The intensity of a ‘quiet day in’.

Well yesterday there was a whole free day to use and abuse my puppet, bitch-boy. I am just going to report on some highlights and the associated psychodynamics.

I had bitch-boy in full deprivation bondage on head and knees on the sofa, his shaved genitals pulled back between his bound together legs. I had him take a Cialis pill and three weeks without sexual relief for him had preceded yesterday. Here is a photo of him in a similar position recently, while on holiday. PHOTO

While I sat back and watched a subtitled, foreign language programme I enjoy very much, I tickled his shaved genitals with the tips of my long fingernails of both hands, particularly working on the so sensitive skin where his scrotum meets his perineum. He became rock hard, obviously! And whimpered with frustration. I watch my TV programme while I play with his bits. I had to pause the programme four times! and each time had a huge orgasm using my massager wand. I make sure he knows when I orgasm because I touch the  vibrating wand to his genitals for a moment before applying it to myself which he knows means I am about to bring myself off.

I always like to make sure he knows how many orgasms I am having and when so he is clear just how unashamedly depraved and perverted his Mistress is, getting turned on by treating him so badly. Of course this also reminds him of the disparity between the number and frequency of my orgasms and his.

Sometimes when he was hard I would edge his clitty. Other times, grasp it with my sharp fingernails and dig them in. The feeling of power was immense and I could imagine just how much he felt like an object, not a human. He knew he would not be cumming in what was a 75 minutes session so bound. He NEVER comes during this favourite activity of mine. I imagined how he also recognised my absolutely guilt free, 100% selfish use of him. Its all about my pleasure, no matter the cost to him. Yes, there was the bitter sweet sensations for him, but so bitter knowing the feeling led only to increased frustration.

I finally released him from this sensory deprivation bondage on the sofa and took him upstairs to the BDSM bed and secured him, legs apart in the gynaecological stirrups, large rigid posture collar, etc. He pleaded that he had already been in sensory deprivation bondage downstairs for nearly an hour and a half. I responded that I now wanted him in sensory deprivation bondage up here and I couldn’t care less what had come before. I spent a while smacking his clitty with a ruler. The harder smacks bringing forth squeals but he remained hard. Poor helpless male animal. More hard smacks got me aroused and I had to break off and sit in the armchair to and use my massager wand for another huge orgasm. I made sure he could see me in the ceiling mirror while I played and came. I had my body on FULL show. Tiny, tight shorts, (removed for the orgasm), 6 inch heeled platform mules and no bra and a long sleeved crop top just covering my breasts, just! Around my tiny exposed waist was a thin gold chain and from the jutting of my hip bones my flat stomach was exposed all the way to the underside of my breasts.

Then it was time to apply the seriously nasty Linnex to his clitty and leave him in sensory deprivation bondage for an hour or two. I announced my intention and he immediately began his desperate, heartfelt pleading about the Linnex. I talked sweetly to him about how it would turn me on when, downstairs on the sofa, I listened on the bay monitor to his sobbing as his clitty burned. His earnest pleading turned me on a lot. I applied a coating of the Linnex to his clitty.  He was desolate! I thought about how sadistic and heartless and guilt free he knows I am, by these acts. How that would affect his submissive soul. I had to again, break off and sit in the armchair and use my massager wand for yet another huge orgasm. Once I had recovered, I added the blindfold and just before switching on the white noise in his ear phones, I told him in my sweetest voice that I would be orgasming downstairs listening to him sobbing and that I would be up in half an hour to apply another coat of the Linnex. Between sobs he now seriously begged and begged and begged. I switched on the white noise and walked away.

Downstairs, I sat on the sofa and reading the weekend papers. I could hear his desolate sobbing on the baby monitor and yes, you guessed it, after ten minutes, yet again the massager was used and yet another huge orgasm resulted. After about 35 minutes, true to my word, I visited him. In his blind, gagged, white noise world, he did not know I was in the room until I gently held his clitty. Then, although gagged, the purpose of the sounds he made were easy to make out and he was very close to inconsolable tears while he made his constant, heartfelt, begging noises. I smiled at his plight. I could actually see pink red stripes up the shaft of his clitty where I had last used the Linnnex, 35 minutes ago, such is the nastiness of the Linnex wax.  A truly huge power rush enveloped me when I swiped a stripe of Linnex wax up virgin areas of his shaft on his still smarting clitty. Then another. He now made noises of woe and despondency.  As the previous burning had yet to end, the new coating immediately had him sobbing. I et go of his clitty. He did not know I remained in the room. Again I sat in the armchair and used my massager wand for yet another huge orgasm. Once I recovered, I left the room feeling a million dollars and like a bitch-queen from hell.

Downstairs and twenty minutes passed and there was another orgasm for me listening to his continued sobbing.

He had been in his sensory deprivation bondage a little over two hours and his clitty was no longer burning. I went up to him and removed his ear phones and blindfold. I sat in the armchair so he could watch me indulge in yet another orgasm. Dear blog follower, you may not believe the number of huge orgasms I have reported, but I promise the number is true. This last orgasm of the day came from me thinking back on the day and how much power I have and how depraved I feel to have zero pity to treat my puppet as I had. And thinking forward that these days happen whenever I want.

I then stood where he could see me in the ceiling mirror and grasped his clitty with my right hand and ticked his balls with the fingernail tips of my left hand. I asked in my innocent voice.

‘Would you like to orgasm little puppet?’ Still gagged, the sounds of the words, ‘please mistress, please mistress’, were repeated in a constant, non-stop flow, in a tone of polite, profound, desperation and anxiousness. I left a loooong pause to raise his anxiety while his mantra continued. But it had been three weeks; and I wanted to give him an immense orgasm as I do from time to time. Just so he knows what he is missing out on when I so often don’t. I answered.

‘OK then lucky little puppet. A lovely orgasm.‘ The sounds from his gag were now the repeated words, over and over, ‘Thank you mistress, thank you Mistress,’ His tone one of profound, servile, emotional, gratitude. I felt seriously powerful that my little puppet was so pathetically grateful to his goddess.

He could see me and my beautiful, half exposed, body in the mirror. I thought I could imagine what he might be thinking, but I thought I would make a little speech to ensure he was.

Poor puppet, is this how your sexual gratification comes? Weeks with none at all, then almost 4 hours in sensory deprivation bondage, with a smacked and then burning clitty for so long. And now so helplessly bound and dependant and needy. And look at my body. A beautiful, beautiful, athletic, curvy body you never do, and never will, get to fuck. Nor caress, or stroke, not even penetrate my pretty cunt with your fingers. But my girlfriend does all those things doesn’t she; you little cuckold bitch.’ I felt like a TOTAL bitch myself and I loved it. Then he came, for a loooong time, and I did my best to maximise his bound, dependant ecstasy. He was emotional; almost tearful. But I just felt pleasure from my power to ration and bestow such ecstasy  or deny it, at my whim: And to feel so detached from his profound emotion as he came.

I knew the upshot of this ‘quiet’ weekday of so many huge orgasms and depravity for me would simply be him in total awe of me. Life is good!


Link to my journal 12.





23 thoughts on “The intensity of a ‘quiet day in’.

  1. This is the most astoundingly descriptive post I believe you have ever made, and I’ve been reading your blog for years.

  2. I’m going to go buy a few then. That is a mind boggling erotic write up of your dominant excursions. I had no idea what I was missing

  3. It’s strange so few comments are on this particular post, as it is one of my favorites in a very long time. You are truly a very gifted writer.

    If you ever decide to change it up a little bit and instead of letting him orgasm in this situation, make him wait an additional three weeks, will you kindly let your readers know how he reacts to same? (Or alternatively, if you have already done so, let us know how he reacted in the past). I find myself very curious as I’ve noticed that you suggest in a few places that it is rare that he is denied for longer than three weeks.

  4. OMG!!!!
    i can only imagine at how distraught BB must have been when you noticed and then addressed the white stripes the first coating of his little clitty missed
    he must forever mince around you on tenderhooks & as if walking on egg-shells in sheer fear at what you might do next to him, in case he really irks you
    have you ever put into play all of the hot flannel, ruler, stinging nettles, interdental brushes and the Linnex wax in one session?

    fearful respect from

  5. My partner has a fantasy of being restrained in a hogtie position for an extended period and has bought professional “humane” restraints which ensure he’s secure without any straps having to be overly tight. We have previously had several attempts at him being locked like this for 100 minutes. While the idea turns him on, the reality is that he gets bored and sooner or later he uses his safeword, once after 93 minutes. I assure you he is always perfectly safe and okay, just incredibly bored and he reaches a point of loosing the willpower to remain in the bondage. It doesn’t take long after me letting him out for him for the relief to turn to disappointment and wishing he had stayed – that I had “made” him finish the 100 minutes.

    I’ve decided that he should be careful what he asks for, and I’m giving serious thought to making his wish come true. It could be a good opportunity to make him see that it’s irritating and dissatisfying to me to let him go on command. I want to keep him restrained for 200 minutes, double his fantasy and to make him feel every one of those minutes my plan is to make cum, with a vibrator, as soon as I have him secured. Then he’ll want me to let him go. I’m expecting to feel both a satisfaction and power from keeping him in bondage when he gets bored and wants me to unlock him, but I also know I’ll feel guilty, knowing that he is really bored and that the enjoyable part is over for him. I also sort of feel sorry for him that he’s a slave to this sort of fantasy, even though at the same time, I like indulging him and even feel this desire to give him the full experience of his fantasy.

    Do you, or any other followers feel similarly?

    1. I write quite a bit about the damaging effect of a safe-word if the slave is a True Submissive. (As opposed to a non submissive masochist, who does need a safe-word.) in my BDSM manual. To try and be helpful, I will go out on a limb here with some stereotyping.

      A true submissive needs to feel helpless in the face of cruel domination. They need to endure a little more than they believe they can take in order to feel truly dominated. A submissive with a safe-word is not helpless and is in fact in total control, dictating exactly when things stop. The safe-word also removes almost all power rush pleasure for the dominant because they actually have zero power. They are in effect playing in a role, under instruction from the submissive.

      I suggest you tell your boyfriend you will indulge his fantasies, but no safe-word. He an take it or leave it. No safe word and you will dominate him. If he wants a safe-word you will not do so. Then put him into bondage and then tell him it will be for 120 minutes or longer at your whim. Make sure you have a book to read, or friends to ring, or TV to watch (TV which he cannot hear or is subtitled, foreign language). Use a baby monitor if you want to be in another room because safety dictates he must be monitored the whole time. If he starts to make a lot of noise, tell him you are adding ten minutes each time he does so. If he tells you he is bred, tell him ‘Good!’ It makes you feel good when he is bored. It makes you feel powerful.

      The first time, I would not make him cum first because when making big changes its best to make a single big change at a time, or you don’t know which change created which new response.

      Finally being hog tied can cause cramps, You may wish to try a more comfortable position for him for long periods. Industrial ear defenders and a blind fold help make it more demanding for him. Let me know what you do please. I would love to know.

  6. Bitch boy looks to be a powerful man strength wise. IT is little wonder you get off on tormenting him so much. Scary that a petite female can have so much power over such a strong man!

    1. For me there may be more wrapped up in your comment than you imagine.

      I do very much like to see petite women in control of huge beasts of men. Once while sitting in a pub garden with a drink, I noticed a skinny, petite girl all alone, probably only 12 years old, and on a leash she had a massive Rottweiler male dog. The dog had been very well trained by someone and seemed petrified of the girl. It obeyed her instantly on instruction and seemed almost to tremble as it kept looking up at her waiting for the next instruction. It was an amazing metaphor!

      BUT, a paradox; as I also like to see large athletic Amazon women bullying small men. And while bitch-boy is pretty powerful, he is my height, so in my six inch platform shoes I am six inches taller than him which I love. When I have dominated him with another woman of my height, in high heels and we both tower over him, it is a powerful feeling that I know also makes him feel weak and embarrassed.

  7. Dear Mistress, How did you verify that the application of embrocation creams like deep heat or even stronger ones on a penis will be safe? I read somewhere that large quantities of it on a mucous membrane like the urethra or anal canal can be fatal in worst cases. I am confused after searching the internet and from my personal experience.

    It is directly absorbed into the bloodstream if applied on a mucous membrane to increase blood flow in that area. Although I have never heard that applying such a cream on normal skin can be serious but still can it cause burns? Also, have you apply it on his scrotum and if yes, how did he react.

    I once applied icy hot (which is much milder compared to what you use) on the shaft of my penis and within 10-20 seconds, the pain started. I can’t describe it in words but it was hellish. I was unable to make any noise due to the pain and froze in my position due to the pain. At that time I was thinking that my cock is done for. I got teary-eyed from the pain. I was feeling that my cock is permanently damaged although it actually didn’t. After 5 minutes the pain subsided and I was able to come back to my senses. It was mild red when I saw it and then everything came back to normal.

    But I doubt what would have happened had I applied more of it or had I applied it on the exposed head of my penis or if I used a stronger cream. What confuses me most is that how can something cause so much pain yet no damage (unless it is electrical pulses directly sending false pain signals to the brain)? After all, pain is a result of damaging stimuli.

    Also, have you ever tried to apply a small amount of an embrocation cream near your vagina (not “on” the vagina or clitoris)? It will give you a perspective of what BB goes through for you.

    1. I read of other women who had been using embrocation creams for years with no problem. So I tried it and have been using them for years with no problem. Never down the urethra or in the anus though. BTW the cock and balls are not mucus membranes.

      1. I know that cock and scrotum are not mucous membranes. I was just wondering whether they can also be damaged by something like deep heat.

        Do you create movement in his cock using hand or some object after applying Linnex or you just leave it up to him? I am asking this because the reason froze in pain after applying icy hot was that even a small movement was increasing the pain.

        I think our body adjusts to the pain before the natural pain killer chemicals arrive and any movement disturbs the adjustment and increases pain. So there I was not even moving my body or touching my penis just to avoid pain even though I wanted to reduce it somehow.

        Also, do you apply the Linnex heat stick to his scrotum also or just the cock?

          1. Wow, that post was a masterpiece (not to say this is not).
            Even more interesting was the fact that the comment by Mistress Christine M was a complete masterpiece in itself. You are both gifted writers and very creative sadists.
            I hope you apply Linnex on his balls and share your experience about it in the future. I am sure he will also tell you “how could you do this for real”, “this is impossible”, “I am gonna die”, etc, etc.
            I also want to share here two good femdom accounts I found on PornHub recently.

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