How long for orgasm denial?

I received a comment on my last blog post along the lines of how I normally allow an orgasm for bitch-boy in the region of once every three weeks and, if I  ‘….ever decide to change it up a little bit and instead of letting him orgasm in this situation, make him wait an additional three weeks, will I kindly let my readers know how he reacts…

Firstly, to be precise, it is normally between ten days and three weeks denial period. This is to maintain prostate health. And of course this does not mean exactly three weeks. It is never exactly three weeks. It is sometimes three weeks and a day or three weeks plus two days, or minus a day or two days. But certainly there have been and will be, much longer periods than three weeks, as a special or as a punishment experience for him. But as the exception though and not the norm.

This is a VERY COMPLEX topic with several factors to be balanced and prostate health is only one of them. The first is the importance of irregularity. Those Dommes who say allow once a month release say, the last Saturday of every month, miss out on the pleasure of, and subjugation value of, having it beg with all its heart. No point begging before the last Saturday of the month because it wont be happening. And no point begging on the last Saturday of the month because its guaranteed. bitch-boy knows his denial period could be as little as five or seven days or as long as several months, so after only a few days the frustration has built and the heartfelt begging begins during teasing, often to be rejected of course. That begging with all his heart is VERY AROUSING to hear and, especially when rejected, gives him a 100% definite piece of evidence that he is CONTROLLED and has no power. So even if he has counted up three weeks, he does not know whether it might be much longer still.

Then there is the feeling of frustration. Chastised blog followers may wish to comment on this. In my experience there seem to be several step changes when frustration jumps to a new level. The first after around three days, the second after around ten days and the next after around three weeks to a month. BUT HERE’S THE THING, I am not sure the physical sensation of frustration is much different between say four weeks and seven weeks. So diminishing returns?

Associated with this point is the CONSANT FRUSTRATION I desire he feels. It does seem to be the case that if denial has been for say, a week or more, then one single orgasm for him, even a massive one, does not prevent the gnawing frustration from returning within a few hours, whereas two or three orgasms for him in a day, expels the frustration for a few days. I do not want that. Associated with this is the use of prostate milking and spoiled orgasms which most males report gives no pleasure but a small minority report quite a lot of pleasure. Followers of my blog will know that although I use this technique, I do LOVE to gift bitch-boy a massive orgasm quite often when I allow orgasm as he then knows exactly what I am capable of gifting him but so often choose to deny giving him. But it is fair to say that a regime of prostate milking or spoiled orgasms for prostate health with no proper orgasms ever is VERY CRUEL INDEED! Very subjugating. Particularly in tandem with cuckolding.

Then there is the pack mammal trait of competitiveness I have written about before. The drive shared with many social mammal species effecting in humans say, 90% of males and 10% of females. I think this is an obstruction in a Mistress slave relationship when the male is driven to want experiences of MORE, just to push things to satisfy the innate subconscious competitiveness drive. (It is subconscious, we not aware when we are motivated by our innate drives.)

More strokes of the cane in one session, more consecutive days of denial, more consecutive hours in sensory deprivation, more pegs on the scrotum at once, more, more, more. It is actually topping from the bottom and I have zero interest in doing anything to please my slave, including pleasing his competitiveness drive, (even though he does not know when he is being driven by this subconscious force). It is about pleasing me, not him. This subconscious force on most men would no doubt be a little source of satisfaction and pride, a little dopamine rush, when they think to themselves, I’m now enduring ‘more cane strokes than ever before’, or ‘more consecutive days of denial than ever before’, or ‘more consecutive hours of sensory deprivation bondage than ever before’.  Well I don’t want them to have that little rush of pride or dopamine on their terms, although it is from time to time inevitable when for my purposes ‘a slave’s personal record’ is broken.

Perhaps bitch-boy, when unknowingly affected by this subconscious drive, fantasizes about longer periods of denial, BUT it clearly becomes an absolute irrelevance to him if, as an example, as little as a week of denial has gone by, he has been watching my girlfriend and me kiss and caress and I have edged him four or five times. Well then he is driven to sincerely beg with all his heart for that precious, precious relief from the terrible frustration built up at that moment. Begging most often rejected.

A complicated topic!

7 thoughts on “How long for orgasm denial?

  1. I’m only allowed ruined orgasms about every 1 to 3 weeks, but it’s closer to 1 week most of the time, and I would prefer it be closer to 3 weeks, but it’s not my choice, of course. It’s been a week, and I have been given permission to take a Viagra, so I guess we will see.

  2. You are spot on, as usual. 21-28 days is about max for us, and it gets stale after that. I’ve gone longer than 30 days, and fantasize about going longer, but there are problems with this. First, there are diminishing returns as your libido adjusts—the extreme arousal and frustration flattens out. Some may want this, but for us, we like a lot of the activities you describe. That means if I go a really long time, I miss out on the extreme frustration that comes 3-7 days after an orgasm. The first 1-2 days, I feel a “drop”, which is the hardest part, but the next several days are the most “fun”. 60-ish days has been absolute max for us.

    All of this is different than intercourse denial, which never gets old for me (or hasn’t yet). As long as our relationship is going well, I love and want intercourse and am totally frustrated when denied. My most honest and intense begging has been for intercourse. My Mistress can go long periods without intercourse, but eventually wants it. I wonder if this will eventually lead to more intense cuckold play. About 8 weeks of total intercourse denial has been max, except when there have been other circumstances going on (pregnancy and recovery, e.g.).

  3. I’m sorry, I think I did a terrible job asking my question.

    Before I go on, if I have in any way asserted myself into your relationship, please accept my humblest apologies. I realized only later that my original comment could be taken that way; although I never meant it that way.

    I understand pragmatically, of course, that if you can get through 3 weeks of not having an orgasm, then you can get through four, or five, or six, or seven.

    My original thought was how much worse the scene would be for bitchboy if at the end he was told he would not be having an orgasm, and that he would have to wait another three weeks. The pain of the moment was what I was trying to ask about, not the suffering thereafter.

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