck. Nor caress, or stroke, not even penetrate my pretty cunt with your fingers. But my girlfriend does all those things doesn’t she; you little cuckold bitch.’ I felt like a TOTAL bitch myself and I loved it. Then he came, for a loooong time, and I did my best to maximise his bound, dependant ecstasy. He was emotional; almost tearful. But I just felt pleasure from my power to ration and bestow such ecstasy  or deny it, at my whim: And to feel so detached from his profound emotion as he came.

I knew the upshot of this ‘quiet’ weekday of so many huge orgasms and depravity for me would simply be him in total awe of me. Life is good!


Link to my journal 12.





When pleading and sobbing is ignored

This post is on a phenomenon that could be called extreme, so don’t read if you will be offended. It is only for the experienced!

Mistress Nicola was over. I have mentioned she is a true sadist and sees submissive males as utensils to use to gain pleasure from by the acts of tormenting them, either physically or with humiliation and degradation. Of course, I am the same, but Mistress Nicola has a pure approach that excludes all pity or mercy.

She was punishing bitch-boy. He was bent over, face down over the dining table, wrists bound behind his back and ankles bound together and thighs bound together. It was a deterrent punishment not long after she arrived. Such was her pleasure in this activity that when I stepped forward to take a turn, she said I could simply sit and relax and watch as it would be sometime before she tired of the activity. She knows I like to watch bitch-boy being tormented by another woman because I have handed over all authority over him. So I sat and, with great pleasure, watched.

After a while bitch-boy began to plead and plead, and then sob and sob. The point of this post is to comment on the power rush that comes from carrying on relentlessly with punishment while totally ignoring the pleading or sobbing that goes on and on and on. Of course, the pleading and sobbing is not truly ignored. It is heard and with pleasure, absorbed as part of the overall experience. The power rush is HUGE from this!

He was punished a couple of other times for actual infractions but the punishments were short and SHARP. (He was also humiliated a great deal – indoors and outdoors, but that’s another matter.)

Then came a second episode of ignoring relentless pleading and begging. The great UK 2018 summer has meant that stinging nettles mown away in the verges have sprouted back to life. I had some nettle stems, small but being pre-flowering and young, VERY, VERY stinging! bitch-boy was secured to the BDSM bed, legs wide apart in the gynaecological stirrups. The nettle apron was put in place. I held the metal tongs and Mistress Nicola, wearing gloves, held a nettle stem. She began to whip his little clitty and I continuously moved his clitty, this way and that, to expose virgin territory. This nettle whipping of his clitty went on and ON AND ON AND ON! When it seemed a nettle stem had been exhausted, a fresh stem was used. He had begun to plead and plead almost immediately, and after a while plead and sob, but over five minutes later there was still no let up in the nettle whipping. (One minute is usually enough for serious agony.)

Such was the eroticism and power rush of this intense VERY, VERY prolonged cruelty, and utterly ignored pleading and sobbing, that although Nicola had intended to leave for home immediately after the nettles, instead we both went to my bed for shared huge orgasms before she left!

I wonder if any followers of my blog have experience as the punisher or pleader when the pleading goes on for a very long tome because the torment does too?





Heroes for Nicola and me!

Well many followers had a go at helping me and a few really did help. I thank those who tried a bit, although not even correctly identifying the easy to use braided collar style I was after. I thank those very much that got the collar right, but from a source outside the UK, and then I thank those the most who got it exactly right on sizes and style and with links, that appear worked, to websites of UK suppliers. The heroes for Nicola and me.

The Heroes

Silly maid supplied a link for,  ebay, Ancol Softweave Blue Collars.

Maid G supplied a link for Leading Dog

Mark directed me to Mendota UK.

As I stated in my last post, these are extremely useful items and I recommend all Dommes buy a couple to try.

Common Problems

I was directed to Amazon for Mendota products but no sellers had them in stock.

I was directed to stretch collars which obviously would not be suitable.

 The Ancol website was identified by some which appears to offer the collars for sale with no prices and no method of purchasing them??


Mistress Nicola and I need a hero

I believe a long while back I posted a similar post to this one, but I will try again on the topic and perhaps cat or dog lovers may be able to fill in with some of the required info.

A good number of years ago, perhaps more than ten, I purchased a number of these pet collars in a pet store.

The beauty of the deign is that they can be tightened, easily and quickly to any size. There are no punched holes, the buckle spike simply goes through the fabric anywhere along the length. Another benefit of the deign is that they are very soft and flexible so can be coiled into a tiny shape to be stored in a handbag (purse / pocket book).

I use them in the car, in hotel rooms, and I use them all the time at home. It is so simple to bind a slave’s wrists behind his back, or to a table leg, or a bed post, or as I do in hotel rooms, one around the throat and another through the D ring of that throat collar and then secure the wrists together at the throat with another one. The security is always tight and quick.

Well I think a few years ago in the UK, these collars were outlawed as too cruel for the throats of cats and dogs. Neither I, nor Mistress Nicola, (who is so keen to own some), can source them from anywhere in the UK or abroad via Ebay or Amazon.

So our request, dear followers; where can these now be sourced? Is there a hero out there who can help us?